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  1. This was one of my favorite teasers except for the winespring clip. Loved the shield that blocked the spear, and the looks on the soldiers’ faces. Optimism continuing to rise.
  2. I thought the clip was great. Yeah the entrance was on the cheesy side but still enjoyed it. I also think that guy playing me is going to crush it.
  3. Many of the prophecies are significant. Most if not all dragon reborn ones. Mat for sure. Maybe expand on the dark prophecies as well. Perhaps a foretelling for Egwene.
  4. I just had to mention that I’m still on my first read. About 2/3 way through The Gathering Storm. My plan has been to finish right before the show started. Going to be a great time! I’m getting my relatives interested in it also.
  5. Ouzo it is 🙂 Brings back memories of my Greece travels
  6. At least we still have Winter Dragon if this is a mess 😄
  7. I found tbe interview with Rafe cringeworthy to be honest. and tbe waygate isn't even close. If those are weaves tbey look pretty decent. My expectations are tempered but ressrving judgement until it airs.
  8. I’m on The Gathering Storm currently. I meant the “main” protagonist.
  9. The possibility of Logain being the protagonist scares me. Surely they won’t botch it up that badly.
  10. So based on last post she's 35-ish. I think they can make her the part/believable, more important is her acting and chemistry with me...err other Rand. I forget sometimes.
  11. Apologies if this has been discussed, what do you think of Henry Cavill for Moridin? Bonus points, he's a WOT fan.
  12. At the very least you need a harem orgy. Lucky guy...I would expect some serious white tower action also. 😁
  13. Ah very good points, thanks!
  14. Hi, i was curious of there has been any updates on when filming might resume, given the lessening of covid restrictions?
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