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  1. @Nynaeve, you see nothing *cuts out Nyn's eyes*
  2. Black Tower Stats:

    1. Canukistani









  3. how...interesting. Do you like marshmallow roasts?
  4. Hey Jaim! I just thought i'd pop over from the Ancient Aspen retirement Stedding. I was just at SG and it's a sad state of affairs there. I've been posting for two hours now and have not even recieved one single stabbing. These youngin's today...tisk tisk
  5. *hobbles in with her cane. Sits down, places her full gascan under the table.* Hello dearies
  6. yeah, i'm still developing my graphic and gorey reply
  7. Shayol Ghul is also hosting the official DM World of Warcraft Guild on the US server, Sen'Jin (Alliance Faction). The guild is called Shayol Ghul. We started out as a SG guild but have opened up to any DM'er and DM'er friend. If you do not have an account I can hook you up with a 10 day trial account. If you're interested in a trial account please PM me. So far our roster includes myself, Far Dareis Mai, Emperor, Verbal, DaeDracos, Silver and a few others. We're small but friendly and helpful.
  8. it's for the Black Ajah. for your newbie viewing pleasure here's one of my favorite SG threads http://forums.dragonmount.com/index.php/topic,29776.0.html
  9. i wanna violate your lounge but Gerr gets his panties in twist whenever he thinks i'm looking in the peephole.
  10. More like, what do you want us to do to you? I'd tell you but that would be breaking the pg-13 rule.
  11. i still have access to the dungeons. what do you want me to do to them?
  12. Yep. However we do expect some level of respect for Far's Elitist Bastards (the Org Leader [FDM], the Faction Leaders[Gerrandus, Canukistani, cosmicpanda] and their Chosen [Alaksuleiel, Dragonsworn1991, Moghedian]). we always welcome fresh meat. Our cookpots are filled with nice, warm water just waiting for you.
  13. *stabs* Our Fearless Leader has said it well. Although she did miss something. We have cookies.
  14. darn right she's an Ogier! I personally taught her everything she knows. :D
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