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  1. I know! I always wanted to go to Baikal lake. It’s so beautiful. Here are some snow-trees sculptures for you! ☺️
  2. Here is an art of frozen windows for you! ☺️
  3. Here is an art of cracks in frozen Baikal for you! ☺️
  4. Here is a frozen soap bubble for you, Cross! ☺️
  5. I don't think there are many people who really like to be outside when it's freezing but nature can make such beautiful things with frost! Fortunately you don't need to froze yourself to look at frozen art effects. Choose the colour/number and get your frozen art picture! Everybody's welcome to share your favourite frozen art/effects as well!
  6. Kukaso - White Aes Sedai Favorite seasonal food - Olivier salad.
  7. 😀 I hear it from my father all the time. I don't know what we are always talking about in our family 😄 Oh! And I was going to watch The West Wing for a long time. Maybe I really should.
  8. Oh! I like this discussion! And I like your favourite fallacy, @PiedPiper! I'm not sure that it's my favourite but the first fallacy I remembered (maybe because I often meet it in discussions) is "after this, therefore because of this". I can't give an example right now but I'll try to find one. I like how fallacies make impression of something obvious when explained with clear examples. But they are used (can you say that they are "used"?) so often in different situations without people noticing it. I think I need to read more about fallacies now. Th
  9. Have I never told before? 🙂 Something like this. The second and third is before/after. It’s what people usually bring me and I redesign the facade. Sometimes it’s like the first picture where I designed the facade after it was built in brick. And that’s what the house looked like when they finished it. (they asked to change the garage door to living room window later)
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