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  1. You can blame the software company for discontinuing it. There is a discord now though, https://discord.gg/7Qtmax8
  2. Every Wednesday Rafe posts about the tv show on twitter, this thread is just to discuss these tweets as they come up. Also here is a link to the Q&A he did recently.
  3. Since every TV show has to adhere to a budget some things are always dropped when adapting a book to any size of screen. Which characters and scenes do you think could be dropped in the show, substituted by another character, or is absolutely essential to keep?
  4. Now that the show is serious, lets start fresh. Who would you cast for the various roles?
  5. Super late to the game here, but for those who can't get past the super early books, read the first three before judging, books 1 and 2 were a little tough to get through but Butcher really hit his stride in book 3 and they get amazing from there.
  6. That seems like a rather extreme possibility. I suspect we're probably safe.
  7. Super pleased with that same game. Rooting for a Croatia Belgium final because those were teams I'd never expect to see there. England / France would be fun to see though too.
  8. Good luck! What in? Unsure what an AA degree is.
  9. I say, are you needling me? Is this a classic whodunknit?
  10. I'm most okay with the idea of them not actually getting the job done. Even better if they never start.
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