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  1. I’m “currently” reading The Bands of Morning. That is, I started it last summer and got interrupted. I will pick it up soon. I like the second Mistborn series but it’s not as good as the first one. I’m more interested in the world building than the characters.
  2. There really is chaos all around me right now. I didn’t have to do anything myself to create it. It’s okay to be lazy. 😄
  3. Hm... Then maybe I should wait a year or two.
  4. Remember that it’s our duty to spread chaos. *evil laughter*
  5. Then maybe I should wait until the fifth book is on it’s way.
  6. @Illian Tear Gather everyone! We have something to celebrate. Illian Tear - step forward. You have served the Black Tower well and now it´s time for a promotion. *puts the Dragon pin on Illian Tear´s collar* It looks good beside the Sword pin, doesn´t it? Wear it with pride. :) Woohoo!!! Congratulations to Illian Tear on promotion to Asha´man!
  7. December Roll Call Nini 10 Illian Tear 10 Dar´Jen 10 Cindy 10 New members in December Lavandula 10 Staff points for December Nini 30 Illian Tear 30
  8. Thanks. It started great. Then I had to start working again yesterday. 😄 I´m actually looking forward to this semester. I hate going back to work after holidays but when I´m there I´m enjoying it.
  9. Sounds like it suits you, considering what you are working with. Good luck! Want another brownie?
  10. I know. Will there be some kind of end in the fifth book?
  11. As the title says, guess the shadows. You can guess one time and wait for someone else to guess before you guess again. Or you can wait until the next day and guess again even if noone has guessed after you. There will be points awarded for playing. Lets go!
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