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  1. Oops! I meant it for the White Tower and Warders board. Can anybody move it please 🙂
  2. I’m a member of White Ajah and love puzzles but come on! What I need to do to get access to this forum once: Mark all traffic lights: mark all taxis: Mark all traffic lights again: Mark all fire hydrants: Mark all motorcycles Mark all busses Look at the new images appearing and mark busses again! 🤦🏼‍♀️ New set of pictures “mark busses”! look at new images appearing! Really??! Really??! How many puzzles do you need to solve to proof you are not a robot??? And if robots can solve first three they probably can solve others too? Are there anybody who can do something about captcha at this site? I can understand there are problems but there are simpler captcha things I’m sure. Anybody get those too or it’s especially for me? 😁
  3. BFG, no, not Helsinki :) It's general ice skating place not a city :)
  4. For me it's easier because most things/places I know in very different words than you! :)
  5. No, not London :) I hope Mashi won't object if I say that by "place" she usually means some figure skating place not geographic place.
  6. I got Wizard Ent! Sounds cool! For Ents: Also if somebody wants a siggie with the result I posted all already done at the first post!
  7. Add this URL to your siggie instead of previous two: https://i.imgur.com/IkXaiss.gif
  8. Ben, I downloaded a program for gifs here: http://www.whitsoftdev.com/unfreez/ Or you can use this rotation I made
  9. Lessa and Niniel here is your Hobbit siggie: Wizard siggie for Lessa, Niniel, JamesT and Daruya: And Human for Sooh:
  10. And here is for the greatest Sauron the Dwarf ever Ben An Elf for JamesB: An Elf for Cross:
  11. I thought you'd choose one result you like most but well Here is Hobbit and Dark Lord Hobbit for Shad! And an Elf Wizard for Mashi
  12. .. Hello! Have you ever thought which race you'd be in the Middle Earth? Take this quiz and find out! Or find which caracter you would be here (that will identify your race too ) Or do you already identify yourself with some Middle Earth race and don't want to take stupid quizes? Tell us! And get the siggie with your race! Elf Hobbit Human Wizard Ent Dark Lord Hobbit Elf Wizard
  13. The most annoying moment in all 7 seasons is that they go north of the wall not wearing hats/hoods!! Come on! Really??!! Everything is freezing and you go for a hike for several days/weeks (including sleeping outside) like that???! (Gendry is ok ) Somebody did it for me
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