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  1. Well hello there Kind stranger *looks around suspiciously*...too kind perhaps. *Notices @Lavandula and her getaway horse*....ah well seems I have an escape route should I need it. I am Maera 🙂 another smelly old novice 😄 What brings you out to the moat?
  2. *walks in dripping water from my cloak* ...not sure who pushed me in that time..
  3. hmm yes. perhaps I shall not feed bob in future.
  4. OOOOH I will have to look this up 🙂
  5. @Lavandula its okay, I brought supplies - he will not be able to resist
  6. Anyone here like a nice Gin? It is rather unusually tropical weather for my area so have been enjoying a few here and there...
  7. *cough* I may have also popped my name down in the thread...but I did not hear anything and now cannot find the thread 😢 but I have been a busy bee in the white tower, but if you have time I would love to come play! (I WANT A HORSEY).
  8. hmmm. @Lavandula do u think bobby hungry? Maybe we should feed him a snack?
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