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  2. I'm in, I have it on my schedule! If we don't have enough DMers to make a team, I think some of the WoT Spoilers crew was wanting to put together a group, perhaps we can combine forces.
  3. I came to WoT late in the game - I had read some fantasy in my teens and 20s but for a long time most of what I read was more in the mystery/thriller genre, with a splash of Stephen King. After my husband died far too young, I was kind of sunk in a depression for a couple of years (and wasn't working at the time), and I'd been playing World of Warcraft obsessively so I decided to read all the Warcraft lore novels I could get my hands on, and then asked my guildmates for suggestions about what to read next. A Song of Ice and Fire was highly recommended, so I devoured those books shortly before the news came out that HBO was considering a TV show based on the series. My best friend and I were talking one day, and I was geeking out about ASoIaF, giving her a bit of the rundown about the story, and describing the connection between the Stark kids and the direwolves, and she said it reminded her of the scene in Eye of the World where Perrin learns he can talk to wolves. So of course I had to read Eye of the World. And then everything else available. I think I finished The Gathering Storm right about the time Towers of Midnight was released, so the only book I had to wait for was AMoL.
  4. In the wolf dream he is Isam, who is Lan's cousin... I believe Nynaeve sees him in Tel'Aran'Rhiod early on and mistakes him for Lan for just a second, and when Perrin encounters him he thinks he could be Lan's brother.
  5. We also have @Darthe. Happy birthday, Darthe!!
  6. might be about time for me to come up with another basic theme then
  7. Great job Verb and AJ!! Thanks for modding Hallibabe *snugs the Nyn*
  8. I really should have. Sometimes I am literally terrible at this game!
  9. Vig is smarter than me! Today is a good day indeed.
  10. Pssh. You're the one who's been acting weird. Sassypants.
  11. If you can't tell I'm town, yes. You are. You know me better than that.
  12. Honestly, the fact that you're even asking is worrying me. Quit worrying me, and I won't need to.
  13. In the words of Ser Davos Seaworth... Yeah, I noticed you staring at her good heart.
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