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  1. So far (I'm about ten chapters into their coverage of TGH), they seem to average about an hour.
  2. I have The Blade Itself on my Kindle. I might actually get around to reading it someday.
  3. I finished TPOD a few weeks ago for the second time and mostly in my second read I've been catching foreshadowing all over the place.
  4. @Songstress I checked out Not a Podcast and those episodes are ridiculously long. I don't think I understand how they can possibly find two hours and then some worth of discussion in nearly every chapter.
  5. The Legendarium is pretty good. For ASOIAF and GoT, Binge Mode and Boars, Gore and Swords are my favorites. I enjoy WoT Spoilers, and I had been enjoying TWoTcast until they caught up to where I am on my current reread, so I decided to put them on hold for a bit.
  6. That sounds like a pretty good guess.
  7. Pineapple on pizza depends greatly on what else is on the pizza. A BBQ chicken pizza, either white or with BBQ sauce instead of pizza sauce, is delicious. Several years ago we made a pizza with mahimahi, BBQ sauce, and pineapple, and it was excellent.
  8. Could also be somewhere on Tatooine.
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