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  1. Are not all constructions void?

  2. As amusing as it is to see Rand get put down, the BTers spam because spam is fun. And that's what the BT is really all about: Having fun with good friends.
  3. I'll play if you all promise to nod along like this: With a tune that catchy, it would be hard not to bob your head in time.
  4. And why would we give him civvies when we have so many Lighties wandering around cluttering up the place, radiating virtue and stuff?
  5. It would be rather amusing to set Rey on fire. But if he's on fire, he can't play that banjo nearly as well. Decisions, decisions...
  6. The shadows gather, and suddenly there is a man standing where a moment before there had been nothing. "Ah, splendid, Ithi. This looks delicious." The man reaches inside his black coat and pulls out a metal cylinder."Iced tea, anyone?"
  7. it only would have helped before he became the vote leader. Once he had most votes he would have been lynched anyways.on the GK thing. Something seemed really wrong in that the mafia were almost giddy to make detectable statements even knowing there were 2 LD out there. Then seeing silvertongue and grave error it made some twisted sense. Maybe it was lack of sleep on my part. Yeah, but he could still have gotten his mileage out of it and had town waste three days before they got to him. Amen to that, sister.
  8. Something else I just remembered. Why did peace not end the day to stop his lynch? We had a LOT of that happening in the Star Wars game.
  9. Where did that theory come from, exactly? It was kind of really, really out there. You were right about the people who were scum, but why the 'GK is not dead' thing?
  10. It was a fun game Nol. Glad to have played.
  11. Could you post a list of what player was what character? And why was it a mistake to allow arez back in teh game?
  12. AAAAAAAND fin. VOTE BG. If he really is the goblin king i'll laugh my head off.
  13. A good response to that, though.
  14. I said I was town. Several times. Since you didn't pay enough attention to notice, here it is again: I am Town.
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