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  1. But of course. Nothing can kill me! NOT EVEN DEATH!!! Muwahahahaaaa!!!
  2. Those of the far-left think he's the second coming... Every poll shows his support constantly declining though. Even most Liberals are starting to break away. Hell, the Liberals got creamed so badly in the Ontario election just recently that they lost official party status in Ontario. Trudeau's Liberal cronies have driven Ontario into a staggering amount of debt over the past several years, with numerous financial and bribery scandals. Everything they touched turned into a black hole of tax dollars. And then, despite crippling provincial debt, they tried to buy votes with billions of dollars in handouts and special services in a vain attempt at clinging to power. Biggest problem with Liberal politicians here in Canada, is that despite KNOWING they are screwing things up and that people want them gone, instead of just resigning and acquiescing to the will of the people, they waste MORE money trying to get people to like them. We don't want freaking handouts! We want a government that is fiscally responsible. Sadly, this is the same political cycle over and over... Conservative Party starts to get us back on track by eliminating the out of control spending of the Liberal Party. They start to balance the budget and develop a surplus budget. People forget why the Conservative Party had to make all these cuts to begin with. Liberal Party incites outrage in young people at the lack of government spending and assistance programs. Idiot young people elect the Liberal Party. Liberal Party spends irresponsibly and blows through the surplus the previous Conservative government built and racks up an insane amount of debt, yet again. People get pissed off and elect Conservative Party to fix it again. And the cycle goes on... This, however, has been the absolute most corrupt and incompetent Liberal government in recent years. This is what happens when people vote based on superficial things and emotional mindsets, as opposed to voting from a place of logic and forethought. I have never, nor will I ever, vote for any politician based on what is best for ME personally, but rather what is best for my country and my people as a whole. I have kids, and I would prefer they not have to grow up in a country that was economically decimated by an egotistical drama teacher who only came into power because of his family name. I was more than willing to give him a chance when he came into office. He was young, and I reserved judgement. People make mistakes and I was hoping he'd learn from them and get his act together. I was hoping he would surround himself with intelligent people and wise advisers. He did none of these things. He refused to learn a single thing. Refused to act with the decorum expected of his office. Surrounded himself with sycophants and yes-men and women. Prioritized a cabinet that was gender-balanced, instead of a cabinet that was made up of the best people for the job. Practiced divisive politics, despite his assertion that sought equality and inclusivity - what he really meant was inclusivity and equality for anyone that agreed with him. /endrant
  3. Whether you like the man, or hate the man... just be thankful you don't have Justin Trudeau leading your country. The guy is an embarrassment to all of Canada. Your President may say some dumb crap regularly, but his policies have seen a 4% GDP growth in his first year, reduction in unemployment rates, big improvements in stock market values, high-impact strikes against ISIS, a bolstering of the American economy and more. Whereas my Prime Minister: Gave $10.5 million to a convicted terrorist Brings in KNOWN ISIS terrorists for "rehabilitation" and "reintegration" Embarrasses my country every time he opens his mouth or makes foreign visits Gives billions in tax payer dollars to foreign countries Has been found guilty of multiple ethics code violations Calls anyone who disagrees with him a racist Stole money from the Canadian Pension Plan and hasn't paid it back Destroyed our energy sector Destroyed the value of our dollar Opened our boarder to illegal immigration which is costing us hundreds of millions each year to house and feed them, not to mention the stress it puts on our immigration system to try and vet them all Has a blatant disregard for our military men and women Has continued to make cuts to our military funding Screwed up multiple oil pipeline infrastructure works Over-paid for the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion bailout/purchase by BILLIONS of dollars, which is also now dead in the water Botched the NAFTA negotiations Groped a woman and still didn't resign - despite having removed other members of his caucus for mere allegations of sexual misconduct, creating a double standard for himself. Has taken more vacations on tax payers dime than any PM in our history, despite having a personal net worth of over $35 million Cut the number of days he MUST be present in the House of Commons for question period - thereby circumventing the possibility he'd have to answer any questions from the opposition as to his idiocy (though even when he's there, he gives the same canned response to EVERY question, which doesn't answer anything) God, the list goes on and on... Seriously, be thankful you aren't stuck with this idiot... He is systematically destroying our nation, effectively picking up where his asshat of a father left off. I would trade you for Trump any day. Hell, a monkey could govern better than this...
  4. Ah, Halloween... The one day every year where I have an excuse for frightening people. Can't wait to put up my graveyard and other horrifying contraptions hehe
  5. Too many books?! BLASPHEMY! One can NEVER have too many books! Although, to Songstress's point... it was kind of a pain when I moved... I had 33 big moving boxes full of books after I packed them all up. My buddies were less than pleased when we had to carry them all out of my library haha! And now... they are all sitting in boxes still, awaiting the renovation of the basement into the new library. I have been slackin' on the whole remodel. Partially due to the insurance company giving me grief about the fireplace I want to put in. Stupid insurance companies... DONT TELL ME WHAT I CAN'T DO IN MY OWN HOUSE!
  6. I do. With great mastery.
  7. *sniffles* I miss Roka and Demi...
  8. Always the original. Also, on a side note, whats up Chae?! Long time no see!
  9. Frighteningly... I am here lol I am also reading Oathbringer, coincidentally. And the Malazan Book of the Fallen series is absolutely incredible. Awesome books for those who've never heard of it. Written by Steven Erikson, a Canadian novelist.
  10. *Looks down* ...but I already have a staff
  11. Vanion


    *gives everyone bug hugs so glitter sticks to them too!* Gotta spread the misery! And nothing says misery like being covered in glitter!
  12. I'm sort of like the Devil... clearly, someone must have said my name.
  13. Vanion


    Of course I am! Much like the Black Knight, I AM INVINCIBLE!!
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