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  1. avatar and signatures

    Could anyone resize the pic I'd like to use for an avatar?
  2. Seal Cull

    entrails, fat, pelt, meet, bones, I'm pretty sure some people use the blood too but I'm not positively sure on that. Nearly everything in a corpse can be used,
  3. Seal Cull

    Its propoganda run by PETA or other Animal lover groups, who want to force public opinion to change. Many of thoe seals would die from lack of food, and they might as well be used for human consumption and use. but only if the entire corpse is used, not just the pelt and meat, everythin must be used. Dash the Canadian,
  4. Chivalry!

    All right, 2 people quoted me so I'm just going to ask. Did you even notice the IF statement in my comment about buying video games? I made it simply to make a point, that if I said 'hi I live on welfare and I buy video games with it like every other 16 year old male I know' would you act superior. I use it to buy food and clothes...and guess what? I starve myself almost to death every single month when I could go rob stores for the food I need to survive. Why? Because I'm a young, honorable male who treats everyone equally and tries to respect others. It seems though, that in making my comment I've put backs up because no one can read an IF comment.
  5. Chivalry!

    thats a good point Ell, and look what just came in... *holds up black jacket with straps* My jacket finally came in the mail from DMPSW. *quickly slips into black jacket with lots of straps, and fits as mant as possible* Now I'm just missing my padded room with black padding, and I'm back home. Hmm...but I can't go be a troll in there, so maybe losing the black padded room was a good thing.
  6. Chivalry!

    Just poking my head in here.. so if I bumped into you GQ in the middle of the street, you'd think your superior to me just because I went onto welfare, and I probably abuse it slightly? Sure, I'm young, and probably dumb as hell, yet if I told you I'm on welfare and I just spent $300 on video games, you would deem yourself superior? This tops has become incredibly rampant in flaming and I have sat back laughing for the last few hours reading the replies. Stuff happens, and you can only make the best of it. Oh, but forgive my butting into such a good debate, I think I'll go join James in being a troll and wearing the hawaiian shirts. Dash,