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  1. What kind of camera is it again lava? Sometimes the memory cards go bad. Hard to say. Can you pull the card and connect it to a computer and wipe/format it that way?
  2. Lets see what I can help with! First thing, google the manual. That will be your guide to everything you do! And that will show you the 14.2mp as well! https://www.sony.com/electronics/support/e-mount-body-nex-5-series/nex-5/manuals The Handbook manual looks good for going through the basics of the camera, which is what you should focus on first. So, first, set your shoot mode to 'A'. That gives you the aperture priority. Then figure out how to change the aperture, I am guessing it is the wheel on the back, have to read manual! ISO i
  3. I am a slacker, but I guess I should really do a second part of this... so lets do it! Ok, so we talked some about how a camera works. But we are still a few ideas short of a decent picture! So, for this post we will discuss Exposure and Focus. In our final post we will discuss composition and how to deal with different scenes. But today... EXPOSURE AND FOCUS! Exposure We have discussed shutter speed, aperture, and ISO and how all of these numbers help us get the right exposure for our picture. But how do we know we have the correct numbers for the the right e
  4. Ok, so I know Lava and Lii were interested so I wrote some stuff up for the first part. Let me know if you are interested in more and I will write the next section up! Also questions, suggestions, and complaints are always welcome because... I don't actually know what I am doing! Have Fun! Also the formatting is being annoying... so we will see what happens when I post. A bad photo of some of Nargbert’s cameras Hello and welcome to Narg’s photography class! This class will cover the basics of photography for those who want to learn how to use their camera and how
  5. Class it is. I need to put some ideas together and will see what I can do.
  6. Well, lets do this in random order! -Flash.... don't use your on camera flash for anything that you want to look good. It only reaches 5-10 feet and will cause really harsh light. If you just want a good walk around flash you want something a little bigger that is adjustable. The best way to take basic flash photos is to aim the flash to a ceiling or wall and bounce the light off of that. Will give you nice, soft lighting. Something like this.. If you want to talk more in depth lighting for photo shoots... not really my area of expertise. I can talk a little abou
  7. Hello all you overly creative people! It is I, Nargert! He who is only mildly creative but a grade a slacker! Anyways, I like to take pictures of things and I like to act like I might know a thing or two on how to take a picture. So. Before we look at actually trying a class... is their interest? What questions might you have about photography? What would you be interested in learning? Theory of focusing a tilt shift lens? Zone system for exposure? ..... how to take a decent picture with your phone? Let me know, maybe we just do a standard question/answer type thread.
  8. I might do a few.... not sure my drawing is up to snuff, but I have a few silly ideas for a few of the items.
  9. Photos from my trip to the mountains this weekend. Some sunrise stuff. Second one... not sure how I feel about that tree being right smack dab in the middle... I think I have some others offset just a bit.
  10. Water color tree of chaos looks neat! However in the oil painting I see no happy little trees or happy little clouds! Still looks great! They are happy eyelashes!
  11. In your first pic there on the left hand side it looks like a brush, but also a pen. Looks like just water in it. What is that exactly? Are you using it to help blend and thin and spread color on the page? Do you ink with a pen all the hard straight lines in the end? A lot of the buildings still look penciled in. Very neat! Love the work!
  12. I will say @StarRisk, if you are learning how to use GIMP, dive in fully. If you transition between gimp and paint, you are doing yourself a disservice. Resizing in gimp should be really straight forward and it should give you many more options to make it look better. Just google gimp resize image, or gimp resize canvas. Or if Lii has a tutorial here, use that sucker. Paint is easy, it will give you passable results to start. However it is a VERY limited tool and it is fairly straight forward to do the same stuff in GIMP or photoshop. It should all be basic button or menu c
  13. I like learning different things. So, come across a youtube video or a post showing something that someone has done... and I suddenly want to learn how to do it! So I dabble in wood working, drawing, painting, figurine stuff, carving, photography... the list goes on and on. Problem is, once I have a decent understanding of how to do it, it is hard for me to put in the hours to truly become great at it. As for my photography, sometimes it is seeing what other people do. A lot of jealousy of what they accomplish so I want to do the same. Sometimes it is just the need to get away
  14. I grew up as a kid playing with Photoshop and Corel Draw when they were still in their early years. I have used GIMP too when needed, but photoshop has been my main program. I would say, if you can afford the month to month version, do it. I think I have photoshop/lightroom and a few Adobe products for $10 a month. Mainly, there are lots of custom tools out there built for photoshop, lots of tutorials and how to do a number of crazy things, and it is the standard. This is all based on me being a photography person. For those that do actual artwork, I know there are many other software pa
  15. Lava know something about swords?? Can you please explain best way to stab those pesky squirrels mocking poor narg? Congrats!
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