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  1. Thanks. He's got a dr appt tomorrow. Lovely!
  2. I had a busy but nice weekend...now I'm trying to get my sick kids better so they can fo back to school tomorrow. 😆
  3. More to map your progress. You can absolutely PM about any questions or discussions you want. If your going to ask questions... make it official, yes PM the Ajah/ Warder head to let them know. Then make sure toy not only ask away for make yourself available to answer what they may ask in return. If they're doing a game or event you may participate or run it! (Like for example the Yellows had a monthly game for awhile until I ran out of ideas and time lol).
  4. Yikes! I can understand wanting one. Hope you get your treat!
  5. Lava dear, behave yourself or I shall be forced to restrain you child. *shakes head* these young things just can't hold their caffeine.
  6. Gee thanks Mother Also LOL @M&M... now I want chocolate
  7. weaves air to blow glitter into animal shapes that dance around the room... then enjoys a lovely skittles or 2 Skittles (Chamboard, Sprite or cream soda, and banana rum...I made this up on my honeymoon)
  8. What? I solemnly swear that I'm up to... oh what, wrong line... 😈😁
  9. Woo hoo! (Is it bad those sentences made perfect sense )
  10. snuggles Lava, then explodes a glitter bomb before leaving
  11. I admit I've never fully read the series. I'm still working it myself.
  12. If she's just gotten out of bed she might have been good LOL love you Nyn!
  13. Your Mentor has been notified and will be contacting you as soon as they are able. Welcome to the White Tower nice to meet you as well
  14. Sure...lol except for the planning on world domination discussion 😉
  15. @Cairos Congrats! You have a mintee by the name of IdleCuriosity
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