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  1. Warder RP - Check In for New DM

    This is true, I'm not entirely sure how long the Bond was; but from one of my threads with Lavinya (handle KristenSedai), I haven't used her name in a long, long time just that Nuit had somewhat gotten over it. Good enough for government work right? Although I'm going to stay away from training for now, that sucked up alot of my life previously and I have no desire to have 6 students again.
  2. Warder RP - Check In for New DM

    Thanks Tay, I'll have to have a browse then. I know for sure my original Green sister was on the ezboards, so it'd take one of us old farts that actually remembers to confirm, but I do believe it is Calliste. To help trigger any memories, it was a Green that was investigating something about Darkfriends, but she was preggers which contributed towards being able to use OP to defend herself. From the sound of it, I guess then I don't really have to submit an updated bio, although it would be nice to fix that odd glitch halfway through I'll draft something up, and send it to ya, basically just scratches off a bit of the specific ness, and gives a glossy overview of post-Yard arrival.
  3. Warder RP - Check In for New DM

    That's very unfortunate, lotta info on those boards.... however I think my Google-fu has proven it's worth, pretty certain I found my first Sedai's bio in the wikia under the Green Ajah, Calliste Lara le Fay. Close on the name, but without the old ezboards and the other old RP archives, I can't be 100% certain, without someone else from that rough era, or I think it was a Corwin/Cormag/similar.
  4. Warder RP - Check In for New DM

    Does anyone know if the old ezboards still exist? I need to find the name of my first Sedai, think it was Celeste but I'd like to confirm that before I write it into an updated bio or notepad for records. Nuitari feels alot like Lan, if I remember my char history properly post-arrival at the Yards. He took 2 classes, promoted to Guardsman and was Bonded by Celeste (a Green). Celeste was murdered by Black Ajah while Nuit was out of the city training a student. He threw himself into a training frenzy, to explain why he didn't suicide as I didn't want to pretcon being Bonded. Goes on a large Tower expedition, critically wounded and Bonded by Ata then a Yellow Sedai. Ata later got Severed, cutting the Bond yet again, although she was later Healed and re-Bonds Nuitari also switching to Green Ajah. Somewhere around this rough period, had a fling with an Accepted who later became a full Sister Bond was never transferred and Nuitari stayed with his Sedai who after her experiences was an avid Darkfriend hunter. Sometime after all that, Ata is on the trail of a Darkfriend/Black Aja, memories are slightly hazy, and both of them are captured. Over time Nuitari is flipped to the Dark, and personally executes Ata before being Bonded by Cemarillin (same owner of Ata). Of course I've also done quite a bit more than that, but those are highlights I remember. Last known status of Nuitari, I'd grown disinterested in DM and left but to mutual agreement with my Sedai, Nuitari was left in a coma and I think I'd toyed with coming back so I had come out of it
  5. I remember Ben T... pretty sure he was my Warder's instructor for the 2 classes I'd needed to get out of trainee status. Crap.... I'll be right back, getting us all walkers and canes. We apparently need them *laughs*
  6. To answer your earlier question Cass, the "Koras Lap" is a legacy of one of our older Asha'men who went AWOL just as I joined (this was pre-Dalinar, I think the BT leader at the time was Niamh Zephan). Anyways, Koras was a real hardass, and the original Koras Lap was running around the outer edge of 'the Farm', before we eventually built the stone walls and started building the Black Tower. And it wasn't simply just running one lap around the entire Farm, it was running three laps which made up one Koras Lap. Additionally, I can't remember but I believe it was also loosely timed, based on a jog, so Soldiers and even Dedicated couldn't simply walk a Koras Lap out and make the timer. Or not without receiving some form of punishment for slacking anyways. It was a gruelling marathon run, almost specially intended to exhaust everybody before they even got started on other PT exercises, keeping everyone in a walking daze. Which had the added perk of making it considerably easier to write in how a fellow (NPC) soldier loses control of Saidin and dies nearby, which held true to the books that the Black Tower was brutal about training. Anyways, so Koras made a big impression on several of us that went through his PT classes before he vanished into the nether, and so Covai and myself (a few others as well) once we hit Dedicated, started using the Koras Lap as teaching tools in our own classes. We taught Arath and several others, who themselves went on to use the Koras Lap when they were teaching. It became almost a rite of passage, to get promotions you had to run at least one Koras Lap in a class, and it also became almost a pre-breakfast warmup run for full Asha'men to jog out a Koras Lap before sitting down at the Inn for a hot meal to start the day off right.
  7. Thanks Tay, with my updated bio is around, and my OP scores so that should be enough to get started again I believe right?
  8. I'm just waiting on an email to the old BTBios, hoping that someone still checks it, and my old bio(s) are archived. Once upon a time, I was the M'Hael Haran to Dalinar's M'hael, participated in the Taking of the Stone, was also supposed to be part of the Asha'men to accompany the DR into the Aiel Waste (before diplomacy took it's toll), was also at several other battles. On a non-battle sense, was one of the students of Koras before he left, and subsequently helped turn the Koras Lap into near legendary exercise it grew to become (is that still a thing here?), helped build the original Inn, helped build and became part-owner of several replacement Inn's as it was a seeming favourite building to destroy during incursions and attacks.
  9. Warder RP - Check In for New DM

    Your name seems familiar Arie, but the last time I was here in the DRPSW was 8 or 9 years ago, you shall have to forgive this old farts memory lapses.
  10. Warder RP - Check In for New DM

    I somehow seem to have found my way back, Nuitari Asteri here. I really should get around to updating my bio that I found logged here here which still has that hilarious edit glitch in it.
  11. avatar and signatures

    Could anyone resize the pic I'd like to use for an avatar?
  12. Seal Cull

    entrails, fat, pelt, meet, bones, I'm pretty sure some people use the blood too but I'm not positively sure on that. Nearly everything in a corpse can be used,
  13. Seal Cull

    Its propoganda run by PETA or other Animal lover groups, who want to force public opinion to change. Many of thoe seals would die from lack of food, and they might as well be used for human consumption and use. but only if the entire corpse is used, not just the pelt and meat, everythin must be used. Dash the Canadian,
  14. Chivalry!

    All right, 2 people quoted me so I'm just going to ask. Did you even notice the IF statement in my comment about buying video games? I made it simply to make a point, that if I said 'hi I live on welfare and I buy video games with it like every other 16 year old male I know' would you act superior. I use it to buy food and clothes...and guess what? I starve myself almost to death every single month when I could go rob stores for the food I need to survive. Why? Because I'm a young, honorable male who treats everyone equally and tries to respect others. It seems though, that in making my comment I've put backs up because no one can read an IF comment.
  15. Chivalry!

    thats a good point Ell, and look what just came in... *holds up black jacket with straps* My jacket finally came in the mail from DMPSW. *quickly slips into black jacket with lots of straps, and fits as mant as possible* Now I'm just missing my padded room with black padding, and I'm back home. Hmm...but I can't go be a troll in there, so maybe losing the black padded room was a good thing.