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  1. Lavinya

    Returning RPer

    I have vague recollections of Jaem but I didn't make a band character for a long time and didn't play them much. All these old relics being unearthed...did someone blow the horn?
  2. Lavinya

    Returning RPer

    Welcome back! I don't remember you specifically but I may remember characters...only returned recently myself after an 8 year hiatus. Good to see more people creeping back in ^_^.
  3. So the thread is finished, do I need to report somewhere special to have it looked at/stamped with approval? Pretty confident we covered both WS 0-1 and WS 1-2 in the thread (we tend to get very verbose in our posts!).
  4. Lavinya

    Did We Survive?

    I continued my quiet plotting since I was waiting on posts anyway. So happy the forums are back though, now I can keep plotting and have background research too ;)
  5. Lavinya

    Roll Call - 2018

    I honestly don't remember! I used to have characters across a bunch of orgs back in the day so it's entirely possible but then again I remember people I never actually RPed with too. It was a long time ago, the brain is old and tired
  6. Lavinya

    Dear Sisters

    I'm happy to meet Viv with Lavinya and chat about the Greys if you like, even if it's not an ajah you're leaning towards. Could help cement that view if nothing else!
  7. Lavinya

    ATTN BTers

    Tempted to make a civilian now. Hmmm.
  8. Lavinya

    Roll Call - 2018

    Arinth! I remember Arinth! Welcome back
  9. Lavinya

    Anyone want to play?

    I posted up Senette's oaths, for any Blues that would like to join and welcome her and introduce me to some of the mysteries of the ajah please feel free to jump in! :) https://dragonmount.com/forums/topic/105884-the-future-looks-blue-senettes-oaths-attn-blues/
  10. Lavinya

    Anyone want to play?

    I'll try and get something up for the Blues to join into later tonight :)
  11. Lavinya

    Anyone want to play?

    I like the idea of the brand new rp, she’s only late 40s main timeline so still fresh. I might start with her walk to the blue quarters after her oaths? Then you can introduce me to the blue customs 😀
  12. Lavinya

    Anyone want to play?

    I'll leave it to you pranksters to start it off then? Point me to it when you're ready! @keyholder21 that sounds like a great place to start!
  13. Lavinya

    Anyone want to play?

    I'm not sure Senette would notice the moustache haha, in her bio it mentions she's oblivious to her appearance at the best of times and often has ink smudges and the like. I can imagine though, something like you two poised on a balcony, ready to drop flour bombs or something on a novice that was coming by only at the last minute it's Senette wandering by that cops it, one moment daydreaming and the next covered from head to toe in flour....hahaha. Anything largely harmless but inconvenient would get the best reaction I think ;) @keyholder21 I would love to! Any ideas? I've never played a blue before so I'm very open to suggestion for ajah rp scenarios :)
  14. Lavinya

    Anyone want to play?

    Ok @Chaelca and @Oddpositions why don't you plot a prank of some description, whatever takes your fancy - itching powder, soap bubbles in the fountain, mice in the library, flour bomb, water bucket on the door....I don't know, anything you can think of. Except, let's presume you had a target in mind (like a fellow novice/accepted) but Senette unwittingly ends up walking into it and becoming the unintended victim. Naturally there needs to be IC consequences, so if the MoN is agreeable Senette will put you to work helping her with her research which quite possibly could involve you both lugging heavy books and equipment about while she pokes and prods at rocks and plants and things (or even you, ha!)...I like to keep things open to unpredictability so if something like that works for you, let's do it! (assuming MoN says it's ok, Chae?) @Jagen Sedai I would love to RP something with one of your characters, any ideas? I'm ok with multiple threads, time is something I have plenty of at the moment :)
  15. Lavinya

    Anyone want to play?

    @Taymist some sort of Blue RP once you're up to it would be awesome! I'll try and brainstorm but I am absolutely open to ideas. @Chaelca and @Oddpositions if you would like to prank Senette, I am so up for that. Or at least, attempt to. She may not even realise she's been pranked which could be extra hilarious. Or she might catch you and put you to work. Lots of possibilities! OR I can just recruit you as a pair of pack mules to help with her work...hmmm lots of appealing ideas. Let me know what you'd like to do. :D