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  1. Daaaamn. That's quite the welcome.
  2. IT'S JELLY! You were only slightly better at Hearts than Nyn.
  3. A. Stalker B. I do what I gotta do. It's a numbers game.
  4. No, Hax didn't get this award. Leelou and Verbal did. What Davrick (and the millions who presumably agree with him) means is that Hax should have won
  5. I haven't been drunk in ages, I work all day, and this month is my ten year DM anniversary. I feel like I'm virtually as old as Nyn. Still won though. The other nominees can suck it.
  6. The point is to DOMINATE and talk smack. None of which I've done this year, because I'm cursed! I did some pre-match smack talk once. My defense scored -2 and I lost by 4 points. It still hurts.
  7. I thought fantasy football was America's sport.
  8. No longer a student, so more suit & tie, less booze.
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