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  1. I’ve googled and it’s apparently available in the “southwest.” I’ll find it somewhere soon. Walmart. Target. They gotta be somewhere!
  2. Woah! I once went 5 years without soda, but I drink it regularly now. Any reason why you don’t?
  3. This sounds amazing! I’m gonna google and see if I can find it here!
  4. Oh wow! I’m floored by how awesome this is! Amazing job!
  5. I want to call it “fizzy juice” from now on! That sounds amazing! @Cross what is cactus cooler? I live in a place with cacti and I’ve never heard of this!
  6. *lol* My husband calls it “pop.” I usually cover all my bases and say “soda pop” when taking about it. I don’t think I’ve ever tried ginger ale. I bet I’d like it! I used to drink the cream soda and mix it with sugar free butterscotch flavor for a quick butterbeer. Yum!
  7. I’ve been having a hard time with caffeine lately, so I stopped drinking soda regularly for that reason. (Even my coffees are usually decaf.) But I will indulge in a caffeine free Coke every few days. They still taste so yummy! But I do like to surprise my husband with new and interesting flavored food and drink. He tried the dark berry Dr. Pepper and liked it. He drank the orange Vanilla Coke, but I don’t think it was his favorite. He really liked the Voltage Mountain Dew!
  8. Here in Arizona we have several stores that specialize in selling soda. One is called Sodalicious. They mix sodas with hundreds of flavors! And even the major brands are coming up with all sorts of interesting combinations. Orange Vanilla Coke. Strawberry Guava Diet Coke. Mountain Dew Voltage. The possibilities are limitless. So, what’s your favorite soda flavor? Are you brave enough to try all the crazy new flavors?
  9. Here’s a spin. I can go faster, I’m just terrified I’m going to break all my bones. Building up my comfort on the ice and my confidence on the ice is my goal for the next two months!
  10. Lol! Thanks everyone! My birthday was in July so I should be used to saying 36 by now....
  11. Oh, also I forgot I had a birthday and I’m 36. *sigh*
  12. We had our first practice today! It went awesome! My coach finalized the music and we learned the first ten seconds of the program. Lol. We talked about later elements, but we went through the first few seconds four or five times—once with music—and it was nerve racking! I’ve got no confidence in this regard and I’m going to have to practice like crazy to get that confidence for the show!
  13. *Mashi walks in and shakes the snow from her cloak* I just got back from 6am ice skating practice. What did I miss?
  14. Here’s me practicing a single twizzle while the assistant instructor does a million! *lol* Also check out my Tai’shar Malkier jacket! ❤️
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