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  1. Seems to be a lot of us older folks coming back. I think we need to update our Greeting package with complimentary choice of canes or walkers...
  2. Not many chances irl for roleplay, LARPing & cosplay aren't huge industries in Canada compared to the US. And the price is pretty high for any of the really fun stuff, whether it's because its a big armor build, or flamboyant with lots of LEDs and such. Not to mention travel fees, Canada's a big bloody country and we have pretty bad prices, whether flying train or bus it's not exactly cheap when you also have to ship multiple containers with your outfit or gear. Online roleplay is just so much cheaper, and you can meet some pretty interesting people, met a few old friends over
  3. Not sure if friendly gathering, or interrogation *thinks* Long time member of the Dragonmount roleplay groups going on damned near 15 years ago now I think, back when we used ezboards. Eventually rose to assistant leader to the Black Tower. Favourite Asha'man was Corlan Dashiva, whose name I donned for my own character here. And any cleaning I would do involves using fireballs of various sizes.
  4. Sort of around, eventually going to have to get around to speaking to a few people concerning old characters though. Edit: Arguments were had, words said in anger, and it really needs to be sorted (privately) sooner or later before I'd stick around long-term. And I don't know the right words to say to the parties in question to initiate that particular conversation after all these years.
  5. Dashiva scowled slightly at the younger Asha'man's remark as he made his way over to the wall, but shrugged it off with a rare smile and chuckled himself. "Well, least it's a lively group," he replied before he waved his hand in a small shooing motion, and let the man get the recruits organized for falling in. Meanwhile, Dashiva's gaze glazed over as he started thinking, and remembering his early times as a recruit and the hardships and occasional melee's that had been involved. Blinking a few times, he shrugged and made his way through the recruits, and the uniformed Soldiers and Dedicate
  6. "No baijin'm'hael, just these two. I've just been stuck baby sitting while they waited here. Looks like you made quite a haul this time. Remind me to never go wherever you just came from," Daevis was saying. Dashiva grunted sourly, before rolling his shoulders. "Sometimes I wonder if the previous recruiters actually tried given this haul," he grumbled. Wandering into the back of the kitchen, Dashiva barked at some of the cooks that seemed to have appeared, and got them producing some more food for the newest recruits, and came back out into the common room intending on filling out a rep
  7. OOC: Guess I'll be the handy AL to handle this. IC: Dashiva grumbled under his breath as he grouped up the latest group of recruits he had Tested, and dragged around on his assigned route. He hadn't been in a recruiting party in years, and almost wanted to be back in his small study. Unlike many Asha'man, he generally disdained cloaks while he was going about official Tower business and simply wore his blacks. Snapping at the newest Borderlander recruit's, he reached out and seized saidin and gripped it tightly bending to his will and opening the Gateway back to the Tower. "Go slowly,
  8. Growling softly at the implication that even the Black Tower couldn't immediately move again into Shienar, Dashiva nodded. "Very well, if you'll have me then I shall remain and help to push the Shadow back to the Blight. I cannot just sit idly by and watch my homeland stay in the hands of the Shadow." Flexing his broken hand, he started regretting have punched the wall. He didn't dare form the Void until he knew exactly where he stood in the Tower now. Harbouring faint thoughts that even now they would offer him some wine, or just plain kill him, he didn't desire to give anymore cause tha
  9. Dashiva's face tightened as he listened to what happened, and he knew his hand was tightening on the hilt to his blade until the fingers cracked. Shienar wasn't supposed to be prey to the Shadow; we are supposed to be heros of the soft south landers a voice whispered in his head. Foolish southlanders have no idea what happens in the north; now your home is nothing... Turning around with a snarl; Dashiva punched the solid wall before he realised what he was doing and then looked at his broken right hand dumbly. Forcing it to flex and letting the pain rip through him, he looped the
  10. Dashiva walked down the hall behind the 2 soldiers, and stopped when they reached a door and one rapped sharply on it, before opening it. Glancing around the room quickly, he nodded slightly; many of the men inside he had known once; they had all had command of various parts of the Tower. "Good to see you again Dashiva," said the one Shienaran he only vaguely remembered with a small smile. "I hope. You probably have questions, but it's best if you give some explanations first. Where have you been, and what have you been doing these last few months?" Stepping further into the roo
  11. "Ah ... so you saw the Shienaran disaster. The beginning of the end for the M'Hael I'm afraid. Not a single one of these men will be carrying any tales to him. Brent is no longer M'Hael. He isn't even alive. Covai saw to that not even a week ago." Dashiva didn't move at the statement and simply stayed just ready to fight or flee if he had to, until the next words were spoken. "We recalled all of the Asha'man to announce a few ... changes ... in the command structure. Nobody knew where to find you though." Physically relaxing, he let the Void slip away, if they brought others
  12. Dashiva's eyes narrowed as a Gateway formed just inside the gate, and a man stepped out. Have they become so lazy they don't walk anywhere? And so disdainful for anyone who might be around? he thought, nearly reaching out for saidin himself. Folding his arms across his chest as he looked at the man who had come through the Gateway, something vaguely tickled at his memory as the man approached slowly and obviously wary. Bloody soldier must have called me the Haran; they must think I'm giving airs that I never got exiled. "Dashiva, I didn't expect to see you here. What brings you back
  13. Dashiva tensed slightly as the sentries stepped in the way of his wagon; and stopped himself from seizing saidin. Looking impassively at the Dedicated, he all but ignored the Soldier's as they were no matter and would listen to orders. "Boys, before you stands the last honorable man to hold the rank of M'Hael Haran. Welcome back Dashiva. I'm sure you don't remember me as we only met once or twice. The name is Nakor Zorrander. Will you be staying for awhile?" the Dedicated stated, and Dashiva could feel a hint of warmness and a smile lurking behind the man's face. Dashiva
  14. OOC: Dash has been gone a LONG time, so feel free to join in; a soldier or two can be in the sentry posts (hidden as part of the woods, stones, and other natural "hiding" spots) and a Dedicated would be at the gate. IC: Dashiva tugged at his sleeves. He hadn't worn his uniform in well over a year; and it now felt strange to be wearing it. Brushing at the lightning bolts on the sleeves, he reached up and adjusted the pins on his collar. Running a hand over his bare head, he paused to think whether he really wanted to return to the Black Tower. He had been all but banished, on pain of
  15. Dashiva leaned back in his chair and thought about putting his boots on his desk. For some reason, everything needed to be looked at today, and he was getting tired. One fool had taken his mount off to do some riding, and somehow managed to get his horse killed when it stumbled over a rock. Another wanted to requisition more ale and wines for the bars the embassy frequented, to which he'd given the man a tongue lashing. What was HE supposed to do about the bars, he had no idea but obviously the Dedicated thought that Dash's position at the Tower cooking meals applied here with the Band.
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