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  1. When you open a PM, it doesn't give you the option of going to where you left off. Instead it always takes you back to page 1.
  2. I prefer winter weather. I like spring because it's when campgrounds start to open
  3. Safari mafia [basic] - game thread

    Sure should be fun. Send me a PM when you're ready.
  4. Safari mafia [basic] - game thread

    No. I agree with people, especially when playing catch up. But whatever believe what you will.
  5. Safari mafia [basic] - game thread

    It's not so much that as just don't have the time anymore not with working 2 days a week and trying to keep track of the kids and... moved to fast here. I'll stick to modding and spectating
  6. Safari mafia [basic] - game thread

    Before i took a break i was lynched incorrectly for "being on my scum meta" frustrated the hell outta me. And nor being believed or being suspected for being at work when I said I would be in sign ups, does the same. I just don't have the time to keep up
  7. Safari mafia [basic] - game thread

    It's funny. I played almost exactly as I do as town. Yet everyone "correctly" read me. *shakes head* Which means if I wasn't giving up playing that I'd be mislynched from now on.
  8. Safari mafia [basic] - game thread

    You had me as town until towards the end if I remember correctly
  9. Safari mafia [basic] - game thread

    I would've been happy even if we lost just to have made it that long was nice.
  10. Safari mafia [basic] - game thread

    Thanks. When AJ went down I was nervous.