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  1. Thank you for responding. We appreciate the help
  2. Thank you for your patience as I get caught up. I appreciate you reaching out.
  3. Awesome! I'll add you to the list and you'll be next up.
  4. @Liitha since you don't currently have any... are you available to take on our newbie? https://dragonmount.com/profile/37500-mothiad/
  5. Hey trouble, how are you? Welcome! I'm the MoN, love to meet you. You're mentor will be contacting you shortly.
  6. And are you good to take on Jacen al'Miere? (Sorry if you already have, playing a bit of catch up)
  7. Kaylee - Yellow Aes Sedai and MoN Chocolate is good
  8. Welcome! Sorry been dealing with RL stuff. I'm the MoN, nice to meet you. You're mentor will contact you shortly.
  9. I don't recall but I do believe there are episodes without so much violence.
  10. ?❤ Cairos *snuggle* ? and you're dear to our hearts as well Lily! We love having you, come by anytime. ?
  11. Lol I try but sometimes I can't get online regularly.
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