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  1. This one time... at trolloc camp.... Wait... too graphic... Kitty getting poked and blood everywhere. Monca needed lots of stitches.
  2. Narg never run away! ..... He rolls away But that is just so BIG BAD NARGY can get fully ready to finish you off! Flyyyyyinnnnggggg suuuupppllleeeexxxx! weeeeee!
  3. Someone think Narg wear deadpool undies??? Jokes on you, narg been going commando the whole time! Also pantless... shirtless.... shoes? Who needs shoes??.... bowtie? yes!
  4. Its not afronted.... just shocked someone would want to wrestle a dirty bird like Nargypoo!
  5. Someone actually going to wrestle Nargbert? In his own mud tub?? Fine, you may bring your "friends" and Narg will "wrestle" with them. Oh no! You tackled Narg! Oh what ever will poor narg do? Narg is no match for all of your friends! Keep jumping on narg!..... wait...
  6. There are no narg stories! None narg say! Totally boring Narg! And of course it original recipe! No one let narg in to get new ingredients.... granted Monca still have matted kitty hair. Tongue can't even stand to clean it.
  7. Monca holds the title of "most likely to lose in a cookpot mud wrestling match to Nargbert" obviously. Nargy just likes to turn the jets on and off at random intervals to shoot mud in his face.
  8. So... Narg has cake... but none on his face yet. This..... must be remedied! *nom nom nom*
  9. *looks over and stares* .... monca....
  10. Who you calling tweety miss? I am 300lbs of nothing but pure muscle and vicious trollocness! *flips up his pink tail feathers and acts all huffy*
  11. *Narg steps in... looks around* Amateurs... why wear clothes in the first place? Now Narg feel like we need a good pillaging with Narg carrying off poor novices... FOR BIRDIES! *streaks.... but with sword*
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