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  1. Y'all a bunch of savages...! Thanksgiving is in October, you heathens! OCTOBER, I SAY! *Proudly waves his Canadian flag!!*
  2. We were never about sports lol. Ren'shai was about perfection of self through the sword. The physical honing of the body and mind until we became a living weapon. Screw sports! We are the embodiment of violence! HARBINGERS OF DEATH!! ...eaters of cookies and burritos! THE DEVOURERS OF GUACAMOLE!! ...wait... what was I talking about again..?
  3. What have I been tagged in..? I refuse to celebrate anything with the Lightfools! They are for mocking and occasionally stabbing, or exploding.
  4. I went Warder because we are sword swinging, ass kicking forces of awesomeness. And let's be honest... the cloaks are terrifically slimming! As for Dsicipline... I was the head of Ren'shai. Because mumsy made me do it lol
  5. I've always thought of Bob as being a leviathan. Able to swallow novices and trollocs whole!
  6. Pfft... I've spent more than enough time in the company of the Reds. Hell, I bonded one, didn't I? lol
  7. Meh... I'm more of an overstuffed armchair kind of guy. Preferably one by a nice fire. In a room full of books... without my children anywhere within range of my hearing lol
  8. Tower regulations for mandated undergarments. Gotta make sure no ones wearing anything too risque! *shows his badge and certification* Y'see? It's all very official and what not. *nods matter of factly*
  9. I shall mess with all of the skirts! It's my job! Gotta ensure dress codes are being upheld!
  10. *pops out of a gateway and grabs Elgee, throwing her over his shoulder* Sorry, forgot something else that was mine. Also, impressionable aspies should probably stay out of the vicinity of Elgee's room for the next 24 to 46 hours... at least. ?
  11. *flips Tay's skirts up and nods appreciatively* Yes, yes. So very scared.
  12. Bandages are for sissies. Just rub some dirt on those wounds and soldier on.
  13. *grabs the source and throws up a wall of air to stop the paint balloons, then grins* Everyone always seems to forget that I'm not just a Warder, but also the past leader of the Black Tower lol *Runs off laughing, reveling in his insanity. Snatching up his scotch with threads of air, they float along after him as the air shimmers and rotates into a gateway that he hops through quickly before it snaps shut behind him*
  14. *tackles Liitha and takes back his scotch, then hangs her from a coat hook* Bad Liitha!
  15. Naughty endeavors are always made more fun with company! Bring a knife! We gots peoples to end!
  16. But... if I give one to you, it sets a dangerous precedent! Before you know it, everyone will want my scotch! And then I will have to kill them all! With swords! And knives! And maybe a rock! Do you want that? All those deaths on your conscious? Can you handle that?!
  17. Woah now... this is MY scotch, and I'm not sharing! *Clutches his bottles of scotch like a kid with a favorite toy* MINE!
  18. Wait... you? Well behaved..? ...how much have I missed in my absence?!
  19. Bow Down by I Prevail https://youtu.be/n2EjeMx4bSg
  20. *Grins lasciviously* Clearly you've been looking at the wrong packages.
  21. Thy will be done... *Bows deeply as he pulls his Warder cloak around himself, disappearing into the shadows with a grin*
  22. Argh.... seems like a lot of effort... cant I just go and kill everyone and then you can rule uncontested through fear? I mean, it just seems like the quickest and easiest way. Could get this done over a weekend.
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