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    I LOVE to read, research European (especially British) History, genealogy, basketball, baseball, football, make my family's recipe for Whipped Cream Cake, hang out with my friends, and challenge myself (in certain things at least).

    at one point I was the Head Wise One of the Aiel Social Group and a Redarm for the Archers in the Band Social Group...
  1. wheeloftime13

    Clichés/Tropes Discussion

    Most versions of the myth say that was just because Theseus was thoughtless and forgetful. Some versions of Theseus' story is confusing in the father element.
  2. wheeloftime13

    Clichés/Tropes Discussion

    The secret fathering being all powerful comes from mythology too I believe. Although some people would argue that women did that to protect those they secretly loved or their infidelity. Mythology has a lot of cliché stuff, but maybe they became cliché because people were so enamored of the supernatural and mysterious tales.
  3. wheeloftime13

    Movie Sequels

    5th Pirates of the Caribbean was awesome in my opinion! Much better than the 4th. The credit scene has me curious as to where they could take the series, but I think the 4th one had no point even if it contributed to some of the 5th. Uggg, twilight. Hobbit was good, I do think that the split of Harry Potter 7 was good mostly. I got sick of all the Hunger Games fans after the 1st movie because I had just been over it. I'd been wearing my hair in a braid and people were like Katniss!! And I was like "Nynaeve!"
  4. Alright, so in books and movies there are types of storylines and characters that are so common that they become a cliché or trope. First let us talk about cliché that A) We love B) Annoy us C) we like in certain situations (give examples where you do or don't like it) Common clichés: 1. orphan/chosen one 2. prophecy/destiny 3. wise old advisor 4 love at first sight 5. class jumping 6. raised poor but is really an aristocrat in disguise. I will give examples once I get on my computer, but for now, what are your thoughts?
  5. wheeloftime13

    Movie Sequels

    We love a movie series, but depending on the franchise, how many is too many sequels? Which series have yet to reach too many and which sequel became an unnecessary one? Favorite series? What should they stop at eventually or should have in the first place.
  6. wheeloftime13

    Roll Call: June 2017

    A wise old person as a mentor.
  7. wheeloftime13

    The Tainted Times Returns - May 2017

    <3 Tainted Times!!!
  8. wheeloftime13

    Being lazy

    Saying "Today I will work out because I need to lose weight pronto." And then instead reading a book.
  9. wheeloftime13

    Being lazy

    Part of the reason I eat unhealthy most of the time is because the healthy stuff I am willing to eat takes too long to make. Not that it is healthy, but I won't even make myself Mac and cheese because it takes too long.
  10. wheeloftime13

    May Game: One Time I...

    Nope. Never fallen down stairs. One time I got my tongue stuck in a metal water bottle. The fire department had to be called.
  11. wheeloftime13

    May Roll Call

    Depends on if I'm working or not. If I am then it would be around 1, but if I'm not it would be around 6.
  12. wheeloftime13

    Missed You

    People are returning!!! *skips around*
  13. wheeloftime13

    Hey, anyone remember me?

    Hi dawn!!! I returned last month, so it is good to see you again!
  14. wheeloftime13

    May Game: One Time I...

    Um nope. Only flips on the trampoline. One time my brother startled me so bad I fell on my butt after slipping a little.
  15. wheeloftime13

    Word Association