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  1. But of course. Nothing can kill me! NOT EVEN DEATH!!! Muwahahahaaaa!!!
  2. Ah, Halloween... The one day every year where I have an excuse for frightening people. Can't wait to put up my graveyard and other horrifying contraptions hehe
  3. I do. With great mastery.
  4. *sniffles* I miss Roka and Demi...
  5. *Looks down* ...but I already have a staff
  6. Vanion


    *gives everyone bug hugs so glitter sticks to them too!* Gotta spread the misery! And nothing says misery like being covered in glitter!
  7. I'm sort of like the Devil... clearly, someone must have said my name.
  8. Vanion


    Of course I am! Much like the Black Knight, I AM INVINCIBLE!!
  9. Vanion


    *runs through the room laughing maniacally and stabbing folks at random!* Weeeeeeeee!!!
  10. Oh course Chae is Black Ajah. You see her frolicking in a flowery meadow in the sunlight? Hell no. I have proof she's Black Ajah... I mean, damn... I bonded her and all in the BT way back and we was shadow buddies and shit! *high fives Chae!* Shadow buddies for life!
  11. Yea, I've got that one too. Thats the officially licensed Heron mark sword. I bought one when it first hit the market. Was worth every penny. While I would never use the thing in practice, its a nice wall hanger. Decent quality for a mass production replica.
  12. *wipes a tear* I just found me a Sword Bro! I need to contact that dude so we may have manly sword fights!
  13. I disagree... Everything sounds tasty in Italian! Anytime I go to an Italian restaurant, I want to order the entire menu... it just all sounds so delicious..! Also.... I can't believe this topic is up to 216 pages.... CRAZY!
  14. Vanion

    Yo Van!

    ....That guitar is BADASS!! Its like if Satan had a flying v, thats what it would look like..! ... WANT..!!! Who makes that?! It WILL be mine!
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