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  1. I work at a windows manufacturing factory. To try to stay as cool as possible in that hot factory, we have lots of fans and drink plenty of water.
  2. I believe that cutting Min from the TV series would be a very huge mistake that would drastically reduce the overall quality of more than a few plot lines within the WOT television show. Although Min's role in TEOTW is very brief and relatively small, she becomes a more and more crucial character in RJ's books after she meets up with the supergirls. Also, when she finally starts spending nearly every day with Rand, then I believe that she becomes one of the most important secondary characters in the series.
  3. For me, it really do not matter too much whether or not the actors and actresses selected look a lot like they are described by Robert Jordan in my all time favorite series of fictional novels. I believe that Rand's actor should be at least 3 to 5 inches taller than the majority of the other actors portraying characters that are west of the Spine of the World. Naturally, that means that I would like to see that the majority of the actors and actresses for the Aiel themselves be at least 2 to 3 inches taller than the "wetlanders." I want for Perrin's actor to actually look like he could be a blacksmith. I want Mat's character to have that lanky and handsome appearance as described in the books. I would also like for Egwene, Elayne, Nynaeve, Aviendha, Min, and also Lan Mandragoran to be portrayed by actresses and actors whom visually look very very similar to how my favorite writer of fantasy fiction described them in his books. BUT, is all of that necessary for me to enjoy the WOT tv series on Amazon? No. Of course not. However, what I honestly prefer to NOT be changed are the core personalities and mannerisms of the primary, secondary, and most of the tertiary protagonists & antagonists. If Rafe and the writers for the TV series decide to have some of the characters that we in WOT fandom know and love be written as gay or lesbian characters, then that won't bother me too much just as long as they don't change their personalities and mannerisms a lot. During my multiple re-reads of the WOT over the last 26 years, the primary reason that I always enjoyed those re-reads was that I loved the various character interactions, both positive and negative, that my favorite protagonists & antagonists had with one another. In my eyes, the various stories and plot lines in the WOT series are very much character driven because of each characters' personality and cultural traits, including both negative and positive traits. Robert Jordan found a delightfully wonderful balance in writing about the daily interactions between males and females in real world cultures and societies when he wrote each novel in his WOT series. Hopefully, Rafe, the screenwriters, the directors, and all of the actors & actresses will be able to successfully and consistently depict those favorite aspects of mine in the Wheel of Time series.
  4. I realize that I am probably in the minority of WOT fans here on dragonmount when I say this. However, I remember when I read AMOL and the introduction of the Sharans being led by Demandred that I was absolutely thrilled at such a revelation. Personally speaking, I was glad that RJ and Sanderson held the Sharans back for such a huge and important part of the story. Without the Sharans, I believe that the forces of Light armies could have rather easily defeated the trolloc armies and the dreadlords.
  5. If Amazon does not keep RJ's version of swearing, then I'm going to start a petition that WOT fans everywhere ship off to Amazon all the bloody ashes and fish guts we can find!! Seriously though, RJ's vocabulary for his characters are one of the reasons that I can re-read this series time and time again. I hope that the tv writers will stay true to the book's vocabulary in the characters' dialogues.
  6. I am very hopeful that Amazon will do a great job with the WOT series. Although the seasons will probably initially be available only on Amazon Prime's streaming video, I'll have to wait and hope that Amazon puts the seasons on dvd. I am very excited and hopeful that one of the largest entertainment corporations in the world shall do a great job with the Wheel of Time.
  7. For me, Perrin was never boring. He wasn't always one of my favorite characters. However, I never considered him to be boring.
  8. I completely disagree about Perrin's story lines. Remember, without Perrin, Rand probably would not have had his "come to Jesus moment" there on Dragonmount. Also, without Perrin protecting Rand from Slayer while he was fighting Moridin and then the Dark One, I have no doubts that Rand would have died and been unsuccessful in defeating the Dark One.
  9. There is no way at all that I would recommend cutting out Min from the WoT television show. Not only is she my favorite of Rand's lovers, but her visions, sense of humor, common sense, and intelligence make her one of the most well rounded female characters in the series.
  10. Did you enjoy the last few chapters of ToM? I am also curious as to how much you like that book after you've finished it and have had at least a little bit of time to digest it.
  11. The concluding chapters of ToM are very thrilling. I enjoyed them a lot. Also, after you read Memory of Light, I believe you'll find that she was not a superfluous character. One of Robert Jordan's favorite answers for spoiler questions was this acronym: RAFO
  12. No there isn't. At least, I'm not aware of an easy to read, compiled list for ranking of nobles in every country there.
  13. I figured the most complete answer regarding Sanderson's "Mat Cauthon" can be found by reading what BS himself wrote about this back on October 17, 2013. https://brandonsanderson.com/the-wheel-of-time-retrospective-the-gathering-storm-what-i-learned/
  14. I can see where you're coming from with "let's wrap this up". Nevertheless, tGS was still at least as large as a book on average when compared to RJ's WoT books. So, there was still a LOT of story lines and character interactions in tGS. But, I do really love your humor when describing the ending of the Semihage and Elza. In fact, I am still chuckling with a grin as I re-read your post.
  15. Ditto. However, I was never really someone who liked Taim. I do admit that he is a very interesting villain. But, I am also pleased with the impact that Logain had in the books. Rarely, when he was in the scenes, did Logain play a minor, bit part in the story.
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