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  1. Anyone want to play?

    I posted up Senette's oaths, for any Blues that would like to join and welcome her and introduce me to some of the mysteries of the ajah please feel free to jump in! :)
  2. Anyone want to play?

    I'll try and get something up for the Blues to join into later tonight :)
  3. Anyone want to play?

    I like the idea of the brand new rp, she’s only late 40s main timeline so still fresh. I might start with her walk to the blue quarters after her oaths? Then you can introduce me to the blue customs 😀
  4. Anyone want to play?

    I'll leave it to you pranksters to start it off then? Point me to it when you're ready! @keyholder21 that sounds like a great place to start!
  5. Anyone want to play?

    I'm not sure Senette would notice the moustache haha, in her bio it mentions she's oblivious to her appearance at the best of times and often has ink smudges and the like. I can imagine though, something like you two poised on a balcony, ready to drop flour bombs or something on a novice that was coming by only at the last minute it's Senette wandering by that cops it, one moment daydreaming and the next covered from head to toe in flour....hahaha. Anything largely harmless but inconvenient would get the best reaction I think ;) @keyholder21 I would love to! Any ideas? I've never played a blue before so I'm very open to suggestion for ajah rp scenarios :)
  6. Anyone want to play?

    @Taymist some sort of Blue RP once you're up to it would be awesome! I'll try and brainstorm but I am absolutely open to ideas. @Chaelca and @Oddpositions if you would like to prank Senette, I am so up for that. Or at least, attempt to. She may not even realise she's been pranked which could be extra hilarious. Or she might catch you and put you to work. Lots of possibilities! OR I can just recruit you as a pair of pack mules to help with her work...hmmm lots of appealing ideas. Let me know what you'd like to do. :D
  7. So! I have a shiny new Aes Sedai character and I'd love to play with her! She's a Blue with very Brown-ish tendencies and is generally friendly. Anyone feel like meeting her? I'm open to absolutely anything, including retro rp as a novice or accepted to help flesh her out. Chance meeting in the gardens? Novices looking to prank someone? Encounter in the warders yard? I'm open to anything and anyone, I just want to take her for a spin. Let me know if you're interested in something! :)
  8. Hell has frozen over

    A little bit of scarring perhaps ;)
  9. Hell has frozen over

    Oh my goodness, hello! Y'rean was my trainee's mentor about a thousand years ago, nice to see you back!
  10. Can I get access to the Blue Ajah board now please @Taymist?
  11. OP Weaves and Scores

    Hey @Matalina I made great use of your calculator while working on my new character concept, it's really helpful! I thought you might like to know that the 'water' number box doesn't have the nifty little arrows to raise or lower the number like the other elements do. Completely inconsequential but I thought maybe you'd like to know about it :)
  12. OP Weaves and Scores

    Thanks Tay, now I can get writing :)
  13. OP Weaves and Scores

    Yeah it was me toying with the idea of leaning towards certain skills or talents that made me pause and go 'well actually, don't even know what will work without a score'. I'm glad my thinking isn't completely nuts, anyway. I'll wait to see what Chae says, thanks for the input.
  14. OP Weaves and Scores

    Random question relating to OP Scores, hoping someone could answer....if I want to write a new Aes Sedai bio, is it possible to get my OP score first (given it's random). I have a few ideas rattling around in my mind and some of the details will depend on the score I receive. Is that possible? I know it's kinda backward. I don't care what the score is, can I just know it and build my character around her relative strength or weakness? @Taymist @Chaelca Thoughts? Or am I being a pain? I'm just theory crafting I swear!