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  1. Yes, I saw that. Interesting thoughts. One mystery solved. Still left: Who is Nakomi? How did Rand lit the pipe? I always want to know everything (especially when it comes to world building but also the plot), but it’s also nice to still have something to figure out.
  2. Interesting. I don’t care too much about how the actors look but Moridin has to be perfect!
  3. How are you? Longing for upcoming holidays? I do. I will have two weeks off, which is wonderful. Yesterday the actor playing Logain was announced - Alvaro Morte. Very exciting. It's said that he will have an expanded part, which I'm looking forward to. Is there anything that you would like the tv series to make different from the books when it comes to Logain or the Black Tower? (Hopefully the tv series will run long enough to add the BT.)
  4. Too bad that there were no one voting. :( 20 points to Illian for the tournament November Roll Call: Nini 10 Illian 10 Dar'Jen 10 New member: Liitha 10 Hangman game: Wifi 5 Staff points: Nini 20 Illian 20 Updated to here
  5. I’m so happy that they are keeping the ogiers.
  6. Padan Fain looks great on a first look. It’s hard to imagine what the others will look like in the series, it’s hard to judge from a photo how they will fit into the wot. Hopefully they are great actors.
  7. Yummy! Do you have any snow? I got so excited when it started to snow but now it barely covers the ground. 😞
  8. I applaud your energy. But in this part of the world it´s time to sleep. *stabs everyone before going to sleep*
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