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  1. Songstress

    Prescription Drug OR Tolkien Elf?

    Looks like @Hallia and @DPR are up next for Basic and Advanced queues respectively. Not sure if Wes is available to start an advanced game yet since the Wolvington Prep game was postponed.... if not, then @BFG has the next advanced. With how slow signups have been lately (Cory's current game was actually rather fast to fill up comparatively) it might be a good time for signups to begin!
  2. All right folks, let's get this one started. Who all is going to be there? *raises hand* I'm planning to fly in Thursday and leave Monday like I did this year - so I'll be looking for familiar faces to get up to nonsense with Sunday evening. Maybe if someone has a vehicle we can find a nearby movie theater and catch Avengers 4?
  3. Songstress

    Black Tower Roll Call: December

    I'd say pumpkin spice everything, but that's generally a thing from September on :laugh: For the holidays specifically, probably my mom's molasses/ginger cookies. The flavor of gingersnaps in a thick, soft, chewy, rich cookie... yum. She's also pretty much guaranteed to make her hashbrown casserole for Christmas dinner, which I will eat FAR TOO MUCH of because it's delicious.
  4. Songstress

    Prescription Drug OR Tolkien Elf?

    As well as ever... this whole "not winning the lottery" thing is getting to be a drag, though.
  5. Songstress

    Prescription Drug OR Tolkien Elf?

    What is a NotBob!
  6. Haha, i got home from work on Halloween and he was nowhere to be found, apparently he had slipped out through the garage while i was leaving for work. I opened the pet door and he sauntered in like no big deal. I guess he taught me a lesson.
  7. Songstress

    Black Tower Roll Call: November 2018

    I'm thankful for friends, family, and friends who have become family. And for my DM family. And for Gentled Ben for starting the roll call thread
  8. Songstress

    Avengers Infinity War - SPOILERS

    I finally got to watch Infinity War over the weekend Yeah, i was behind.
  9. Songstress

    Elimination game: TV comedies

    Heal Scrubs, kill Louie 2. Arrested Development 2 3. Big Bang Theory 6 4. Brooklyn Nine-Nine6 5. Community 16 7. Friends 20 8. How I Met Your Mother 20 9. I love Lucy 3 10. It´s always sunny in Philadelphia 5 11. Louie 0 (-) 13. Newhart 0 15. Parks and Recreation 6 16. Scrubs 9 (+) 17. The Office 7
  10. *waves at @DontTrustThePenguins *
  11. Songstress

    Why do we love dice

    Silly Dice.
  12. *has strong memories of Night Actions with Clov*
  13. Songstress

    Why do we love dice

    Kat is my favorite!
  14. Songstress

    GoT Mafia "A Song of Wolves and Villagers"

    Good luck with that! #disqualified