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  1. VOTE MOON Darting in - prodding in the most delicate way possible, and now this obvious skim vote/judgement derp. I've seen enough. Post #165 is obvious meta-forcing. 4. Darthe - Lots of Despo Hate, tilted to incite votes. I get more a discrediting vibe than case dismantling and logic-attack vibe. Mixed read, leaning mafia. 5. Lenlo - Believable 1-shot claim. Town for now. 7. Moon - Mafia 8. Via - Leaning town. Stood her ground and no slips in logic, cases have been genuine. 10. RTE - Town obviously - no cc at this stage and play supports the claim. 11. Cloud - Cop cleared/Godfather. Leaning town based on read through, and peace's pushing of his lynch. No cc+Cop view etc 12. Yates - Not a lot of playing from this corner but it has been up front and on meta enough. Time will tell. 13. Kronos Berf - TAF So Moon, Darthe, an maybe one more til hometime.
  2. Ok. Cloud Doc claims. Halli is not town. Moon pinging. Praya pinging. Lenlo Vig for now. Dap/Yates/Via - Meh Darthe - Standard darthe but nullish. GImme a day to adjust my radars. And goodnight. VOTE MOON Speak up.
  3. Brilliant game - shame I could join in from the start but a two day cameo is better than not at all Thank you key and big thanks to Ithi for such a great game in all respects. Well played all. I still think cloud might be scum though.
  4. And now halli will sheepvote the hammer, costing us a town. This is exactly why we needed to move early.
  5. Check me out. All I'm saying. Rita can even watch me for polyjuice shenanigans. I'm town and I don't want to waste a lynch, and based on Cloud's overall and last day's play, I believe him to be our mystery bad guy. And with that I have to go bed. I say that but no doubt I'll still be awake in 3 hours.
  6. And repeated Targetting of Halli to me seems like trying to swap to a player unlikely to be viewed, NK'd, or Vig'd. We all know Halli's playstyle and it's an excellent camo each game. Cloud would be stupid NOT to swap into Halls.
  7. A few things. 1- Doesn't stop to consider clearing me via Turin - just wants to instalynch. 2- Has had town reads mostly on me. 3- Very certain of the 3rd party factor... 4- Again the only way to clear me is not to lynch me 5- Survivor - Do you actually mean Roled survivor? Because if that is the case then we have a mafia left as well - is that what you think? Survivor wins by remaining alive after the dust settles - ie a Town/Mafia victory. Are you trying to steer away from us leaving our options open? Tunnel in on this survivor thing? *shakes head no* Softening the blow. Meh I don't have much time this weekend because I have a deadline on monday to hand in my last couple of assignments and write an exam that I didn't manage to finish earlier this year, so I'm kinda feeling lazy about this game. I do like my current reads on you and Peace, but right now I just won't be having the time to do another reread and look for patterns, and case everyone etc. I think it's a logic fail for you to think that when someone upgrades a character they automatically get a more populair one. It seems that a character and it's role are meant to go together, but it doesn't mean that a more populair character is automatically more powerful. 1st Bold - Don't have much time weekend but perfectly enough time to make a case on me. At a very critical time in the game. When the mod has declared a Sunday deadline well in advance. Classic vote and run. 2nd Bold - Look at the response he gives Nic. That is certainly very stern. Also of note - The fact that Cloud busdrove me last night to PROTECT me... and now comes out with this with no real firm leads presented. Attack the easy target and bail. Peace has found Cloud sus and now Peace is finding Cloud equally sus, Cloud is backing down and moving on so as not to stick his neck out too far. And moving to the easy lynch. I am pretty sure busdriver is an excellent 3rd party role also. /Unvote Vote Cloud
  8. Dice when did she claim that Basel wouldn't know? Approx is fine or I can go find it in an hour or so
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