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  1. I'm now on Empire of Storms! I know Tower of Dawn takes place at the same time and that there are websites that tell me when to read which chapters, but I'm not gonna do that. I'll read it after.
  2. I'm nearly 300 pages in and enjoying it much more now. Phew! I would have pushed through anyway, because one meh book in a series isn't that big a deal for me (*cough* slog *cough*). But yeah, it's picked up!
  3. Hey, reading (except for educational purposes) is supposed to be something you enjoy! If Don Quixote isn't doing it for you, there's nothing wrong (in my book) with putting it down. In other news, I just read Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson. It was incredibly difficult; not in the way that classics are sometimes hard to read, but because of the issues it covers. Wintergirls has an incredibly realistic, relatable, and painful depiction of anorexia. The book starts the day Lia learns her best friend Cassie is dead. We see her struggle with body image and self-harm and learn abou
  4. Maybe you were just really hungry when you ate it -- that happened to me with a McDonald's hash brown, actually. I was catching a 10:00am flight, so I'd gotten up early and hadn't eaten anything that day, and when I finally got to the gate there a couple restaurants. I ordered a breakfast sandwich, but I wanted carbs so I chose the hash brown first... Oh my God. It was the best experience of my life. Now I can't eat McDonald's hash browns anymore, because they taste like cardboard compared to that airport one I ate two years ago.
  5. Well, I'm about a hundred pages into Queen of Shadows now, and not enjoying it very much -- so far, the nothing that has happened could have been condensed into the first 10-20 pages. Here's hoping it picks up a little!
  6. Well, your answer to question 1 is fair. I haven't read a lot of contemporary romance, but I do really enjoy Jane Austen! New Orleans sounds like a destination that is both devastating and gorgeous. I've heard that the food is scrumptious, although I doubt I, as a vegetarian, would be able to enjoy it. I'm curious; what were some of your favorite dishes?
  7. Thank you, Jeannaisais! Fahrenheit 451 is such a great book, and Don Quixote sounds like a challenge; I have a friend who read it in the original Spanish. Apparently, it was a nightmare. I'm rooting for you! Here's my first discussion prompt: since so much of the challenge this year is about stepping outside your reading norms, what's a book or series that you love to reread for the sense of safety and comfort it offers you? I have a couple of these: the Tearling trilogy, which was the first adult fantasy series I read (although it wouldn't have been all that remar
  8. No numeric goals for me! But I'm participating in my own challenges, of course, though I'm tweaking them a little: each month, I'm going to read 2 neglected books on my tbr and 1 classic. Other than that, I'm sticking with the general goals. Finished in January: 1. The Kiss Quotient (Helen Hoang) 2. Peter Pan (J.M. Barrie) 3. Wintergirls (Laurie Halse Anderson) 4. Queen of Shadows (Sarah J. Maas) 5. Clockwork Princess (Cassandra Clare) 6. Pirate Stew (Neil Gaiman)
  9. Well, I originally made this thread to host discussion prompts, but completely missed the already-created 2021 discussion thread. Oops. I'll move this over there now. Instead of deleting this thread, let's make it into a game -- what's a funny and slightly embarrassing mistake you've made?
  10. This morning I had an extra 10 minutes -- just enough time to pop @LilyElizabeth's brownies in the oven! They were fudgy and fantastic. Apparently, the file is too big no matter how much I crop the image, so no pictures. But my family and I enjoyed them very much!
  11. When people way something "transcends the genre." It's a phrase used in reference only to sci-fi and fantasy, and it basically means "this genre sucks, but this one book is good." It's used as a tool for literary snobs -- I read classics and contemporaries, but I love sci-fi and fantasy too. Someday, though, I'm going to tell someone that x classic "transcends the genre" by being interesting.
  12. I made these mini cheesecakes for our New Year's party (the kind with no guests, obviously) using @Cairos sedai's recipe. There were many near-disasters in the process, but they turned out delicious!
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