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About Me

Hi! I just realized that my About Me page hasn't changed in well over a year.

So I'm going to steal parts of my "About Me" page from my Author website (adjusted to fit this site)


I am Moon Sedai, the oldest child of two very awe-inspiring people.

My mother, who taught me to read, to think, to write and encouraged my education.

Then there's my father, a Karaoke Jockey who thinks he's Elvis.

I have a brother, a whole mess of sisters, nephews, a niece, and no kids of my own.

No, wait... I have schnauzers. I have two dire schnauzers named Kanji and Ulmo.

I have been married to a 'Sith Lord' named Mr. Moon for many years, and we live in Arizona.

I am a US Army Veteran, (Signal Corps).

I am a published author, see my author site here or check out my book here!

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