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  1. So based on last post she's 35-ish. I think they can make her the part/believable, more important is her acting and chemistry with me...err other Rand. I forget sometimes.
  2. Any updates on this?
  3. Apologies if this has been discussed, what do you think of Henry Cavill for Moridin? Bonus points, he's a WOT fan.
  4. At the very least you need a harem orgy. Lucky guy...I would expect some serious white tower action also. 😁
  5. Ah very good points, thanks!
  6. Hi, i was curious of there has been any updates on when filming might resume, given the lessening of covid restrictions?
  7. I see that: Min will not be cut and will appear in S1 Not combining Avi, Elayne, Min into one Should settle a couple debates on here...
  8. 100% agree. That would wreck the show in my opinion. We want to escape to Randland.
  9. 100% agree about dragonmount
  10. She seems like a good choice. I can see Elayne when I look at her
  11. I would say don’t even THINK about cutting Min. That would be a disaster. Also I’ve heard talk of Rand not having his 3 loves...which would be another big mistake.
  12. 1. Faile 2. Faile 3. Faile I can’t get over how bad she treated Perrin, especially in the Ways. No matter what happened later.
  13. Moraine mostly until Tear I would think. And even after then she plays a significant role. But this epic series is fortunate enough to have a wide selection of unique characters to use, and they do what they must. Even the Lord Dragon cannot do it all. Cheers
  14. Elayne and Min are certainly main characters. I don’t see how you have WoT without them.
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