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July Roll Call


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New month. Sign in to get 5 points and avoid getting hanged on the deserter´s tree. 



Rand decided to award the asha´mans and make their achievements visible by giving them the Sword pin and the Dragon pin. This month we talk about jewelery. What kind of jewelery do you like? Do you have jewelery that mean something extra to you? 5 extra points for telling us. 



I don´t wear much jewelery. Often I wear just a necklace. It´s a round silver plate with a spiral pattern, hanging from a black braided wire. I got it from a friend who bought it for me many years ago when she was in Marocco. I like simple jewelery, I have never liked a lot of gemstones. I bought  an Aes Sedai ring at JordanCon and I wear it most days. I haven´t had any rings for a long time so it feels kind of weired. The ring is the only jewelery that I have bought for many years. I´m just not interested in spending money on it, I like my silver plate and it´s enough for me. 





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I don't own ANY jewelry. Sadly. I would love a titanium band. Seen a bunch i have like but they're a bit pricey. That, and the missus is against man jewelry. I HAD a nice watch but the battery died and i cannot remember for the life of me where the hell i put the bloody thing to get a new one. Not a fan of neclaces but wouldn't be against a locket of some sort.

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Actually I have three necklaces that I wear around my neck every day. Here's two of them (two of the danglies are on one chain)


(sorry for the huge)


There's a long story behind each of these danglies, and ways in which the danglie is soooo perfect for what it represents for me, but I'll give the basic basic summary. 


We'll start with the one to the bottom right--my Jerusalem Cross. To me it represents my past and all I have made it through.


Next to it is my "Koinonia Crucifix" (it's a Crucifix I got at a retreat called Koinonia)--Koinonia means "community" and reminds me of the wonderful friends I've made here and in real life and how blessed I am at present. 


Above them is a heart with a cross inside, and a mustard seed at the very center. The heart ties into me being Aiel Heart, the cross my faith, and the mustard seed reminds me that little things can have a huge impact. Altogether it represents the potential that my future has.


To put it in more basic terms, (some of you know the significance behind the following phrase) these symbols, in order, represent this:

I am forgiven

I am loved

I am beautiful


Then the other chain I wear every day has 6 Miraculous Medals on it (I have a seventh but it fell of the chain). I tend to jingle a little as I walk because of this one! (though I move plenty silently when I want to :P )
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I don't wear any jewelry... but I have pieces I inherited from my gramma and my aunt pearl, and a few decorations my uncle was awarded in the war. I keep them safe.


I loaned my sister my grandmas initial "B" ring to be her borrowed thing at her wedding... she used it to hold her bridal bouquet... but I don't think I'm getting that back :).

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I like jewelley, tend to wear necklaces, earings braclets, not rings. my favourites have been given to me by my other half, though what I wear depends on where I am going and what I'm doing. I don't tend to wear any to work though, in usually in too much of a hurry!

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To my grandmother's dismay, I never wear jewelry. I used to wear my wedding ring - almost never took it off actually until several months after my husband passed away, and then when I went to the jewelry store to get it cleaned and inspected, I couldn't get it back on my finger. I wore it on a chain along with his ring for a good while after that.


Now I will wear earrings once in a while, and I have some i really like, but since my job is on the phones it's not practical for work. I have a few pieces I wear with specific outfits but it's pretty rare.

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i rarely wear jewelry... i like to wear my great-grandmother's real diamond earrings, though... i also like to wear the hoops and dangly dolphin ones (it's set with whale bone with a ship etched on it)... as for necklaces, i wear the one with my real sapphire on it and a real diamond on it... i have a solid gold one of a heart made of dolphins as well as a white gold chain with a Yin Yang symbol on it... then i have a dogtag chain and I have my dog's old tag on it...


special jewelry would be my great-grandmother's real diamond earrings (especially because she died in September), the dangly dolphin earring my dad got me when he went to Rhode Island, the white gold chain with the Yin Yang symbol on it my ex boyfriend gave me, and the dogtag necklace is really special because I miss my dog a lot (I wore it for my 8th grade graduation ceremony and I wear it every year on the anniversary of his death)

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I am here. 


The only jewelry I wear are my engagement and wedding rings from my wife. The wedding ring is on the left ring finger, and the engagement ring is on the right ring finger. On my right wrist, I have a silver, personalized bracelet which my wife gave me on our wedding day as a gift. Finally, I wear a silver necklace which she gave me on this year's Valentine's Day. 

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No trinkets over here. Wish I had a great story about what I did with my old wedding ring, but it's probably just in a box somewhere. No idea. Lets you know exactly how well that whole thing turned out... :dry:


I have my work swiper pass if that counts? I wear that every day. It has a shiny clip on it!

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Im still alive!


I wear 1 ring on each hand of plain silver because I like how they look and they were made for me. I also wear 2 necklaces that look like this







and a hairband for my pony tail that looks like this






Thats pretty much all the jewelery I own. the rings were made for me and the hair band has been in my family since my grandfather ((Only the metal bit. The hairband itself has had to be replaced multiple times))

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Here and Hello


I have a nose ring, a tongue ring and I wear my wedding band when I go places and sometimes the charm bracelet my husband bought me, I'm still getting pieces to add to it as gifts tho =))

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