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  1. I've heard good things about The Fifth Season. I've read one Jemisin's other series, The Inheritance Trilogy, and I'm currently almost done with The City We Became, which is the first book in a new trilogy she's starting. Have you read the rest of the Throne of Glass series? I picked it up as a favor to a friend, and I'm going to start Kingdom of Ash as soon as I finish my current reads. I'm not loving the series, but I'm not disliking it enough to DNF it. I also ended up starting FBAA because I made a deal with a friend that she'd read American Gods if I read FBAA, which is a
  2. I watched Little Women this month. I did read the book a long time ago, but I can't remember enough of it to say whether or not this was a good adaptation. I did enjoy the movie very much, though. (Did the actress who played Meg look familiar to anyone else?) It was very sweet and heartwarming. Jo is a much better person than I am -- if someone had burned the novel I'd been working on for months, it would take me much, much longer to forgive them. I did feel like the movie kind of undermined its own message by giving Jo a love interest; if the whole point is that she's fighting to be independe
  3. I finished Raybearer a couple days ago! I really enjoyed it, and I'm really interested to see how the next book is going to go. There's already been a cover reveal for Redemptor! What are your thoughts?
  4. Another reason I love fantasy novels is because most of them take place in a completely different world. I would actually be really interested in reading literary fiction or a contemporary novel that takes place in a different world from ours but just doesn't have magic. I'm sure that has to exist somewhere, but I certainly haven't seen it.
  5. I'll be honest -- I completely forgot that I promised to post a recipe here. Did anyone participate? If so, tell me how it went! If not, would it help for me to extend the event by a week and start posting those recipes?
  6. New discussion question: what is your favorite thing about fantasy novels? I think magic simply makes things much more interesting. Detective murder mystery? Fine, whatever. Detective dragon murder mystery? You had me at 'dragon.' Crime boss plotline? Meh. Superhero crime bosses? Ooooh. See? Everything has more appeal when you add a fantasy element! And, unrelated, I don't know that I'll read FBAA just because I don't really like romance -- it's not that I look down upon it (genre snobbery is super annoying, because now I can't dislike a genre without seeming like a sno
  7. Hi, all! As one of my activities during my time as Accepted, I'm hosting an event to encourage y'all to eat vegan for a week! (This event will start tomorrow, March 5th.) I'm vegetarian, and my brother is vegan, so I have some experience in this, and I'm here to provide guidance. So each day, I'll post a vegan recipe -- something you can eat for dinner -- and in this post, I'll list some good meat alternatives and vegan options. A Crash Course in Being Vegan: Breakfast - Fruits are always a good option; peppers especially have a lot of protein. - Most vegan sausage
  8. That was a really cool article/slideshow! I've read/heard of many of these, but a couple were new to me!
  9. Good point! We should organize a prank together. I'll message you.
  10. Well, I can hear my own chewing, obviously. ... whoops. I probably shouldn't have said that; pranks are not becoming of Accepted.
  11. I'll give you some, then. I heard someone snuck into the Amyrlin's quarters and dyed all of @Elgee's wigs pink! I also heard that someone snuck some glass into @Cairos sedai's last cheesecake. Watch out, Cairos sedai!
  12. It tastes delicious, thank you! So, what's the hottest gossip these days?
  13. This is unrelated to the discussion questions, but I wanted to talk about this book. Last night, I finished reading Lore by Alexandra Bracken; and I so, so wanted to love it. I really did. It started out great, really engaging, and I loved the history of the world. There were a couple clunky sentences here and there, but I could forgive those. She had kind of a clunky sentence structure sometimes, just often that I noticed it but not enough to bother me significantly. And so until around page 250, I flew through it. But about 1/2 - 2/3 of the way through, I got to this section that I just
  14. I also don't agree with Thad, but I do think that maybe Ifueko is setting up some sort of conflict where Tarisai will realize he's wrong and that will spurn her to do something about those kids being sent to hell? Just a prediction. Maybe I'm wrong. It's a shame you couldn't find a French translation for your daughter! I think French language is a much smaller market, so it's got to be a pretty well-known book to be published in France. Here's hoping Raybearer makes it big soon so the publishing houses will do foreign languages!
  15. I've read The Rage of Dragons -- that's actually the one I compared Raybearer to! I would definitely recommend it. That's a nice quote from Evan Winter, though. It's really cool when an author is that enthusiastic about their work. And I've actually read all the authors he mentioned there, except for Pierce Brown.
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