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  1. Wow! I thought it’s Rosamund before read the text!
  2. What’s wrong with -50C in Russia? 🙂 We have mild Winters in Moscow lately: 0 - -10C. When I was a child it was colder.
  3. Oops! I meant it for the White Tower and Warders board. Can anybody move it please 🙂
  4. I’m a member of White Ajah and love puzzles but come on! What I need to do to get access to this forum once: Mark all traffic lights: mark all taxis: Mark all traffic lights again: Mark all fire hydrants: Mark all motorcycles Mark all busses Look at the new images appearing and mark busses again! 🤦🏼‍♀️ New set of pictures “mark busses”! look at new images appearing! Really??! Really??! How many puzzles do you need to solve to proof you are not a robot??? And if robots can solve first three they probably can solve others too? Are there anybody who can do something about captcha at this site? I can understand there are problems but there are simpler captcha things I’m sure. Anybody get those too or it’s especially for me? 😁
  5. BFG, no, not Helsinki :) It's general ice skating place not a city :)
  6. For me it's easier because most things/places I know in very different words than you! :)
  7. No, not London :) I hope Mashi won't object if I say that by "place" she usually means some figure skating place not geographic place.
  8. I got Wizard Ent! Sounds cool! For Ents: Also if somebody wants a siggie with the result I posted all already done at the first post!
  9. Add this URL to your siggie instead of previous two: https://i.imgur.com/IkXaiss.gif
  10. Ben, I downloaded a program for gifs here: http://www.whitsoftdev.com/unfreez/ Or you can use this rotation I made
  11. Lessa and Niniel here is your Hobbit siggie: Wizard siggie for Lessa, Niniel, JamesT and Daruya: And Human for Sooh:
  12. And here is for the greatest Sauron the Dwarf ever Ben An Elf for JamesB: An Elf for Cross:
  13. I thought you'd choose one result you like most but well Here is Hobbit and Dark Lord Hobbit for Shad! And an Elf Wizard for Mashi
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