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  1. Literally irony? Yes, I see your point. I think I was trying to express the reason behind the irony. Maybe I should rephrase that Jordan uses the magnitude of the irony as a measure of character maturity, and that the change in the magnitude of the irony (self-lying, etc) represents changing maturity throughout the series.
  2. I wouldn't call it irony. I'd say it is an intentional device Jordan uses to show the characters development. Jordan, IMO, creates the characters such that, when less mature, they lie to themselves/don't see their true selves/have zero intellectual integrity. Then, slowly, many of the characters gain some degree of "self-honesty".
  3. Thane knows. Thane knows. I should also mention we have the official DM Beer club over there :-)
  4. Welcome to DM! Feel free to poke around, check out the Social Groups, etc. Fair warning, there are spoilers in plenty of places so be careful where you venture.
  5. Well, I run the Beer Club over in the Band of the Red Hand, so of course that is my answer :-) But, each board has unique people there with a unique focus so it entirely depends on what your interests are. There are boards for crafters, boards for spam, boards for gameplay, etc etc. I'd check out the descriptions, maybe say hi to a few people and ask them to describe their board to you.
  6. Welcome Nepene! Feel free to poke around and definitely check out some of the social community boards as they can be a lot of fun!
  7. I'd have to find that picture.... Or just go get new cupcakes..... *leaves to go to Crumbs bakery*
  8. *dodges balefire* *stares at hole in wall behind him* That hole really needs to be filled. Like a nutella filled cupcake.
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