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  1. 2018 Winter Olympics

    Now Norway is in the lead. Yay me! Medal Standings Sweden has made a fantastic olympics this far. 4 gold and 3 silver. And I´m hoping for more.
  2. Welcome to the Black Tower Terra

    Welcome to the BT, Terra! You will find that BT threads eventually end with food in one way or another. :D
  3. 2018 Winter Olympics

    I like skiing. More cross country than downhill though. I´ve watched some snowboard this week. I don´t know much about it, but wow, it looks so cool. It´s amazing what they can do.
  4. 2018 Winter Olympics

    :) Sweden won two more medals today. It´s amazing!
  5. Safari mafia [basic] - game thread

    Well played, mafia. I would never have voted Kaylee. I will not trust you so easy next time. :D I´m happy that I was right about Arie. Thanks, Sooh. It was fun to play again. Hope DM gets better or it will be hard to play.
  6. Give me the secret code!
  7. 2018 Winter Olympics

    Germany is in the lead right now, followed by Netherlands and USA.
  8. Pff! That might have been a decoy because I´m pretty sure that the M´Hael is making evil plans with a drink in his hand. (This is a good time to jump in and let everyone know that I´m right, RTE. :D) Why did they remove the Ba´alzamon smiley??? It´s like they cut away a part of my identity.
  9. Safari mafia [basic] - game thread

    Lol There is a NO missing in that sentence.
  10. 2018 Winter Olympics

    Sweden got a silver medal yesterday, and today Stina Nilsson won the gold medal. Wonderful!
  11. Safari mafia [basic] - game thread

    AJ was not the lead train, Lenlo was. There was reason for me to bus a mafia in that situation. I really don´t like what Darthe is doing right now. Darthe, what do you have against me? Other than "feeling that I´m not sincere"? Btw. I´m not chosing you or Arie or anyone right now. I need to re-read and see what I can find. The only one that I won´t lynch is Kaylee. Have you read the whole thread?
  12. Safari mafia [basic] - game thread

    Arie - I don´t get why you can´t point out things in players that makes you suspicous of them. Is it usual that you just go by "feelings" in mafia? I´m afraid that I agree with Darthe about your AtE post. Still, I have defended you so far and I want to be right about you. Who is your next suspect?
  13. Safari mafia [basic] - game thread

    Oh no, it´s lylo tomorrow. I hate that. I´m known for making the wrong decisions at lylo.
  14. Safari mafia [basic] - game thread

    :( Now I need to re-think a lot of things. I don´t know if it means anything but I thought it was weird that Marsh had to look for if it was okay to unvote or not. I hope I will be able to continue my re-read.
  15. Safari mafia [basic] - game thread

    I believe this is the last vc. I will add my vote on the BG wagon. What was the reason for your vote on Arie, Dice? You might have written it already but I don´t have the time to go back and check. See you all tomorrow. Vote BG