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  1. Y'all a bunch of savages...! Thanksgiving is in October, you heathens! OCTOBER, I SAY! *Proudly waves his Canadian flag!!*
  2. We were never about sports lol. Ren'shai was about perfection of self through the sword. The physical honing of the body and mind until we became a living weapon. Screw sports! We are the embodiment of violence! HARBINGERS OF DEATH!! ...eaters of cookies and burritos! THE DEVOURERS OF GUACAMOLE!! ...wait... what was I talking about again..?
  3. What have I been tagged in..? I refuse to celebrate anything with the Lightfools! They are for mocking and occasionally stabbing, or exploding.
  4. I went Warder because we are sword swinging, ass kicking forces of awesomeness. And let's be honest... the cloaks are terrifically slimming! As for Dsicipline... I was the head of Ren'shai. Because mumsy made me do it lol
  5. I've always thought of Bob as being a leviathan. Able to swallow novices and trollocs whole!
  6. Pfft... I've spent more than enough time in the company of the Reds. Hell, I bonded one, didn't I? lol
  7. Tower regulations for mandated undergarments. Gotta make sure no ones wearing anything too risque! *shows his badge and certification* Y'see? It's all very official and what not. *nods matter of factly*
  8. I shall mess with all of the skirts! It's my job! Gotta ensure dress codes are being upheld!
  9. *flips Tay's skirts up and nods appreciatively* Yes, yes. So very scared.
  10. Been up to work and raising my shadow spawn lol Figured I would drop in and make sure my Shadow folks were giving the Lightfools hell still.
  11. LIITHA! *is tackled* How goes? Also... still sober. Where did my scotch collection end up during the shuffle?! If someone stole it, ima get stabby..!
  12. ...This place has none of the flare that the Blade's End Tavern did. Nor does it have anywhere near as good a selection of scotch... The Vanion is disappointed... and sober...
  13. Oh course Chae is Black Ajah. You see her frolicking in a flowery meadow in the sunlight? Hell no. I have proof she's Black Ajah... I mean, damn... I bonded her and all in the BT way back and we was shadow buddies and shit! *high fives Chae!* Shadow buddies for life!
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