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  1. Just started working out a campaign to DM. Thinking that as it develops I'll probably use a combination of original content and tie in some of the official modules as they fit in.
  2. Been playing Northgard off-and-on when I've had time, and it's a solid game. Just got Star Wars Squadrons and I'm loving it pretty well, though I haven't managed to find time to get into the multiplayer part of it. That makes me sad because the gameplay is amazing and I want to see what happens when there are nine other people flying around the maps. Has anybody tried 'Among Us'? I stumbled across a few games done by jacksepticeye and Markiplier, and it looks like a simple and amazing way to play Mafia online.
  3. Strike. Defend. Advance. Retreat. Four basic tactics, an infinite number of possibilities. Abandoning his normal training routines- attacks and defenses chosen for the way that they flowed from one to the next- Mehrin chose instead to fight the rain itself. Escaping the unending cold caress of the falling rain was impossible, of course, but the gathered water could still provide a target. With every strike and every defense, Mehrin moved towards a position where he could strike at the heavier drops that fell from the
  4. *Five Weeks Ago* "Very good," Mehrin said with a smile. "That shadow over there means that there's low ground in that area. A clever enemy could hide a company there to make your life interesting. The Aiel could hide a bloody army in that, but they're... unique." For a moment, a small smile crossed Eb's face, breaking through the dark granite scowl that was her usual expression. It was the smile that accompanied each success in the little game that Mehrin had been playing with her in order to ease the tedious miles that passed under their feet. He would pose tactical question
  5. Mehrin was silent for a long moment. What was happening? A Dreadlord had decided to drop whatever he had been doing for the past several years to murder him. But in this way? A whole platoon of Children? A Darkfriend assassin? This was convoluted beyond stupidity. Why didn't Ayrik just step out of a gateway and incinerate him? He found that he didn't have a good answer to Eb's question. With all honesty, Mehrin answered, "I don't know for certain. All I know is that this will only end when either he is dead... or I am. And I certainly have no intention of dying." A small
  6. Mehrin's morning exercises were an hour behind him, and the two boys were still asleep. Patience was never his strongest point. There was no fresh water nearby, so Mehrin couldn't simply douse Rovan with a water skin and start the day. Instead, he pushed the sole of his boot against the boy and gave him a shove. "Wake up. We have a long way to go today." Out of the corner of his eye, Mehrin saw the other boy stir and rolled his eyes. If he woke up and chose to follow, Mehrin wouldn't stop him. There were enough dead fools in the forests without him making it easie
  7. I haven't forgotten this. Been jet-lagging after a transatlantic flight and setting up a new PC. The post is in my head, just need to get it out.
  8. Mehrin was beginning to believe that there was a higher power that somehow managed to lead young people with shiny swords and years of inexperience to him, and he was creating a new collection of blasphemies to hurl at said power if he should ever encounter it. He wasn't sure if it was the laughter, the loudness that Mehrin was hoping wouldn't bring a stray pack of bandits down on their camp, or the fact that the boy had actually named his bloody sword, but the boy was starting to grate across his nerves. The boy Rovan's pants were mostly dry by the time Mehrin had finished his stitching, so
  9. At the sound of birds taking flight out in the forest, Mehrin shifted a little bit around the fire so that he was more squarely facing in the direction of the disturbance, then drew the heavy knife that he kept in a sheath on his leg and set it on the ground next to him. He then began stitching again as if nothing had happened. When the cause of the startled birds stepped out of the forest, his eyes flicked up for a brief moment to categorize the boy who had stepped out of the forest. Inwardly, Mehrin groaned. Not another one... The boy was tall and lithe and had the
  10. focus The pain was only excruciating. And it was everywhere. The whole world seemed to consist of red tendrils of agony crawling across his brain. focus Something was calling him from the red, the dark. FOCUS There was something holding his hand. He seized onto the feeling, used it to crawl from the depths. There was ringing in his ears, but there was more than that. There were things that almost sounded like it might be talking. open The light was blinding, and his eyes burned as blood that had
  11. If he was to be honest with himself, Mehrin was impressed with how long the boy had held out against him. However, it didn't take long after the first blow passed his defense for him to come crashing down, and his attempt to stand again resulted in yet another tumble. Mehrin left the boy where he was for a moment, then offered him a hand and pulled him easily back to his feet. "Well done," he said simply. A soldier would have gotten a rougher response, but the boy was no soldier. Still... A small smirk crawled onto Mehrin's face. "However, the pain that you're currently feeling? That m
  12. -stabs with a boiled piece of spaghetti-
  13. I never asked him. I just felt a certain amount of amazement and impression at the efficacy of the tactic that he used. Literally cutting off half of the map to everybody else? That's both awesome and an incredibly d*** move.
  14. Handel's "The Messiah". I performed this piece every year for seven years, and it was a pile of fun every single time. Oddly enough, I don't listen to it very often, but I will find any excuse to perform it. I listen to every Mannheim Steamroller album every year as well as every Christmas-related Trans-Siberian Orchestra album (i.e. all of them except 'Beethoven's Last Night' and 'Night Castle'). After that... I'm done. Except... 'O Holy Night'. I studied voice, and this is easily the single most requested song that I have in my repertoire, and it is so
  15. I use Ticket to Ride as a gateway drug (see 'Tabletop' on the Geek and Sundry YouTube channel for why). My family enjoys playing this one, and I used it to inject some Catan into the mix. I'm currently working on Tokaido, which will be easier when I have a better grasp of the rules and roles. I have yet to lose TtR in our games here, but that's mostly because I know my entire route before the first person draws a card. EDIT: This is a picture from a game of Catan played by one of my friends. He played blue. I told him that, while brilliant, this was a d*** move.
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