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  1. Sonnnnnnggggggggg!!!!! *snugglebites back* How are you, long time no see x
  2. *pounces and snugglebites Elgee* Talya reporting for duty...sister if the Red Ajah and all round beaubacious babe ??? oh oh and I’m returning...
  3. Hello awesome lighties...what have I missed can we still go and wind up the Shadow Faction ??
  4. And speak of the devil she appears from nowhere haha Lovely to see you all again ?
  5. Logan...and I’m here...it’s been a while
  6. I tried to reply to you, Elgee! On messenger but I don’t think it went through. I hope your kitty is getting better. ❤️
  7. I would blame her...except she is big scary Admin, so best not. *tiesTay down so she stays in thread* :D
  8. ROFL! Tal, I would crawl into any hole I could find if someone made me do taxes. That's scary shi ... zzle. I'm hoping a hole will become available, or I win the lotto and never have to go back, lol Poor Wren, is she ok. Dos sweetie, best put your sword away for the moment but you still sort out the Titus. Pretty pwease *snugglebites*
  9. I have to say it's always good to 'see' you too *rcie* And still looking good.. I might just get him to do that to the budgeting tutor, he was infuriating, lol otherwise going well so far, but the last one wasn't too good and still waiting for the results on that, and have another one in 2 weeks. Then two weeks off before I start the next course on tax O_O (unless I have to re take the last one, lol)
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