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Oh, Mother Dear . . . !


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Daruya tiptoes into the Amyrlin's room while Elgee sleeps and quickly and quietly decorates the room with balloons, streamers, confetti and flowers.  Stepping back she gives a quick nod of satisfaction at her handiwork.  A wide grin crosses her face as she prepares the rest of the surprise . . . because when Mother wakes up it will be her birthday and birthdays must be celebrated!


Taking a deep breath, she says (not too loudly, in case Mother had a bit too much to drink last night) . . .


Happy birthday, kitten!





Light! Quick! Someone get some kaf!  I forgot to bring some from the kitchens!   :ohmy:

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*bursts into the room at full tilt, shirt half on on one arm only, looking like he just junped out of bed and rushed out, skidding to a stop in bare feet next to mothers bed*


Light from the Creator's fat backside! You woke her up without Kaf on hand?! *hastily pours a small cup from the kettle he brought in with him, set's it to one side, then attaches the IV drip from the kettle to Mother's arm and picks up the cup to start drinking himself*


The South Wing is far beyond repair. The West Wing is still undergoing repair... We wont have any bloody wings left if you people dont remember the flaming Golden Rule; KAF FIRST!

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I think Mother spent the day celebrating. Maybe she will be back tomorrow. Keep the Kaf warm.

Let's hope so, Fnorrll.


Brilliant, Blank. Lol. You are now definitely the favorite.

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Someone woke me ...




What was that you said?




You brought me Kaf??





One can NEVER have TOO much Kaf!!




















Ok maybe once in a while one can have .... enough ... Kaf ....


















Thank you for the lovely presents and birthday wishes!! *groupsnugglehuggles*

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