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  1. Are not all constructions void?

  2. Personally I think Perrin is for the shaft. That dark prophecy foretold that he would get killed, and while he avoided it that time theres still a sword hanging over his head.
  3. A hawk or falcon could have meant Faile or Berelain.
  4. I don't think he's talking about the Age of Legends in that paragraph. He's wondering if they called it the Third Age during the last time the current Age spun around the wheel and if they will when this Age comes again.
  5. This is something that i've been wondering about for a while. I think it may cover both cases, but i've never really been sure.
  6. its main purpose is to give people a place to discuss the WoT books and hang out. Why would that end with the series? And this is a great idea, but a MASSIVE logistical headache...
  7. Life happens. You make relationships, you break relationships. Moving on is hard. But if you don't move on, you'll never see the benefits of that relationship. How it's changed you. How it's strengthened you. How it helps you to move forward. We will always have memories. You have us. And here I am, giving sage advice to someone quite a bit older than me. I mean every word, though.
  8. Thanks a lot for sharing this, AH. It made me remember... well, a lot of things. Things i shouldn't have forgotten. Is Koidonia the place, the order hosting it, or what? I can't remember hearing that name before.
  9. You know, his picture on top kind of fits into that.
  10. So now i'm kind of picturing your grandpa as a bald eagle. White hair, sharp eyes, dangerous unless you're one of the few people he knows well and loves.
  12. We're here for you. Always.
  13. my mom does stampin up stuff too.
  14. I am honored to be counted among your bad influences. Although I think that I am rather eclipsed by Ley and Turin...
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