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    Brown Aes Sedai Attack Leader, Wolfkin Elder, Wise One
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    I LOVE to read, research European (especially British) History, genealogy, basketball, baseball, football, make my family's recipe for Whipped Cream Cake, hang out with my friends, and challenge myself (in certain things at least).

    at one point I was the Head Wise One of the Aiel Social Group and a Redarm for the Archers in the Band Social Group...

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  1. 11. Mr. tumnus from the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe 14. Marion from Raiders of the Lost Ark
  2. I saw Nosferatu and a Charlie Chaplin movie that I cannot remember the name of. It takes talent to do and make, and I feel bad that I am one of those people who does not truly appreciate it because it lacks sound other than music.
  3. Coffee is nasty... So is Guinness... Hot chocolate and tea are the best... What is your favorite tea Ryrin?
  4. Lol tendency to panic sounds like my NeNe... My NeNe panics often because of her meds
  5. If anybody has ever traveled before (including a move), then you know that it is best and impossible not to prepare for your travel. Do you do anything specific to prepare for your travel, such as finding a pet sitter, laying out all your clothes, buying new clothes, etc?
  6. *striding up to the cozy looking Blue Cat, Time entered and took a seat in the back after ordering a Sprite.... she'd need the caffeine*
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