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  1. A new game?

    Thanks. I would love some more suggestions.
  2. A new game?

    No! But I should definitely try it some time. How can you ever decide a best dessert?
  3. A new game?

    I like TV comedies. Feel free to send me a PM with shows that you like. Can be old or new.
  4. August Discussion: Pixar

    There are so many good Pixar films. Monsters inc, Finding Nemo, Wall-E, Brave...
  5. A new game?

    Ok, lets do an elimination game. So far we have had: Aes Sedai Marvel Hero WoT scene Fantasy Series LotR Character WoT Character HP Character ASoiaF Character Disney Movie Star Wars Character Any new suggestions?
  6. Too many...

    There is no such thing as too many books.
  7. August Roll Call

    Reading, reading and reading... :D
  8. I would be from Shienar where the weather is cold and nice. I would be an Aes Sedai, Brown Ajah. I would probably miss the whole last battle since I had found some interesting books in the WT library. :D
  9. August 2018 Roll Call

    Since I´m a teacher I will probably go back to school soon. :D
  10. Moridin - because in my head he is really yummy. :D And he is the only one that truly understand the DO. Graendal - improving my Compulsion would be good.
  11. Hi everyone! Sorry for not being here much lately. RL is ... you know. Would anyone like me to host some kind of game? Maybe another Elimination game? If so, what theme? Or maybe just a simple hangman game? Guess the shadow? I figured we should do something fun together.* * While I´m trying to find my shadowie friends and get them to execute my evil plans.
  12. Asha'man Uniform - Why Wool???

    And... Hi Adastreia! I don´t think I have met you before. *hands over a tainted brownie*
  13. Asha'man Uniform - Why Wool???

    Not to me either. Interesting. I think Talm is right though.