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  1. Those drinks look absolutely DEEElicious!!!!! *drinks down half the punch bowl and munches on the eyeballs*
  2. From an in-character perspective, what Hope told Alaric to do before she disappeared in the last episode makes absolutely little sense at all to me. But, from the point of view of writers and producers, I like how it opened up the series for new ideas to spotlight story lines for the other main characters of the series. I am also giving a big thumbs up to Alexis Denisof. I am glad that he is in another supernatural drama because the character he played in the Buffy and Angel tv series was a very memorable one to me.
  3. I Like the choice. Hopefully, he will have enough athleticism to match up with what Tam al`Thor does in the books. I have little doubts about his acting skills being more than good enough. Therefore, overall I believe that he is a very good choice to be Tam.
  4. Every week, some of the shows my wife and I watch together are the new episodes of Grey's Anatomy, American Horror Story, Legacies, The Purge, The Walking Dead, Will and Grace, The Conners, and Station 19. We also enjoy the wildlife documentaries on BBC America and The Animal Planet. I'm also a big fan some of the cartoon comedies such as South Park, Family Guy, King of the Hill, American Dad, and The Simpsons. I LOVED seasons 1 & 2 of The Orville. However, my internet speeds ain't fast enough for me to subscribe to Hulu. Therefore, I sadly won't be able to watch any more seasons of The Orville.
  5. The horror genre is one of my very favorite genres in books, tv, and movies. I especially enjoy supernatural horror stories as compared to horror that humans do towards humans. A scary ghost story will always give me the goosebumps and creep me out. My list of favorite scary ghost movies include; The Grudge; The Conjuring; The Haunting; Thirteen Ghosts; Poltergeist; The Shining; Silent Hill; Insidious; The Conjuring 2; 1408; The Amityville Horror On the FX Cable network, my wife and I thoroughly enjoy the seasons in which ghosts play a major role in that season's stories. American Horror Story: Murder House, AHS: Hotel, and also AHS 1984 have all been very entertaining and they sometimes have plot twists that I don't see coming. Vampire and werewolf horror stories are also among my something I can really get into. Both in big screen movies as well as on TV, there have been a LOT of vampire and werewolf stuff I have always enjoyed. Vampire Diaries, and the The Originals were great with lots and lots of entertaining episodes.Personally speaking, I was entertained a lot more by "The Originals" than I was by "Vampire Diaries." I ain't much of a fan of the Twilight saga of movies. I would much rather watch the vampires and werewolves found in movies from the "Underworld" series. Brahm Stroker's Dracula movie (1992) was an excellent adaptation of Stroker's novel. The first "Lost Boys" movie a couple of decades ago is truly a guilty pleasure for me. It is one of the better vampire movies out there in my book. With werewolves, I also liked The Howling series. Good, but not great werewolf films. I give a big thumbs up to An American Werewolf in London. Dog Soldiers has very good special effects and lots of exciting action. Brotherhood of the Wolf has a different take than most werewolf movies, but I got to admit that my wife and I both give two thumbs up. Red Riding Hood (2011 film) was surprisingly good. Y'all ought to give that movie a try because I guarantee its better than what many critics have said about it on the internet. Blood & Chocolate was a film that was controversial for many people. However, when my wife and I watched that movie on dvd a few years ago, I found that the story was very interesting. That movie has good acting and it is definitely worth watching if you like werewolf movies. Any of the rest of y'all have the guilty pleasures of enjoying well made vampire, werewolf, or scary ghost movies?
  6. Ditto Thanks for the invite, Liitha. But real life is just far too busy for me to play mafia.
  7. Well, it used to be buttery popcorn in the theaters. But now its too darn expensive. So, I prefer to have a king sized candy bar instead.
  8. *gives everyone here a wave along with a grin* How y'all doin`? Forgive me for being fashionably late to y'all's party, but this redneck living in the great state of Missouri has finally had the time to check in, see what's up, and join the club. First, I am going to settle the debate once and for all. It ain't called pop. It is soda. Pop is what some of y'all might call your Dad, and soda is a GREAT drink filled with flavor and sugary goodness. I'm alright with Coke, but I ain't never going to drink Pepsi. But my favorite two soda's are Mountain Dew and A&W Root Beer. Also, I don't touch the diet soda unless it's Coke Zero, Diet Dr. Pepper, or Diet A&W Root Beer. Diet soda's are really worse for one's health than regular soda because of all that artificial sweeteners. In my book, if you want something that's sweet to eat or drink, you're much better off going with real sugar than any of that artificial stuff. 😋
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