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The Ultimate Showdown: PART DEUX - GAME OVER, Town Wins

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1. Hally - Dr. Finlay, Town 2x reviver Killed Night 1, Revived Night 3, Killed Night 6

2. Des - Sacrificed Night 3

2.5. Tom - Sacrificed Night 3

3. TG

4. Laya - The Doctor, Town time machine converted to third party Killed Night 0Revived Night 3, Killed Night 6

5. Dice - Lazarus, Third Party Lazarus converted Town by revival Killed Day 1Revived Night 3, Killed Night 5

6. Cloud - Ashley Olsen, Town Masonic Linker Killed Night 5

7. Turin - Moghedion, Third Party Cult Jester Killed Day 3Revived Night 3, Lynched Day 4

8. Mish

9. Amegakure - Eric Cartman, Town Many powers Killed Night 2, Revived Day 6, Killed Night 6

10. Lenlo - Sacrificed Night 3

11. TinaHel - Killed Night 5

12. Ley Dap - Killed Night 2, Revived Day 3Sacrificed Night 3

13. AJ - Killed Day 6

14. RTE - George Castanza, Third Party Sycophant Killed Day 2

15. Salami - Fawkes, Town Phoenix Sacrificed Night 3, Revived Day 6

16. Rag - Emma Bell, Town 2x Reviver Sacrificed Night 3

17. Xthrax - Killed Night 1Revived Night 3

18. Ithillian - Killed Night 1

19. Wombat - Killed Night 5




Selecting registry file: rules and authorizations.


Access D\:Filedata:UltimateDeux:Rules


Please note, protocol demands certain standards be met for the integrity of said event.  The following are not permitted.


  • Inactivity
  • Inactivity
  • Attempts at breaking the game
  • Attempts at playing in such a way that it violates the integrity of said game
  • Post editing
  • Insults directed to the person controlling an avatar present in the game space
  • Voting in a format other than ##Vote Darthe

Protocol also dictates that certain aspects of the event must be made clear to players before taking control of an avatar.  They are as follows.


  • Game days must be at least twenty four hours and may be no longer than seventy two.  The length of a day phase will be stated on the phase before.
  • All votes must be treated accordingly.
  • The setup of this game is a modified BYOR.  Players submit their desired role in a private message and it will be synthesized and then returned to them or to someone else.
  • The setup of this game is eclectic and intense.  Players would be ill advised to attempt to play this without experience.
  • This game does have hidden mechanics.  More will be revealed in due time. 


Adding new package to data set...


1) This event is hybrid hammer meaning that majority rule does not require absolute majority.

2) Powers are in fluctuation.  As your team does better it will grow weaker to auto-correct balance.  This system is in beta and may not be properly functional in all circumstances.

3) ???


Sample Role PM:
You are Darthe, Vanilla town.

Your current alignment is Town.

To win you must eliminate all opposition.




Loading Theme Pack ONE


Hello.  My name is Turret.  System failure is inevitable.   In the event of inevitable system failure a prerecorded message is to be played.  This is that message.  


Hello, I am the Architect, creator of worlds.  You may know me from the popular Ultimate Showdown but that was merely a test run.  You see, this is the real game.  Unwittingly the group before me enters, is ensnared by their machines, trapped internally until their valor is proven in the blood and tears of others.  This is your task.  The first event did not go so well for most involved.  I doubt that any of you will fare better.  In this new game world remember to ward against the five.  Remember to guard your heart as it is the only safety in a world of logic.  Remember that to win you mu-


Sequence End.  Would you like to play again?


Welcome to 


Edited by Darthe

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You may now post.  This is part of the 48 hour test period.  The reason for this waiting period is so that we can assure firmly connected links and run advanced scripting protocols to protect players in the event of a critical systems failure.

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Please note, protocol demands certain standards be met for the integrity of said event. The following are not permitted.[/background][/font][/color]


[*]Attempts at breaking the game

Can we break the glass?


Why am I beautifully blue?

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Btw, everyone please take the time to swoon over Mish once more doing a beautiful siggy.  








That is all.

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We have to use some poncy made up format for voting? Where was that explained?


how many hashes?


I don't even know where the hash is ...



##Vote Mish






All better :happy:

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