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  1. No, I wasn't offended. Just leaning into the joke a little.
  2. Excuse you, the Earth is not flat, it is simply a very shallow cylinder. "Flat Earth" is bad nomenclature; I do not proposition that the Earth is a disc, but rather a large circular piece of rock, several hundreds of miles thick. That's how the oceans can be so deep, and how mining is possible. You see, I am not an idiot.
  3. *after nearly throwing up because I decided it was a good idea to chug whiskey* I have found proof that the Earth is flat! Why do you think our only pictures of it are 2-dimensional?
  4. I thought it was "oh my Lord," but "oh my Light" is more forum-appropriate!
  5. Is the moat so close to your window, mother?
  6. I make iced cocoa all the time -- I make hot cocoa, then leave it on the counter and forget about it
  7. I've never thought of wontons before, but I will now! Don't get me wrong, I didn't mean to imply that the changes will be negative by default. But I will be interested to see opinions on the show from someone who's never read WoT and will think of it as a show first and an adaptation second, rather than instinctively comparing it to the books. I actually think this is an interesting discussion to be had -- whether you read the book or the movie first, you lose something either way. With the book first, you lose the ability to judge an adaptation as its own work, and if you watch the adaptation before reading the book, you lose a lot of the mystery and intrigue that you'd experience while reading if you didn't already know what would happen.
  8. I'm certain the WoT fandom will expand when the TV show is released (unless it's a bad show... please, dear God, let it be a good TV show for the sake of the creators' health, because if it isn't they will go to sleep one evening and never wake up, and my fingerprints will be all over the crime scene and I'd rather not go to jail). Hypotheses on the expansion of the DM community? Do you wonder if there'll be a tonal shift as more non-readers join?
  9. Excellent. Having now tacked everything onto a corkboard and tied red string between random thumbtacks, I am ready to begin my evil plan. What is the goal of this plan, you ask? *looks around nervously* errr... It's a secret! It would be no true evil plan if I revealed my intentions!
  10. Grand-mentor: PoetStorm Mentor: blank And you might say I have a mentee sister/cousin in Dar'Jen.
  11. Most of the ajah boards have only two pages of threads, but the Brown has six. Why does the Brown ajah have more threads, and older threads, than everyone else?
  12. I didn't even make the Pied Piper connection! I must be even better at this than I thought.
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