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  1. wheeloftime13- Brown Aes Sedai Harry Potter world has so many things possible.
  2. I wore a clip on a few times when I was 14. Never have I ever had a perm.
  3. I haven't I don't think. Never have I ever painted my own room.
  4. I have... twice in one day in fact... after I went to the pool and swam in the flooded park Never have I ever left behind something of mine and not gone back for it.
  5. Same. And I never will. Never have I ever had a concussion.
  6. Same. Never have I ever eaten food that has been in the floor.
  7. wheeloftime13- Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah I don't know what actors, but cannot picture any of the ones listed.
  8. I agree Never have I ever been to a ComiCon.
  9. It has been interesting to see how things have changed here and meet all the new people. We also used to do a Banned Book week if I remember correctly, which I honestly had no idea about until I joined DM and started hanging out with the Browns. I love how supportive everybody is and they truly pay attention to what people say, unlike in real life where my experience has most people brushing me off or things are too superficial. For a little while I was on the fence about my ajah even though I felt in my heart that I belonged with the Browns. I think that the similarities between the two when I first joined made it kind of difficult, but the differences made me go with the Browns in the end because it fit my personality more. In the end I have two souvra sisters who joined the Blue and I think we made a nice balance. Browns can seem introverted and many are, but once you get to know them they can be very open.
  10. Nope, but I really want to. Never have I ever given up on a puzzle.
  11. Yeah I miss because of appointments. Never have I ever had a bloody nose.
  12. Hey! I'm wheeloftime13, although most people call me Time. I joined DM in July 2012 and was active until a year and half ago. I just got back a few weeks ago. I love cheese!! Especially brie... wouldn't know about rum. I'm not sure on how things have changed in the brown, but our chocolate week has always been fun in my opinion. Thanks for the cheese and brownies. *noms* Books are really big here as well which is great because I am addicted to all kinds.
  13. Yes it was science and religion in depth that I couldn't care less about. Never have I ever been caught stealing something.
  14. Nope. Never have I ever had 3rd degree burns.
  15. Nope.. still at my first job Never have I ever had a pet bird.
  16. Nope Never have I ever hit a home run in baseball.
  17. I have.. So blue... Never have I ever been close to a volcano.
  18. No conventions for me yet. My first comes up in June! Never have I ever punched someone.
  19. Umm no.. Need a husband first hopefully. Never have I ever been thrown up on.
  20. Nope. Haven't been to a beach the right temp in forever. Never have I ever swum with dolphins.
  21. Absolutely beautiful.. And nice hair, too!
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