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  1. It is. :) Welcome back, Talya! Great to see you!
  2. I remember when Tress suggested taking a look at History of Westeros. I thought it was riddiculous to talk about a single house in the ASOIAF for two hours. But it only took me one episode and then I was stuck. 😄 (That said, sometimes they get a little too chatty.)
  3. Crossing my fingers for you, Cindy. I´ve had a great day. I could go home extra early from work and then my father in law bought us ice cream in the harbor. Mmmm...
  4. Yes, that is always a great thing when re-reading. It´s often hard to notice it the first time. (Because you don´t really know what to look for.) What kind of foreshadowing did you find?
  5. Gateway game. 17 points each to: Basel Cindy Dar`Jen Sooh Tress
  6. 17 points to each of you. I don´t know if it were just too easy or if you were too good. :) I can make another one later this year if you want to. In the meantime, it would be fun if someone else want to host a game.
  7. With all these black cloaks I thought we were in the Black Tower. But it is just too cold for that. You are right, we are at the Wall! Well done, everyone. Points will be awarded shortly.
  8. Even though I have read WoT many, many times there are always things that I had forgotten about or didn´t see before. I´m reading KoD to my bf right now and I had forgotten about Reanne Corly´s death. It made me really sad. Also, I have always imagined the Black Tower to be north of Camlyn but here it said it´s south of Camlyn. I wonder why I thought that? What have you discovered when you re-read? It could be WoT or other books.
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