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  1. You look familiar... :P
  2. The stabbing, etc, is because SG is the evil Org - it's a sort of sign of affection. We, however, ourselves are not really particularly evil people in real life - at least I think. It's all a bit of fun. SG is a great org, and it does take some getting used to for some, but the people there are lovely and really rather honest. It's probably not the best Org to join if you're very sensitive, though.
  3. Hahahaha... I love these reputations I carry around everywhere that really aren't true. :D
  4. My mind is VERY open, thank you very much :P Nor do I have anything against the culture of other people. However, I DO have a problem with most cartoons, and that's basically what anime is. I have never, ever liked them, and I never will, because they all look SILLY :P
  5. There's nothing 'cute' about anime whatsoever. ::)
  6. *Agrees with everything Far said* Yes, we are the most honest people you will ever meet. ;) *Plays with fire while waiting for new people*
  7. I have to say... I got about... 6? Pages in, and began to wonder whether this actually had a storyline or if it was seriously going to describe the surroundings for an entire book. Very nearly put it down :P
  8. Hello, welcome to Dragonmount! ;D *Hands a box of nicely wrapped welcome chocolates with a big ribbon* Any questions, don't hesitate to ask. :)
  9. Hello, deary :) Welcome to Dragonmount. ;D *Hands over a box of chocolates* I'm a deathlord, so... you might want to just look at them ;D But they're pretty, see? *Points at all the lovely swirly patterns* So, are you enjoying the forums so far? I see you've posted four times ;D
  10. Welcome to DM :) Don't worry, we don't all know a huge amount about the books :D I haven't read them in a while now, myself... *Gives a hug and chocolate*
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