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  1. It's acrylic. I like to paly with wash and layers. I like your bold acrylics. So pretty!
  2. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!!! @Ryrin I plan to redo an old vanity over the winter, so I'll be sure to post progress pictures. @LadyWordsmith that is what we've coined Michigan weather! Changes in a moment. I'd love to post some fan art. I'll take some photos this evening
  3. I'm from Michigan, USA - I love to dabble in all arts and crafts. From refinishing furniture, to paiting canvas and the walls of my house, to cheesy holiday crafts and decorations. I've read WoT several times and I've just started to play with some fan art paintings and joining stuff like "The Kin"!! and other discussion boards. I'm excited to see and share ideas. Cheers!! and thanks for the welcome 🙂
  4. I'm new to the group and I think your guys paintings are great! Some of those flowers are pretty amazing. Here is one of my most recent. I look forward to sharing and seeing your next works.
  5. About 3 years ago, while you were visiting here 😅 lol....I also have extended family of a sort. My step mom is from there and her family lives in the Blackburn area. I've only been there the once, but cannot wait to go again someday!!!
  6. I come from the Great Lakes State , US ... I love the native stories and mythogy of the area. However for traveling, my favorite place has been Scottland. Talk about stories and history!!! Just sitting in the pub enjoying a pint and listening ....
  7. Hi there! I'm new to the group. Not recruited, just pulled along by a Ta'veren Mat and Perrin are my favorites. I love traveling and hearing stories, so this will be great!!
  8. I like the Aes Sedai banner alright. Better than the Marriage Knife necklace on ToM. I don't get that. I feel there are more significant symbols that could have been used. By this book there's a couple scenes in Ebou Dar, but it's not a major backdrop for ToM. What about the Golden Crane of Malkier or the Ashaman pins?
  9. Yes but (and I could be wrong) aren't vultures a notoriously stupid bird? Maybe they're not smart enough to retain the info they should report. 😉
  10. Both Perrin and Mat. I appreciate the way Perrin likes to think through a situation, and he is unfailingly loyal..Dumai's Wells among so many other examples. So many series have young heros and no one stops to think " why are these more experienced people even listening to me?". I like that Perrin considers the weirdness of that....And ohhh Mat. Poor, hilarious, accidentally heroric, unrealized genius; Mat! And when he is the hero, what thanks does he get?(Tear)
  11. It took years for the Ways to disintigrate. I would imagine the would take years to regrow and beome whole again as well.
  12. I'm a big fan of the narrorators. I've heard other series that I love to read, but can't listen to because I feel the narrorator doesn't get the feel of the book. I think Kate Reading and Michael Kramer do a great job.
  13. Hi there! I'm a long time WoT reader, but usually follow fan art stuff. I have read and/or listened to the series 7 or 8 times and I'm looking forward to discussing it with other fans. Cheers!
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