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  1. @Dar'Jen Ab Owain Gather everyone! We have something to celebrate. Dar'Jen- step forward. You have served the Black Tower well and now it´s time for a promotion. *puts the Dragon pin on DJ's collar* Wow, that looks good on you. Wear it with pride. 🙂 Congratulations to Dar'Jen on promotion to Asha'man! Quote Edit
  2. March Roll Call Illian 10 Lavandula 10 DJ 10 Nini 10 Panchi 10 New members 706somtaaw 10 NotAWiseOne 10 Staff points Illian 30 Nini 30
  3. I always forget that we can do this nowdays. @706Somtaaw @NotAWiseOne
  4. A lot of people have to stay inside these days. Tell us what you do on days like these. 5 points for signing in and 5 additional points for giving us suggestions on what to do when home. I clearly have no problems staying at home for days. I mean books, kakuro, YouTube... Right now I´m reading Winter of the World by Ken Follett. It is the second book in a series about 20th century history. In the first book fictional characters had to live through the first world war and in this book their kids experiences the second world war. I also listen to a lot of podds and yt videos while solving kakuro. Mostly asoiaf related but also others. Does any of you know about a good history podd? I want to find a reliable podd that is not focused on wars. Here is something to do as well: Push-ups
  5. The Lord of Chaos is obviously loose in the world right now (hope you are all safe and healthy). Whether you enjoy chaos or want to fight it, we all need some training. Push-ups are usually given as punishments here in the BT but now I want all of you to do them. For your own health (and my amusement). *evil laughter* Sign up here. I will give you a theme. You then start your push-up thread posting ten pics/memes/whatever (10 push-ups) on the theme you have been given. I might give you points when you are done. *looks in the rules* Ehm, it says that I have to give you points when you are done. Well, well. Go, go, go!
  6. Wow! I am happy that you came through that alive. 4 hours of sleep is torture.
  7. Welcome to the BT! *pulls out two chairs* *puts brownies on the table* Please sit down and have a tainted brownie or two. Or ten. Tell us all about yourself. Are you long time WoT readers? Favourite asha’man? Cake or ice cream? Are you good at cleaning? If if you have any questions just ask.
  8. Hi Panchi!!!! I thought one of the polar bears had eaten you but here you are. How have you been? Still studying?
  9. How are you in these corona times? I’m still working as usual but half of my students have been home from school. All schools for older students are closed from today and I think elementary school will close soon as well. I’m not worried for myself or my family but we have decided not to visit my grandparents.
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