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  1. Hey trouble, how are you? Welcome! I'm the MoN, love to meet you. You're mentor will be contacting you shortly.
  2. Welcome! Sorry been dealing with RL stuff. I'm the MoN, nice to meet you. You're mentor will contact you shortly.
  3. Welcome! I'm Kaylee the MoN. Liitha will be your mentor. She will be along to start your class thread when she's able.
  4. Your Mentor has been notified and will be contacting you as soon as they are able. Welcome to the White Tower nice to meet you as well
  5. Welcome! I'll assign you a mentor and they will be with you shortly. I'm Kaylee the MoN, nice to meet you!
  6. Here Random fact: nightly my son "tests" my blade to see if it'll cut or kill. (He's 2 and it's a plastic prop one, but it's still very interesting to watch)
  7. Thanks for tagging me... more to check things out. Oh yeah, go Light!
  8. Since we focus on healing through laughter, I like to remind myself being happy is a choice. I chose to find joy daily... and if my kids acting goofy doesn't do it I learn to laugh at myself. ? I really love games as far as activities.
  9. Welcome! I'm the MoN. (Mistress of Novices). I will get a mentor assigned to you and they will start your class. In the meantime feel free to poke about.
  10. Here! I've helped build small things like kids projects, that's about it.
  11. I could've answered this as I celebrate it, but just got online.
  12. I also like when it snows. The kids will play in it until I force them inside. What other winter activities do you like to do?
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