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  1. Are not all constructions void?

  2. Haha, hey there Ley. I've been pretty good. Been super busy though. Apparently these 'engineering degrees' are kinda intensive or something. How have you been?
  3. Hm. I think I recognize most of you. So, how's the Tower been in my absence? And has anyone seen Leyrann?
  4. Honestly, they can keep their lives. I much prefer this one, and experiencing theirs vicariously. But Mat is probably my favorite.
  5. Full on Rennaisance. Capes and cloaks and ruffles, oh my. But they would still be mostly black.
  6. Welcome to the tower, Mr. Power. I feel you need a nickname.
  7. Looks like I'm being replaced. Peace out, hopefully next time my schedule will be more cooperative.
  8. Holy crap, the amount of content in this game is insane. I vastly overrated my available time and ability to keep up with this. I am in discussions with hallia about possibly replacing out. Why are you protecting Durin?He was my peek, and besides that I think they are town. There are some posts that make me wary but I think I few flips will confirm or ease those suspicions. The seer cover was to get reactions from people. I am fine for taking heat on everything early on, but as you can see people are talking about these actions s on page 40 still. I may or may not be the cop, if I was providing slank cover seems like the way to go, as no one thinks I could be that role. Durin has been playing very beneficial to the town, getting conversation going attempting to help clear villagers, something that would hurt mafia. Durin should not be the lynch day one in my opinion. Hydras are hard because, well take durin, I think Turin is playing more scummy still latching on to the aj and me back and fourth about last game. And darthe has played a solid game regardless of alignment. If I think someone is town, and for good reason, why should I not defend them? Okay, so I am caught up now, I did see that he explained this somewhat, and on the whole Seph seems townie to me... just a badly played town. This post is basically a representation of his entire problem. He appears to, in the same post, claim a n0 peek, which is impossible, and claim that that peek was seer cover, and then again waffle back and forth on whether he's the cop. I'm not a fan. what do you think of me this far? His read list, he has done a few of these, this was the fourth he did yesterday. There has been a progression on each read, things added as the day has gone, which is good. It feels very staged? he hasn't changed on Seph, in fact keeps asking everyone what they think on him, (or Cs). Once in the list, no one seems to move (except CS who went from slight wolf to Null). It all seems careful and precise. His post I quoted earlier about Sili to ISO seph again. He answered that fine, but the bit about getting Sili to read it and change his mind also struck me as odd. i' not sure if I would put him above AWombyJ on my list, I need to go over their posts again 1st Bold) lol you've seen some of my back and forths with Csarmi and seph right? ive called it like i seen and spoke my mind....try again..... 2nd Bold) Its OTT to question someone and ask for others opinions id say its attempting to game solve....try again.... 3rd) Biggest joke of all you've played with me before and know me from the Band Talya im always joking around and having fun.try again.... This attempt of yours on me is just making you look bad my dear.Zander what attempt? Those are my opinions and if your going to play cocky like this ill just ignore you. Scum if I had a gun I would shoot Shad,thane,maw and sooh or leelou That's not how math works. Yates (below) is closer. Following that you would get a 100% chance of finding a wolf in any given group of five people, which obviously is not a thing. This is probably the best summary of seph's actions. Someone seriously please explain what that expression means. Wait. What? Am I missing something here? LAWL - not even close. This is a problem of probability and combinations. The math is way too hard but ends up being ~30%. Something like that.
  9. Right. You are. I'm really sorry, your name keeps sounding feminine for some reason. I'll try and remember.
  10. Guys, I apologize for the low post count, but I'm afraid it'll continue through the weekend. I may not have picked the best of times to start a new mafia game. I am hoping to get a full read list up at the very least though. Turdout feels so much better imo Can we please just call them Durin. Great, something we agree on but then, I'm tilted by his excessive playing up of Dice vs us. Seriously. What does this mean. An opening to express his thought process on HIS HYDRA partner? THANE: "Oh sure Csarmi Verb's a wolf!!!" lol. Yea nope. Try again. This whole thing is weird to me. The fact that she asked about Verb rather than some of the other major players is odd. The fact that she defended the comment with such gusto is even more odd.
  11. Argh. I had the whole thing together with quotes and everything but DM ate it. The gist of it is: Seph's first few posts were really weird, and especially the hinting n0 peek thing. Then he posted a lot of fluff. Then he came off as a frustrated townie. So I'm slightly suspicious of him, but I don't really think we should lynch him. My current read of him is slightly town, barring any more shenanigans.
  12. Still working on the seph thoughts thing, that's my main goal at the moment. It may or may not get posted today, I need to leave for a thing fairly soon. After I get that up I'll start working on a To Lynch Or Not To Lynch.
  13. One thing that jumped out to me while I was going back through: Can I get in on this 'Book of Reading Dice'? He confuses me. AJ, why is he a villager?
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