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  1. Black Tower Roll Call: June 2018

    Woo! 10 points to DJ for initiative! My favorite summer pastime is hoping for evening thunderstorms. And staying in the air conditioning because hello, Arizona.
  2. The Stand Mafia [Advanced] [Signups]

    Lol, I was wondering how long it would take him to spot the thread!
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    There you are!
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    Drunk!Nyn has arrived
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    I solemnly promise not to vote you this game.
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    Gotcha Zanderiffic... 1/3 of the way there!
  8. The Stand Mafia [Advanced] [Signups]

    Obviously it's going to be more flirting than anything else. That and me going "what on earth have I done?"
  9. The Stand Mafia [Advanced] [Signups]

    Got you AJ
  10. Charles Campion should, he supposed, have been more alert. One would forgive him, however, for allowing his attention to drift. In his years working security for this top secret military base in the godforsaken California desert, he'd seen a lot of absolutely nothing happening. So he was drifting a bit, playing solitaire to stay awake through another interminable night, when he noticed that the numbers on the clock had gone red. Red. Lockdown. It was the worst case scenario. End of the line. Campion's first thought was for his wife and daughter, asleep in their home off-base, and how they would never be told the truth of how he died. His second thought, glancing at the monitors, was that the gate was still open. Charles Campion had never moved so quickly in his entire life. ============== This is an advanced game with a certain level of craziness that means I cannot guarantee it will be balanced particularly well. Play at your own risk By signing up you promise to behave in a sportsmanlike manner, play to your win condition, and abide by the rulings of the game mods (myself and @Kaylee ) and/or DM staff. I plan for this to be a hybrid hammer game - day phase deadlines will be set at approximately 48 hours (with an extended D1 to allow people to check in), if no hammer is reached before deadline the player with the most votes will be lynched. Ties will be randomized between the tied players. No lynch is an option. Night phases will be approximately 24 hours - night MAY end early if all actions are received but I will not guarantee it. Sometimes I may need extra time to write scenes and miscellaneous mod things. Patience is a virtue. ============= This game will require 15 players: 1. Sooh 2. Cory 3. Darthe 4. Andrej 5. Zander 6. Hallia 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. Dice 14. 15. Subs: - BFG Spectators & helpers: - Nyn