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  1. I don't think that's it :/ Here's another photograph of it, although it's terribly blurry :/
  2. The leaves are more like spikes, though not those typical of a cactus (I think). They don't grow very tall, really; that I saw, anyway.
  3. I think you may be right, just looked on google images and a couple look quite similar. I'll ask my grandparents next time I see them, I think. Thanks :)
  4. Oh, no, it is, I took that photo. I found it in my grandad's garden when he was away and my mum has no idea what it is, which is unusual. Just thought it looked quite interesting. Thanks anyway. :) There should be someone around who knows about flowers, I think.
  5. You look familiar... :P
  6. Jelly


    A forum I'm an admin at - it's not really visited at all anymore, mind... - has recently had lots of spambots registering, and posting about how we can all buy viagra, watch porn, and some stuff in Thai... I'm wondering, is it normal for an IP address to not show up for them? The last one didn't seem to have one whereas the others did.
  7. Jelly

    Most online

    Very few of them aren't spambots :P Only a couple of thousend real accounts, last time I looked. (Yep, I was bored enough to go through them >.>) I thought the forum had trouble with just a few hundred users online, let alone 1000...
  8. Jelly

    Most online

    Is this true? :o
  9. Ah, ok. It's the battles I get bored of, lol.
  10. Yeah, thats my senior picture. They did antiquing to make it look older. Pretty cool eh? You know, sometimes I think I know you.
  11. ...Am I the only person who got bored of these books by the second one?
  12. I think some of the changes are good, like moving signature requests near the top and the forums 101, but I don't see why you needed to add 'social group' after every org :-\ Edit - The only thing that I particularly dislike is that you changed the name of the Illuminators.
  13. Oooh, lots of stuff... thanks everyone ;D
  14. Doesn't 'Britain' include Northern Ireland and Scotland? And, thanks Alys :)
  15. Typically English things would be the things people from other countries think of, I think...
  16. What are typically English things? I mean like tea... specifically English rather than British. Need some ideas for my photography project on England.
  17. I hate anime, but I have watched some, I suppose I should admit it. I watched Sailor Moon (I think that's what it was) about... 7 years ago. I'm not sure, I just know it was when I was younger. I've watched Gunslinger Girl... And I'll grudgingly admit... I did like it, quite a bit. Everything else that I've seen I hated. :P
  18. The stabbing, etc, is because SG is the evil Org - it's a sort of sign of affection. We, however, ourselves are not really particularly evil people in real life - at least I think. It's all a bit of fun. SG is a great org, and it does take some getting used to for some, but the people there are lovely and really rather honest. It's probably not the best Org to join if you're very sensitive, though.
  19. Hahahaha... I love these reputations I carry around everywhere that really aren't true. :D
  20. My mind is VERY open, thank you very much :P Nor do I have anything against the culture of other people. However, I DO have a problem with most cartoons, and that's basically what anime is. I have never, ever liked them, and I never will, because they all look SILLY :P
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