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  1. Oh yes! That's what they do as well! It covers a lot of ground and they do show why we tend to overeat using science and psychology. It's been super interesting! I did see a study that showed how infants are able to regulate their calories. When fed a bottle with more calorie dense foods, they stopped eating sooner. They instinctively knew when to stop and had the same caloric intake as the baby drinking the regular bottle!
  2. I don't know if there's an easy solution for counting calories. The program I use has a lot of foods already listed, so it's not too bad to search for items. If they don't have something, I choose a food that's similar and guestimate the calories I'd eaten. The whole point of Noom (once you get down to the core) is to take cues from your body to decide how much and how often to eat. I'm getting close to not having to log my meals anymore because I'm getting better at portion control. I want to be able to just eat and not worry about it all, and so spending the time to get the
  3. @JamesBrown, I agree with you and your analysis completely! I think that's why I love the ending. It's so tragic, but it's the only logical way for the movie and the characters to play out. Irene couldn't be with him. And his darkness couldn't be hidden away again. I love it so much!
  4. Let's do a favorite: the grid logic puzzle! Here's the story: Sandra is compiling an article on some of the most recent Supreme Court decisions. Help her with her research by matching each case to its date, and determine the final decision (yes votes and no votes) as well as the name of the justice who wrote the majority opinion. Here are the clues: 1. The four cases were the 5-4 decision, Zamora v Pibb, Carson v Dunn and the March 10 case. 2. Zamora v Pibb was the 3-6 decision. 3. The 5-4 decision was 1 week after the 7-2 decision. 4. The March 10 proc
  5. Oh, our Winter Carnival is always so fun! I think we typically have it in January. We did the Year of the Rat Chinese New Year celebration last year! We can have a Christmas theme this year, though. I hope your mini vacation was soothing, @kukasö! I sent my doggies to my mom's for a week and it was lovely! *LOL*
  6. Oh, thanks, @Liitha! That may be the answer, but why my doctor hasn't said that is a mystery. She did say she'd take me "as small as she safely could." However, at another appointment she admitted she DIDN'T take me as small as she could. She said she left me bigger on purpose so I'd be "proportional" to the rest of my body. We'll see this week what she says. I'm glad that there is a legitimate health reason for not taking breasts as small as desired, but I haven't felt that's what's happening in my case.
  7. These are great tips, @Rhea! Thank you for sharing! The world is so crazy right now that it's hard to focus on things like self care. I love the idea of a 15-minute morning routine. I've been trying to make healthier choices with my food and body, so I start each morning with a 20 minute walk (longer on the weekends). I'm working on my time stress by taking longer in my morning routine. I walk, then I sit down and do a 10 minute lesson on Noom--which usually focuses on meditation, good food choice, stress relief, etc. It's a great way to get my mind set on being positive.
  8. Let's have a check-in! I had my 6 month appointment in September and things were 100% healed by then. I had a talk with my doctor about the size of my breasts and how they are still too big. She agreed to redo the surgery (mostly to get rid of the ugly, ugly scar tissue). I had another round of surgery on October 14th. She took about 8oz from each breast and cut off all the damaged skin. This time around, I was eating healthier, I've been exercising every day, so my recover has been amazingly well. Surgery was on a Wednesday, and I was back to work the next
  9. 1. How did you first hear about the Wheel of Time and what made you want to read the series? My sister read it first and talked about it. She tricked me into reading it somehow and once I got halfway through The Eye of the World, I was hooked. Now, I love it more than she does. 2. If you could join an Ajah in the White Tower which one would you pick? (Lucky us!) White Ajah. Even though I do have a streak of Blue in me, I identify more with the Whites. 3. If the Black Tower has Ajahs, what might some be? This sounds amazing! This world has so many corn
  10. Oh, this looks interesting @StarRisk! I think I follow Rebecca, but I've taken a break from social media for the past two months (hence why I've been a little inactive here!). I like your answers, though I don't like Padan Fain at all!!! I will agree about the scene I'm most excited to see in the show--I can't wait for "The Golden Crane flies for Tarmon Gai'don!" 😭
  11. @StarRisk so glad that you were able to attend that meeting with Sarah! It was such an incredible interview! When she talked about how the feels finally hit her on set, it was so hard for me to keep my emotions in check! 😭 We of the White Ajah tend to lurk. While I am in charge *shifts her shawl for good measure* there's not really any shenanigans I need to take care of. We are a well-mannered, well-behaved, low-drama group. ❤️ And that's the great thing about the Ajahs! We all have different attitudes and personalities we show. If you want to have a nic
  12. I've got a couple sudoku apps on my phone, as well as a couple of nanogram ones! I like to play puzzle games when I have a few minutes. I like Candy Crush and I'm playing Pokemon Puzzle Cafe, too. I tired to do a summer school class on logic puzzles this past summer, but not enough kids signed up. 😞 There are so many fun ones out there!
  13. Thanks for sharing this, @Rhea! I have cycles where I sleep so well, and cycles where I can't sleep at all. I think it's hormone based. Ugh.... I am recovering from surgery, so I bought a HUGE maternity pillow that looks like a big U. I love it! It's helped my tossing and turning, and no matter which way I face, I have a pillow for my legs. The only problem is it's hot! Hopefully it will be better when the weather cools down.
  14. I started Noom in August. I'm really enjoying it so far. As a therapy graduate, I think the psychological aspect is a little focused on beginners, but some of their hits and tips are really useful! I've lost 16 lbs so far, and it's been very easy. The program does restrict calories (I should be eating 1200 a day according to them), but I don't stress if I go over. I eat what I want, but I'm listening to my body's cues and stopping when I'm full. This has been very successful! I haven't cut out any food group. I'm still eating pizza every week. I went to a Europ
  15. Welcome @StarRisk! I look forward to any tips you can give us!
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