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  1. I don't recall but I do believe there are episodes without so much violence.
  2. ?❤ Cairos *snuggle* ? and you're dear to our hearts as well Lily! We love having you, come by anytime. ?
  3. Lol I try but sometimes I can't get online regularly.
  4. Ah thanks hun. *huggles* we enjoyed having you. Sorry I wasn't around more.
  5. Jigsaw mostly for us too. The kids have a few and currently I'm working on a Thomas Kinkade one, next will be a Thomas Kinkade Disney version.
  6. I like Uno too. ? I also like karaoke! We also like puzzles
  7. Yw and I completely get it... that's why I haven't been around myself
  8. I joined years ago and was having a hard time fitting in. The Yellows had some friends in it that I connected with. Honestly it was how they reached out that drew me in. They made me laugh, and I found that made me feel better and begin to look at things in a different light. I joined because of laughter and do my best to use that to help others. I really strive to help others and help them heal if I can.
  9. Unfortunately I don't. I used to have a dog but he became jealous when I started having kids... so he lives in another house now, i choose to believe.
  10. Yes! I really enjoy some card games (Cards against humanity, Solitaire, Oh Hell, Golf, Rummy, etc) some board games (monopoly, Trouble, Sequence, etc and honestly a lot of them lol) I like Wii games like Family Game Night series, Wii party, Wii party U, Mario party series, Mario Karts, etc)
  11. Yes! And Serenity the movie. I like Buffy and Angel as well...I became more of a geek after marrying my hubby. Lol Now we do Star Wars regularly. Hmm honestly that might be about it that I can think of.
  12. Ok, updated! Also don't forget to check back in periodically for replies or just for good conversations after visiting an Ajah ? keep up the good work!
  13. Ok good, also Lily is back in sign ups since her mintee went AWOL.
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