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  1. A new game?

    *nod nod* What shall we eliminate? That sounded slightly more evil than intended.
  2. Too many...

    Looks more like too few bookshelves.
  3. Welcome back Mirshann Uuranor

    Well it certainly wasn't me!
  4. First time rereader

    Each of them has a bit of a different focus and flavor... the White Tower and Warders is generally the largest and most active, with a variety of subgroups included within that cover a big range of topics (for instance, I'm in the Blue Ajah there, which is mostly focused on sci-fi/fantasy fandoms and gaming). Since it's so big and complex, the WT has an introductory class when you join to help you explore and find your way around. I'm also a member of the Black Tower, which is pretty much an outlet for insanity. If you're generally mischievous and a little evil, you might enjoy Shayol Ghul... If you write, craft or create art of any sort, you'll want to check out the Tuatha'an... The Band of the Red Hand is known for music and food... and I haven't really spent much time with the Aiel, Wolfkin or Ogier. The Dragon Reborn Role Play sub board is the RP community, and they are a maze in themselves - if you're into role playing, I'm sure someone will come snag you and drag you in Otherwise, any of the social groups has private boards for members only, but you're welcome to peruse and post in any of the threads you can see, and get a feeling for how the group interacts, how active they are, and what they like to talk about. And if you like what you see, there should always be a pinned thread in the forum to post in if you want to join officially. Many of us post in several groups that we haven't joined just to join in the conversations, and that's perfectly OK.

    *waggles eyebrows* In?
  6. First time rereader

    Right? lol...
  7. My cat has this thing he does where he jumps up on my bed and starts yelling at me about 30 seconds before my alarm goes off. No matter what time the alarm is set for. It's like he's psychic. It's slightly disconcerting.
  8. First time rereader

    The social groups are a great place to make friends... I only regret taking a year before I looked at the social community section of the site!
  9. Asha'man Uniform - Why Wool???

    He has a point. Also, this question has never occurred to me before.
  10. [Harry Potter week 2018] Mafia game thread

    Rawr. Y'all are just lucky i didn't get that 24 hour extension.
  11. [Harry Potter Week 2018] Alphabetty Wand Dueling!

    Oh dear! Tress looks around her at the misshapen creatures charging from every corner, and raises her wand. Halt! Hellish hooligans hover! The galloping goblins suddenly freeze in place, and slowly raise from the ground, hanging as if by invisible hooks. Incendiary implosion initiate! From the edges of the circle of immobilized goblins, heat began to gather. Flames suddenly wreathed the creatures, growing by the instant. As the bodies were consumed, it was as if the air itself was aflame, and rushed inward toward the stage.
  12. It's that time again! 5 points for signing in, and 5 points for answering this month's question... What are you reading? Right now I'm re-reading A Crown of Swords, because I need to get through a full WoT reread before JordanCon 2019!
  13. [Harry Potter week 2018] Mafia game thread

    Start thinking about who's actually mafia. I am just busy.
  14. [Harry Potter week 2018] Mafia game thread

    That's it. Vote me and get it over with, or be patient. I literally cannot satisfy you before deadline today, i have a job that requires me to work, and I already wasted my lunch break on trying to type up a reads list that my phone ate.