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Everyone come meet...

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Our little Warder, Michael James!




Born April 15 @ 8:18 am after I had to be induced the previous morning, he joined us in the world. He looks like his dad, tons of blonde hair and has the longest fingers/toes I've seen on a little one! We got home from the hospital yesterday and the cats weren't too sure of him.




We love him so much and we're so happy to be home!



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1 hour ago, Elgee said:

Oh wow gorgeous little blonde baby! Love the pic with the cat!


How are you doing, Lessa?

I feel like saying "tired and sore" is a little too cliche but it's true. Also, a little annoyed with the hospital because we had to stay an extra day. They keep the rooms so cold that he was admitted to nicu for a night because he couldn't keep his body temp up. I had even turned the temp cranked right up and the room either had a bad draft or something is wrong with their heating. It was a rough first night not to have my baby with me to say the least. I stayed in nicu for 4 hours because I didn't want to leave him there. I cried a lot because of it.


Other than that, we're back at home and settled. I may be a little biased but I have the best husband/Warder in _wolfbrother_. He's been taking care of Michael when I need to cook or sleep or clean or whatever. Only thing he can't do is feed him but soon he'll be able to as well. He absolutely adores Michael and it melts my heart when he's holding him

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I know! It's going to get worse as we get mail. He's the best ever! For the past month or so he's been sleeping 6-8 hours through the night. A lot of my friends with babies tell me they hate me because of it and no they don't mean it.


An update for everyone who isn't on my facebook


He's now 2 and half months old and today is his first holiday, Canada Day! He's starting to follow the cats when they're close to him, he loves to move his arms and legs all the time, even in his sleep, and he's starting to stay up longer throughout the day. He can almost sit on his own and loves looking around at everything. If he can't see what's going on, he gets upset. He loves that Simba stuffy which was actually mine when I was a baby.

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