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  1. The subtext of my avatar is so deep, the answer is lost to all time.
  2. ...um. There was a guy here before, berf something. He kinda turned into a **** at the end of his tenure. I killed him. I didn't literally kill him it's called speaking figuratively say it with me now fii guurrr iih tiv leeeee well done.
  3. Fnnnnooorrrrrllll: I used to get that message when trying to direct link a pic from google image search. I don't get it now that I click on "see full size picture" and use that link instead. And cheers! *starts waving sword around in a half-hearted attempt to look like a newb, but ends up carving a replica of the Louvre out of a ream of nearby paper, complete with mini Mona Lisa and overpriced tacky gift shop* Uhm... My bad...
  4. I am like the wind, moon. Uncontrollable, unpredicable, and responsible for 7% of Germany's annual electricity production in 2009.
  5. I don't believe all those things need to be crossed out, key... Thanks all. Thanks should really go to all of you for making this labrynthe forum an enjoyable place to get lost within, and find myself in a class somehow answering questions and meeting requirements. How did that happen? I made it to year 11 without doing homework... *blames allergies*
  6. Warder! And, like a wizard, I arrive precisely when I intend to... never late...
  7. I'm not sure if this is a trap or not, but I did have a thought the other day. Rand and Moridin = Linked Cyndane = trapped in Moridin's MINDTRAP Descriptions of the scene include the phrase "A depression not unlike the cup of a skull" or some such like, and lots of references to bones and fleshy walls with bones it etc. I think, through the link to Moridin, Rand has stumbled into M's head, and has found Lanfear, or at least the part of Lanfear held by the mindtrap. Wether this is intentional or not, not sure of. But there are my crazy 2c.
  8. Drekka. *sighs and refers to your sig again*
  9. Can I suggest America? #ohnohedidnt I fully realise I live in Australia, too. So you know, there's retribution if anyone wants the easy shot.
  10. Hola, Browns! As a guy who is contastly studying random crap, in a self taught "Hrmm thats interesting" fashion, I have an affinity to a life spent locked up researching. Also I write, so if I were not bound for the sword, this would be my home. I know the browns arn't very spammy, and neither am I, but how does that bode with having actual fun here? I can only assume you gals keep coming back here, so what is it about the browns that makes it tick?
  11. ineedfourberfs - initiate Also, did you really think anyone would tick the 61-80 box?
  12. That was way too sugary to have come from you, I don't believe it, I'm calling HAX! (And not the person...) Adella; Consider Darth Vader. An evil man, responsible for much destruction and devestation, implicitly involved in the destruction of democracy and ushering in the age of the Galactic Empire, a military regime responsible for millions upon millions of deaths and the suffering of billions more. He is the right hand man of the most evil dictator witnessed by the core systems in millenia. He has killed younglings, Jedi's, innocents, you name it. He oversaw the destruction of
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