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  1. Vambram

    NFL Discussion

    I am picking the Saints and the Chiefs.
  2. Vambram

    What to keep, what to drop?

    If Amazon does not keep RJ's version of swearing, then I'm going to start a petition that WOT fans everywhere ship off to Amazon all the bloody ashes and fish guts we can find!! Seriously though, RJ's vocabulary for his characters are one of the reasons that I can re-read this series time and time again. I hope that the tv writers will stay true to the book's vocabulary in the characters' dialogues.
  3. Vambram

    NFL Discussion

    I am picking the Rams, the Saints, the Chargers, and the Chiefs to win next weekend.
  4. Vambram

    NFL Discussion

    Here's the winners I see for those games next week. Dallas and Chicago. Chargers and Houston.
  5. I am very hopeful that Amazon will do a great job with the WOT series. Although the seasons will probably initially be available only on Amazon Prime's streaming video, I'll have to wait and hope that Amazon puts the seasons on dvd. I am very excited and hopeful that one of the largest entertainment corporations in the world shall do a great job with the Wheel of Time.
  6. Vambram

    NFL Discussion

    I do believe that the Browns may have finally found their franchise QB. That, along with a decent running game, wide receivers, and a good defense has made them a team that will be very competitive against just about anyone they play. The Chiefs and the Rams are looking very impressive. Although I'm a die-hard Steelers fan, I wouldn't be surprised to see this year's Super Bowl be between the Rams and the Chiefs.
  7. Vambram

    NFL Discussion

    I suppose that I'm the jerk you're playing this time. I'm glad that my team, just like my beloved Pittsburgh Steelers, appear to be finally reaching their potential. Hopefully, the Steelers can continue their winning streak when they play the Browns, and then the Ravens in weeks 8 and 9.
  8. Vambram

    New Take on Perrin

    For me, Perrin was never boring. He wasn't always one of my favorite characters. However, I never considered him to be boring.
  9. I completely disagree about Perrin's story lines. Remember, without Perrin, Rand probably would not have had his "come to Jesus moment" there on Dragonmount. Also, without Perrin protecting Rand from Slayer while he was fighting Moridin and then the Dark One, I have no doubts that Rand would have died and been unsuccessful in defeating the Dark One.
  10. There is no way at all that I would recommend cutting out Min from the WoT television show. Not only is she my favorite of Rand's lovers, but her visions, sense of humor, common sense, and intelligence make her one of the most well rounded female characters in the series.
  11. Vambram

    NFL Discussion

    As of this time, there are 4 out of 8 DM players signed up on espn.com for this league. Also, whereas Yahoo's pre-draft rankings are easy to edit, I have not been able to do so with espn's. Any help from y'all about that will be much appreciated. Thank you.
  12. Did you enjoy the last few chapters of ToM? I am also curious as to how much you like that book after you've finished it and have had at least a little bit of time to digest it.
  13. The concluding chapters of ToM are very thrilling. I enjoyed them a lot. Also, after you read Memory of Light, I believe you'll find that she was not a superfluous character. One of Robert Jordan's favorite answers for spoiler questions was this acronym: RAFO
  14. Vambram

    NFL Discussion

    I have sent my email to you, Krakalakachn to your dragonmount.com private in-box.
  15. Vambram

    NFL Discussion

    It's cool with me, man. Let's do it.