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  1. Silence stretched for only a few moments, but in that time it thundered in Lavinya’s ears; her fingers curled about the stem of her glass tightened, tension mounting as she waited for him to snatch at the opportunity and walk out of her world once and for all. She could scarcely dare to breathe as she waited, eyes locked to his, impossible to tear them away now as returned the inspection, his jade eyes always seeing too much, piercing through her armour into the soft underbelly of her soul. And in an instant, the atmosphere changed, the welling anxiety dispelled as the cocky guard nonchalantly
  2. (ooc sorry for the delay, moving house is busy business!) Lavinya's lips curved in wry amusement as she noted Viviane's genuine remorse on behalf of her peers that even now would be answering to the Mistress of Novices' wrath. Such admirable caring and concern showed a warm heart beat beneath the striped gown of Accepted she wore. Would she maintain that empathy once she attained the shawl? Such a naive and innocent view of the world she must hold; it was almost refreshing, though in a woman of Viviane's years she would have expected it to be soundly quashed by now thanks to
  3. There was something gratifying about skittish underlings, and when the younger woman's eyes widened at being posed a question Lavinya was forced to swallow a smile. Viviane clearly thought quickly on her feet, Lavinya conceding the point with a small nod of her head. "Indeed, facts are the path to finding the truth of a matter and without a full picture of the issue at hand it's impossible to make a sound judgement." Righting the last book on the shelf, Lavinya stepped back, leaning casually against a desk and folding her arms as she considered the girl thoughtfully. "A very impor
  4. Lavinya approached all classes with a mix of emotions. There was some pride and arrogance associated with knowing what others did not and the curtseys, courtesies and honorifics were always highly gratifying. Unfortunately none of this came without a great deal of frustration and tested patience. 'Motherly' was not a term that was ever associated with Lavinya. Neither was 'nice', 'kind' or 'friendly' for that matter, depending on who one spoke to. 'Arrogant' and 'cantankerous' were far more fitting - and yet...and yet. There was some satisfaction in teaching, something she would not openly adm
  5. Remarkable, simply remarkable! Senette hummed to herself as she swept through the tiled halls of the tower, a pile of books and sketches in her hands and resting reverently atop them was the pristine, perfect cutting of a snow-white anemone and the source of the current bounce in her step. It had been something of an idle experiment initially, wondering if she could cultivate a blossom in such a pure colour and formation from rosier hues growing in the gardens, and it had become a labour of love and extreme patience. Reds had lightened to pinks and ivory, but at last she had found success and
  6. Lavinya’s fingers tightened around her fork at the mention of returning to Tar Valon. Asha’man walked the halls there now, the taint-touched men in black coats that had attacked her sisters, had murdered and captured and destroyed. She had stilled one, she remembered absently as her vision swam, remembered the wail at his loss in a distant way. The scent of burning flesh filled her nostrils, the screams and shouts of battle assailing her senses. She had followed a warder through the gateway, bound to a Green, she thought. She didn’t even know his name, but he had exploded before her eyes. One
  7. Well done. Well done?? Far from lavish praise but it was recognition all the same, and despite how lacklustre it was, Lavinya warmed inwardly at the two short, simple words. For her entire life she had hungered for power and position, and nothing had managed to satisfy her – Sirayn had offered her everything and delivered on naught. Sometimes she even believed it were true that the woman had deliberately baited her into a trap where she was torn asunder for stepping into the Green’s territory; for discovering Corin. Too often her striving had amounted to little; it seemed however that two smal
  8. He was enjoying this, she was almost certain of it as she watched his face, his body language, read the tone of his voice. Lavinya wasn’t entirely sure what sort of answer she had expected, an explanation perhaps on just which sword form the task would benefit? Frankly she had half believed he would refuse to indulge her and merely issue his command again. Small mercy he hadn’t, perhaps she still maintained some level of authority after all, or at least the illusion of it. Why did he have to be logical? Oh he danced around the why prettily enough, not quite giving a satisfactory answer but all
  9. I’m hardly wearing the dress for it’s classic battle-cut, you wool-brained lummox, Lavinya thought grouchily as Corin’s gaze wandered over her attire in a very deliberate but impersonal manner that stoked her temper further as surely as it poked uncomfortably at her confidence. Would it be so terrible to look at least mildly appreciative? She was painfully aware that the process of bearing his child had altered her physique drastically and that perhaps she had not managed to regain the exact same allure of her old frame, but still she hadn’t thought she had entirely lost her physical appeal. N
  10. Lavinya watched his face as he spoke, his own gaze no longer trained on her. She saw the cynical curl of his lip, the tenseness in his jaw – how could he still be so enjoyable to her sight while filled with unease in her presence? – and wondered not for the first time how to reach him. Not just the surface, not the same measure as anyone else might, but deeper, she longed to recapture the playfulness she remembered, the mischievous glint in his gaze, the smile which had once so easily warmed his face. She knew he walked his own private perdition, had been to the pit of doom and back but surely
  11. After having one of the better sleeps she’d experienced at night for quite some time, Lavinya had foolishly expected that the worst of her nightmares were behind her and had allowed herself to slip into bed and sleep like a normal person; that expectation had been rudely torn asunder when a scant hour after drifting off she had found herself once more in the grip of a very real and very troubling terror. Linten’s face a mask of mingled menace and delight as he employed the birch to her trussed frame, an image formed from very real memories that the light of a candle could not diminish, nor eve
  12. I believe I understand why he closed himself off, pretended to be nothing but a mindless tool. If he was not forced to make the decisions or ponder on mysteries, there could be no onus on him, no more guilt when things go awry. He carries a heavy enough burden already though he won’t speak of it, but I know it’s there and while I wish to know I am not fool enough to ask, not yet. He clings to regrets over past failures, the pain of a broken heart for the woman he loved lost to him…how complicated our lives are, how tangled the threads! That together we should have created you unwittingly and y
  13. The change in the weather seemed to match the flux in Lavinya’s temperament. Corin had almost relaxed at times during the training, but so quickly he returned to his sour countenance and aloofness. Sardonic humour was her fall back, subtle jibes and teasing - usually without malice - but it seemed the more she acted completely within her natural character, the more he closed up and pulled away. Infuriating puzzle of a man. There had been a time, where he had responded with his own sharp wit, meeting the playful battle with his own sword drawn to return the parry, not disdained entirely of her
  14. I posted up Senette's oaths, for any Blues that would like to join and welcome her and introduce me to some of the mysteries of the ajah please feel free to jump in! :) https://dragonmount.com/forums/topic/105884-the-future-looks-blue-senettes-oaths-attn-blues/
  15. She knew what the solitude was for – it was a time for contemplation, for meditation upon the oaths and the duty she was about to bear – but Senette spent a good portion of the night in a state of numb shock. After all the years of study and sacrifice, of training and chores and character building and repetitive revision, at last the final goal had arrived. She’d managed in quite good time, from what she could determine, which was a tribute to her hard work and quick mind, as well as her studiousness. All the years had been preparation for this point, and now it was here…. blank. It wasn’t lik
  16. I'll try and get something up for the Blues to join into later tonight :)
  17. I like the idea of the brand new rp, she’s only late 40s main timeline so still fresh. I might start with her walk to the blue quarters after her oaths? Then you can introduce me to the blue customs ?
  18. I'll leave it to you pranksters to start it off then? Point me to it when you're ready! @keyholder21 that sounds like a great place to start!
  19. I'm not sure Senette would notice the moustache haha, in her bio it mentions she's oblivious to her appearance at the best of times and often has ink smudges and the like. I can imagine though, something like you two poised on a balcony, ready to drop flour bombs or something on a novice that was coming by only at the last minute it's Senette wandering by that cops it, one moment daydreaming and the next covered from head to toe in flour....hahaha. Anything largely harmless but inconvenient would get the best reaction I think ;) @keyholder21 I would love to! Any ideas? I've never p
  20. Ok @Chaelca and @Oddpositions why don't you plot a prank of some description, whatever takes your fancy - itching powder, soap bubbles in the fountain, mice in the library, flour bomb, water bucket on the door....I don't know, anything you can think of. Except, let's presume you had a target in mind (like a fellow novice/accepted) but Senette unwittingly ends up walking into it and becoming the unintended victim. Naturally there needs to be IC consequences, so if the MoN is agreeable Senette will put you to work helping her with her research which quite possibly could involve you both lugging
  21. @Taymist some sort of Blue RP once you're up to it would be awesome! I'll try and brainstorm but I am absolutely open to ideas. @Chaelca and @Oddpositions if you would like to prank Senette, I am so up for that. Or at least, attempt to. She may not even realise she's been pranked which could be extra hilarious. Or she might catch you and put you to work. Lots of possibilities! OR I can just recruit you as a pair of pack mules to help with her work...hmmm lots of appealing ideas. Let me know what you'd like to do. :D
  22. It took every ounce of willpower Lavinya possessed to keep her brows from climbing and her eyes from rolling heavenward in exasperation and instead keep them trained on the infuriating figure opposite her in the small room. To think, she was the one considered arrogant, while the unpredictable tower guard once more retreated behind a façade of polite acquiescence that did not ring with truth given his words. He offered magnanimously dictated that he would stay and guard her, as though she hadn’t practically begged him in most unflattering fashion to stay with her. Drawing on reserves of patien
  23. A diamond glint slid down the surface in a mock of beauty. An attempt to hide the death purpose of the edge below it as the candle light reflected happily along the blade of the dagger in his hands. Their purpose had been distorted over the years of its existence, from tool to weapon, to ornament. Masking its skin like a chameleon to its surroundings. But inside, it always held deaths offering, it’s true purpose. The quiet chuckle that escaped him held no mirth, no light, as the form on the bed murmured once more. It almost seemed like a relaxed sigh. No doubt she dreamed of further methods to
  24. So! I have a shiny new Aes Sedai character and I'd love to play with her! She's a Blue with very Brown-ish tendencies and is generally friendly. Anyone feel like meeting her? I'm open to absolutely anything, including retro rp as a novice or accepted to help flesh her out. Chance meeting in the gardens? Novices looking to prank someone? Encounter in the warders yard? I'm open to anything and anyone, I just want to take her for a spin. Let me know if you're interested in something! :)
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