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  1. Oh! I’m looking forward to snow making everything light and clean! ☺️ And all the winter fun like digging snow and sliding down the ice slopes with my kid ☺️
  2. Hi, Caldazar! I agree with Mashi 🙂 For me being White means way of thinking or how I understand the world, through logic and organisation. But being here is mostly about people. I just love my fellow Whites ☺️ It feels like home to be here with them.
  3. I don’t remember why I stopped ? I don’t drink any sweet drinks usually. Maybe juices, but very seldom. I eat too much sugar even without drinks. And I don’t really like drinks to be sweet.
  4. Hello everybody! I’ve just found our Ajah exists again ☺️
  5. Hi! I’m here too ? Congrats, Mashi! ? And thanks, Rhea! You were a great First Reasoner!
  6. Wow! I thought it’s Rosamund before read the text!
  7. Elaevia, that sounds cool ☺️ I began running couple of years ago with c25k and finally ran 7*3 relay with my sisters. Races are such a motivation ?
  8. What’s wrong with -50C in Russia? ? We have mild Winters in Moscow lately: 0 - -10C. When I was a child it was colder.
  9. I decided that I’ll never do it on my own and signed up for the program. There is a menu counted specially for me, video exercises and daily routine: drinking enough water, getting enough sleep etc. And the most important part for me - you need to send reports of your weekly progress. I’ve already lost 5 kg. ? 7 more to go.
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