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  1. I tried to reply to you, Elgee! On messenger but I don’t think it went through. I hope your kitty is getting better. ❤️
  2. *offers Cindy some tainted brownies* my own special recipe
  3. Didn't see the end coming, but I had avoided spoilers. Nearly walked out when the killed my fav character after 10 mins (j/k - would never walk out when I've paid to go haha) haha. Daughter was gutted at the end so I teased her. They'll be back, Dr Strange (don't like BC with an American accent doesn't suit him), saw this as the only way to win in the end. He'll be able to resurrect some in the next movie. Great film and and very funny (not as funny as Thor - Ragnorok
  4. Thor -Ragnorok on TV Avengers Infinity wars at the flicks
  5. That was more a question about the parliment in general; i thought the prime minister stepping down triggered a national election. When we have elections here, we put a cross next to the local MP we want to represent our area in Parliament. Some people do vote on the party and who is leader of that party, but not all (I decided to vote for the candidate rather than the party). So the party with a majority of votes in Parliament will be the government and the head of that party becomes PM. If the PM changes it will not mean an election. No matter whether someone says they voted for for some one to be PM in effect they weren't. At the moment an election would be a stupid idea, even if Labour were in a good position. The country needs stability to deal with what has happened. As for Boris Johnson being Foreign Minister (not in charge of Brexit - that is David Davis), the person he has as a deputy is a strong supporter of Theresa May and I suspect there to rein him in. She needed to pu those that spoke loudest about the Brexit to be seen as the lead for it, so she looked serious about it (apart from Michael Grove, she obviously doesn't like back stabbers). As for the talk of another election, I cant see one happening for the next year at least, if it goes past there I think 2020 will be the next one,
  6. Cuba, yes the trade does have to do with immigration, the deals to have free trade in the EU will have conditions, look atbNorway and Swotzerland they have to abide by Eu rules and immigration and are not in the EU. They will also set this for us because they want to make as difficult as possible for leaving so that it doesn't encourage others to go this way. I agree that if there is change it will not be for us which is a shame. It is the future generation I feel for, as the percentage fir In among 18-25 was near 70% and the highest for out was among those over 60. As for England and Wales not sure on the exact figure but it would have to be around 60%. However London very much voted in and some of the larger cities. Speaking to people who voted out it was about immigration and sovereignty, when I asked what they meant by that, they said it was about us making our own laws.
  7. There isn't a serious problem with Eastern Europeans coming and getting income support, not that there aren't some that do. The leave vote will also not change people coming into the country. If we want to still trade with the EU then we will still have to accept immigration and their rules and yet have no say or input into those things. I think that there needs to be big changes in the EU and I think this vote may actually make it happen, we will not be in it to do anything to influence that change.
  8. Just think...Boris Johnson could be the next Prime Minister
  9. haha, I said to my daughter, Canada as well...or New Zealand! She is very upset about the vote as she is only 16 and not allowed and felt the leave vote was mainly older people who won't be around to see much of what they reap.
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