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  1. My sister had some group training related to this typing and they had a fun exercise. They were divided into 4 groups: NT types, NF types, SP types and SJ types and each group was given a big peace of paper and asked to draw a “perfect organization“. SJs draw a very, very detailed organization of a company, with the interior plans and plants at the windows, and cookies and everything. SPs draw a scheme with squares and arrows “this->that->now-it-goes-there” that was showing how everything works. NFs draw a human body outline and creative processes inside. NTs draw a dot in the middle of the sheet. I think those drawings are so much alike those types. And as much as I like all of them I’m sure I’d be drawing cactuses and the texture of the walls and how many pencils everybody would have 😂 What would you draw?
  2. I’m an ISFJ. I’ve been tested before. I think it’s so cool how different people can be. We know theoretically that we are different but when you begin to discuss things with other types looking from this perspective it shows how real that difference is. I was really surprised that people see the world and react and understand things soooo different from me.
  3. We are on a lockdown from this week too. My husband is not actually fired but won’t be payed for next two months (at least). I really want to be locked down at my parent’s country house so my son can play outside not in the apartment without walks for two month. But there is a cat at the house and I’m allergic to cats. So if I go I’d have health problems without any viruses let alone if I get it too. So I’m freaking out a little bit. And that doesn’t help to make right decisions and all. *hugs everybody* Try to stay safe.
  4. Hi! I’m here too ? Congrats, Mashi! ? And thanks, Rhea! You were a great First Reasoner!
  5. What’s wrong with -50C in Russia? ? We have mild Winters in Moscow lately: 0 - -10C. When I was a child it was colder.
  6. Oops! I meant it for the White Tower and Warders board. Can anybody move it please ?
  7. I’m a member of White Ajah and love puzzles but come on! What I need to do to get access to this forum once: Mark all traffic lights: mark all taxis: Mark all traffic lights again: Mark all fire hydrants: Mark all motorcycles Mark all busses Look at the new images appearing and mark busses again! ??‍♀️ New set of pictures “mark busses”! look at new images appearing! Really??! Really??! How many puzzles do you need to solve to proof you are not a robot??? And if robots can solve first three they probably can solve others too? Are there anybody who can do something about captcha at this site? I can understand there are problems but there are simpler captcha things I’m sure. Anybody get those too or it’s especially for me? ?
  8. BFG, no, not Helsinki :) It's general ice skating place not a city :)
  9. For me it's easier because most things/places I know in very different words than you! :)
  10. No, not London :) I hope Mashi won't object if I say that by "place" she usually means some figure skating place not geographic place.
  11. I got Wizard Ent! Sounds cool! For Ents: Also if somebody wants a siggie with the result I posted all already done at the first post!
  12. Add this URL to your siggie instead of previous two: https://i.imgur.com/IkXaiss.gif
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