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  1. Every Wednesday Rafe posts about the tv show on twitter, this thread is just to discuss these tweets as they come up. Also here is a link to the Q&A he did recently.
  2. Since every TV show has to adhere to a budget some things are always dropped when adapting a book to any size of screen. Which characters and scenes do you think could be dropped in the show, substituted by another character, or is absolutely essential to keep?
  3. Now that the show is serious, lets start fresh. Who would you cast for the various roles?
  4. Good luck! What in? Unsure what an AA degree is.
  5. Balefire undoes direct effects, but not periphery effects, is what others are trying to tell you I think. It causes a contradition, Mat died. Mat didn't die. Mat is alive but periphery effects of him dying still happened like the link being broken. Balefire, while brutal, isn't 100% effective at what it does.
  6. Nope and no plans to. Never have I ever farted and pretended it was someone else.
  7. If you'd stop sending me the links with comments like "luk wut i pasted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111" I'd stop reading them and responding to you.
  8. I've hung around this long and you think I'm that easy to chase off?
  9. And this has made mine. Win-win for everyone!
  10. Please tell me you don't have a snowblower and gave Barm a shovel and said "Have fun!". And please tell me it was a ton of snow and he whined about it the whole time. Don't ruin this for me.....heh. On Sunday I helped my father-in-law clear his driveway of snow. This involved me fully loading a large shovel, pushing it up a 2-meter (5 foot?) hill made entirely of snow, pushing the shovel across the entire yard on top of this hill and finally dumping it on the far side. Rinse and repeat. Hands down the most fun I think I've ever had shoveling snow since we never get nearly that much back in Canada.
  11. A friend of mine does a word count, but only counts the words in books she has completed.
  12. 1) Smoker kills the deal right away. Nobody has hit that one though. 2) Not really applicable since we met online and committed to a relationship before we ever met in person. 3) Probably easier at the start because we hadn't met but mostly... you get used to it. That is really the only way. Get used to it, talk lots, be excited when you get to see each other, be sad when each trip ends.
  13. 1) I like dating, done it a couple of times in the romantic sense but mostly I have gone on many lunch dates with family and friends. Those for me are generally 1 on 1 dates where I get a chance to hang out with a friend and have a good quality conversation with them. It allows me to catch up with them in a way that I can't in a group environment. Dating may be purely for romantic type reasons, but dates are under no such restriction. 2) I dunno, my wife and I have gone on a lot of dates together over the years so one of them. 3) Met my wife through DM, and being on a different continent we didn't actually go on a first date for 4 months, when I flew to Sweden. I think we went to an Indian restaurant and then saw Quantum of Solace. Was fun. To me a date is a chance to hangout with a singular person with the intent of spending time with just them. While that usually means going on a date with Raena and I have dated a couple of other girls closer to home before we were together, but as I said above I often go on lunch dates with family and friends. Those are obviously not romantic in any way, but can be lots of fun. Great way to spend time with and get to know people better. Be warned though, if you are on a date with somebody of the opposite sex, the wait staff almost always assume that you are on a romantic type date and will give you one bill - usually to the guy. This happens to me about 95% of the time, whether I am with my sister, cousins or friends.
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