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  1. I had a busy but nice weekend...now I'm trying to get my sick kids better so they can fo back to school tomorrow. 😆
  2. More to map your progress. You can absolutely PM about any questions or discussions you want. If your going to ask questions... make it official, yes PM the Ajah/ Warder head to let them know. Then make sure toy not only ask away for make yourself available to answer what they may ask in return. If they're doing a game or event you may participate or run it! (Like for example the Yellows had a monthly game for awhile until I ran out of ideas and time lol).
  3. Yikes! I can understand wanting one. Hope you get your treat!
  4. Lava dear, behave yourself or I shall be forced to restrain you child. *shakes head* these young things just can't hold their caffeine.
  5. Gee thanks Mother Also LOL @M&M... now I want chocolate
  6. weaves air to blow glitter into animal shapes that dance around the room... then enjoys a lovely skittles or 2 Skittles (Chamboard, Sprite or cream soda, and banana rum...I made this up on my honeymoon)
  7. What? I solemnly swear that I'm up to... oh what, wrong line... 😈😁
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