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  1. Hi Lily...how are you xx Poor Myst...I get the work bit though oh a foot massage...could do with a shoulder massage too haha
  2. I’m great...sorry don’t get on much.. how are things with you x
  3. After many injuries over the years which ended in a knee op over two year I have changed my running style so that I don’t put my heel down first. I still have other injuries which prevent too much but I have found it better running toe first as though I was bare footed. Maldonado need to ensure that you have strong glutes...it’s important to run from there not your legs...if that makes sense, I know what I mean
  4. Add me in *snugglebites Nyn* haven’t see you for longer than ever ???
  5. Sonnnnnnggggggggg!!!!! *snugglebites back* How are you, long time no see x
  6. *snugglebites Tay* hello my lovely...how can they leave you all by yourself. I’m wearing a red dress today so the sprinkles match perfectly...of course I have missed you ?? so so where is Myst...it was her post on Facebook that brought me back...and my have things changed ??
  7. *Bounces into the Lounge* haven't been here in years...so pleased the tradition still remains... Hello you gorgeous ladies, what have I missed *jumps in the nearest chair and grabs a waiter*
  8. *pounces and snugglebites Elgee* Talya reporting for duty...sister if the Red Ajah and all round beaubacious babe ??? oh oh and I’m returning...
  9. Hello awesome lighties...what have I missed can we still go and wind up the Shadow Faction ??
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