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    Interested in watching and playing football mainly and I support Rangers. Also love to read books and play mafia and frequently dabble in spamming at the BT
  1. You belong to the Blue Ajah! Members of the Blue Ajah seek to right wrongs in the world, and are often on some kind of quest for justice in various forms. While their goals are often noble (though they need not be), it is not rare for a Blue to lose herself in her mission completely. This is your result in its entirety: Blue Ajah: 9 Green Ajah: 6 Yellow Ajah: 5 Red Ajah: 2 Brown Ajah: 2 White Ajah: 1 Gray Ajah: 1 Blue first then Green sounds about right for me :) Nice test, quite enjoyed that
  2. Moiraine, for taking on the task of finding and helping Rand, no matter what that might entail. She is able to put aside Aes Sedai arrogance to make sure Rand is armed with the tools and knowledge he'll need to win. All the men who sign themselves up to learn to channel, knowing they doom themselves to possible madness and death, but doing so in an effort to help fight the Shadow.
  3. Cadsuane just annoys me so much, though I concede that she generally gets results and doesn't appear too concerned at the way other characters perceive her, which I suppose is fair enough. Also, I've never been particularly fond of Min. She's by no means my least favourite character, I've just never had the love for her so many people seem to.
  4. Hi everyone, I'm new here too Fairly new to the Wheel of Time, picked it up last November and absolutely loved it! I enjoyed it so much I decided to read it again straight away I stumbled on to this wonderful place where I'm hoping to continue with my new addiction
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