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  1. Is there Hope for "Hopper"? (source)
  2. [The following is excerpted from Narg: A Memoir, found in the excavation of New Manetheren by archeologists in the Fifth Age.] (Source)
  3. Sayings are usually expressions that contain wisdom or advice in them, and here are a few Wheel of Time sayings: 1. A gentling a day keeps the Breaking away. 2. Every cloud has an Air and Fire lining. 3. Hell hath no fury like a Forsaken-who-wears-white-with-moons-and-stars scorned. 4. To let the Dragon out of the bag. 5. To make a mountain out of a mole hill (ref : Lews Therin). 6. Take the Trolloc by the horns. 7. To tie up any loose flows. 8. The Wheel has come full circle.
  4. Adding to Ireond's initial list of rejected sword forms... Drunk Man Spews Thrown Rock Hitting Head The Aiel Floundering In The Lake The Deer Stares Into The Headlights Put Your Right Hand In, Put Your Right Hand Out And this is a more "modern" sword form, affected by the internet: teh sw0rdzmn w/ skillz
  5. There are some jobs that are just plain old stressful, stuff like air traffic controller, senior nuclear reactor plant operator, medical surgeon, and last but not least, customer service. Now imagine if they had customer service in the land of Rand and his friends (and Bela). (Source)
  6. Being a celebrity in Randland wasn't just fun and games (or in Mat's case women and gambling). Here's an example of Mat's first radio experience.
  7. Below you will find a short interview of the immensely powerful, the personification of organized chaos, the Dark One himself by the esteemed John Lipton.. (Source)
  8. Ever wanted to know how much planning and discussions go on during meetings between the members of the Black Ajah? Just read below. (Source)
  9. Another product of the internet, and a sign of its madness and ingenuity (I could be slightly biased), is the Lolcats. So here are a few Wheel of Time based ones that are surprisingly cute in a very internety (it's a word!) way. Mittens never was a bright one..... (Source) Awww...... (Source) Dawww..... (Source) Aww in a "I'm going to kill you human!" way.... (Source) Points for the arrogant pose, if not for the horrible excuse..... (Source)
  10. lolguy26


    Funny stuff!
  11. To join the ranks of the prestigious DarkFriends Inc., all you need to do is fill this form.... (Source)
  12. Mat has always been my favorite character, from when I first joined the adventures of Rand/Mat/Perrin, and I've always imagined what his reaction would be if he existed in the 21st century; with a little bit of searching and scourging, I found some truly hilarious ones.... (Classic Mat) (Mat and Tuon with a dash of Selucia makes a great time) (Poor Loial....) (Mat's Inbox...the last one cracked me up)
  13. Everyone needs a good ice breaker, so I've compiled a list of them used by various individual and groups in the series. Aiel: "I have caught you stealing my heart, you now have toh to me." If you are ever going through an Aiel phase, this is prefect for you. Rand: "I have real staying power, I am He Who Comes with the Dawn." If you ever want to show how serious you are, just do what Rand does. Cairhien: "Nothing is happening in my bedroom, no need to got there." You might need to emphasize quite heavily and maybe a couple of winks, just try not to creep her out. Tam: "The Dragon Reborn is the fruit of my loins." Gross, ewww, and I can hear Rand groaning when he overhears his dad using that. Domani: (Like they need a line.) Fair enough.... Illuminator: "I want to light up your night." To be honest, this is sweet. Anyone: "I'm friends with Bela." This is jackpot, it's been proven time and again that it's the most effective pick-up line, to be honest, that can be used in almost any situation....
  14. I still love them; something about them just makes me laugh. So here are a couple of my favorite Wheel of Time light bulb jokes. 1.) How many Tinkers does it take to change a light bulb? They don't. Tinkers wait for the sun to rise. 2.) How many Aiel does it take to change a light bulb? Aiel don't know how to change light bulbs. 3.) How many Forsaken does it take to change a light bulb? None, Forsaken like it in the dark. 4.) How many Two Rivers folks does it take to change a light bulb? About 20. Everyone on the Village Council will insist that he should take part of the responsibility, so it will take them a long time to find the right person to do it. Meanwhile, the Women's Council will be debating which brand of light bulb they should install, comparing unit prices and MTBF ratings. The plans of the two groups will ultimately conflict, leading to much use of names like "stubborn" and "woolhead". And my personal favorite: 5.) How many Aiel does it take to change a light bulb? There's more ji in finding ones way in the the dark.
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