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  1. Of course. You can get some people to explode in the tournament. 😉
  2. Great tea is good! Be sure to drink a lot while you are there.
  3. It says that it’s poll only threads. I went for WoT characters. I know, very unexpected. 🙂
  4. Would you like us to bring back 50 questions? I would like to be able to bring back the OP Battles but it’s not possible right now.
  5. Sooh has decided to step down as Faction Leader of the Shadow. Thanks for what you have done for the BT, Sooh! That means that we need a new minion that makes my dishes and feeds my babies Shadow FL. All members of the Shadow Faction can apply. As FL you will: * be a part of the BT staff. That means that you will be a moderator in the BT as a whole. You will help me and the rest of the staff to manage the BT, organize events, promote activity, come up with new things to do etc. * take care of the Shadow Faction, organizing Shadow evens, encouraging Shadowies to participate in events etc. * mostly remind me of stuff that I forget. (And do my dishes. And feed my babies. And the polar bears...) I want you to be able to check in every week and be an active member. As a reward you will get staff points each month. How to apply: Send me a PM with the following information: * How long have you been here at DM/BT? * What qualities to you have that would make you a good faction leader? * Do you have any ideas for the betterment of the Shadow Faction/the BT as a whole?
  6. The BT has been quiet lately. I´m wondering if you have any suggestion on how to make us more active again. Some people just want to join a club and not be active, and that is of course totally fine. But some of us wants to be more active and the question is what do you want to do in the BT? Do you have suggestions for games, discussions or just craziness in general? Want to do something more with the factions? Well, whatever suggestion you have, just post it here and the staff will take a look at it. I have heard that many have a problem with finding stuff ever since the clubs were created. I usually start my DM visit with clicking "Unread Content". There I will find what happens at Dragonmount right now. To get to BT, just choose clubs and click on the BT banner. You will come to the overview. I find that a bit confusing so I often click on Black Tower Forum. There I can see BT as a whole. I will try to remember to tag people more often. That makes it easier for members to find specific threads.
  7. *comments on my own post* :) It has been great with autumn holiday. I have not done much at all, which is just fine. Going back to work tomorrow...
  8. BTW. I have decided to get rid of the "no additional posting" in the roll call threads. :)
  9. Welcome to November in the Black Tower! How are you all doing? I´m looking out at a grey sky, drinking soda and doing one of my favourite things - posting in the BT! :) The question for November: What scenes/quotes about the asha´man do you like from the books? There are so many to choose from. Right now I´m re-reading AMoL so my focus is on the Androl and Pevara story, which I like. My favourite quotes are: "Kneel and swear to to the Lord Dragon, or you will be knelt." (Taim) "The Black Tower protects. (Logain) This is the quote I asked Brandon Sanderson to write in my copy of AMoL.
  10. Festival mod points Nini 20 DJ 10 (Illian - you will get your points when the tournament is done.)
  11. October Roll Call 10 points to: Nini Illian Lessa DJ Cindy Wildfire Sooh Kaylee Cairos 5 points to: Basel
  12. Hi! I just made a welcome back thread. 🙂 Tea is so much better! Where in Asia? The BT is a little quiet right now but it still stands. Always.
  13. Great to see you! How has it been? What have you been up to? Want a tainted brownie?
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