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  1. A podcast that has mainly been about got and asoiaf. Right now he is starting to prepare for the lotr show by talking about the second age. I have followed other asoiaf podcasts more before so now I’m catching up on this channel.
  2. Tubby game points: Cindy 15 Basel 11 Illian 11
  3. Points: Everyone get 10 points for playing + Tubby points. Cindy 15 Basel 11 Illian 11 Thanks for playing.
  4. But there were no shadow sitters... ...and Tubby got bored... ...and when Tubby gets bored... Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Oh, my. This is going to be horrible. I will just take him and return him to his mother. Maybe we can play with him another time. The final point goes to the Light.
  5. Yay! (I choose to focus on the road trip.) I went to an interesting lecture at the library yesterday. It was a reporter who worked on Ryanair (a low budget airway company). She have written about her experiences. We have an airport just outside my town where Ryanair flight to/from. Short version: bad working conditions, low salery. It was intereseting to hear about her experiences. I always like to learn new things.
  6. You haven´t watched GoT? It´s a must! Or at least to read the books.
  7. I had some technical difficulties yesterday but now I have posted the last pictures. There are now ten in total. Go look for them! I will hand out point on Tuesday.
  8. I have had a few problems with it too, but it works most of the time.
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