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  1. [GotAK] Animal Pictionary

    Yes, @LilyElizabeth! Next one (back to finger drawings...)
  2. [GotAK] Animal Pictionary

    Yay! It is a ducking! Next one:
  3. [GotAK] Animal Personifications

    What about "dangerous as alligators," or as Brandon Sanderson says in Steelheart:
  4. [GotAK] Guess the Animal

    Of course, it might be a cow.....
  5. [GotAK] Guess the Animal

    I changed my answer! Next time I'm not putting mine down first.
  6. [GotAK] Animal Pictionary

  7. [GotAK] Animal Pictionary

    @JamesBrown..... *LOL* And yes, it's a seahorse. Wow! My drawing skills are pretty good! *lol* Okay, let's try this one, a bit more difficult...
  8. [GotAK] Guess the Animal

    Oh, yeah! That totally looks like a horse eye now. Look at those lashes! Good call, Ry!
  9. [GotAK] Animal Bingo

    I've only got 5 so far. ୧( ಠ Д ಠ )୨
  10. [GotAK] Animal Pictionary

    Yes! *lol* I’m drawing with my finger in the You Doodle app on my phone.... Next is:
  11. [GotAK] Animal Pictionary

    *lol* Elephant is correct, @JamesBrown! Try this one!
  12. [GotAK] Animal Pictionary

    No other drawing volunteers, so here’s the next picture:
  13. [GotAK] Animal Pictionary

    @LilyElizabeth Yes, you can guess! @JamesBrown Correct! 1 point for @Chaelca 1 point for James!
  14. [GotAK] Guess the Animal

    7. Horse 8. Elk 9. Giraffe
  15. The Great American Read Kickoff Tonight

    As announced last month, PBS will be hosting a new series called “The Great American Read.” Through a national survey, they identified the best 100 books. PBS states: This is exciting for us as booklovers, but it’s also exciting for us as Wheel of Time lovers. The Wheel of Time (the complete series) is one of the 100 nominated. The two-hour pilot airs tonight (Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018) at 8/7c. Check your local PBS station for exact time. Now here’s where devoted fans of Robert Jordan and The Wheel of Time come into play. When the pilot airs, voting for the best book begins. From May 22nd until October 18th, viewers can vote DAILY! On top of that, there are two ways to vote each day. 1. Use the voting app on The Great American Read website. You’ll need to register first, using an email address or a Facebook login. 2. Post an original post on Facebook or Twitter and include the official hashtag of the book you choose. The hashtag for The Wheel of Time can be found on its page once voting has opened. Starting September 11, 2018, there will be two additional ways to vote—bringing the total to four! More on that when it’s closer. The Wheel of Time has a great advantage in a show of this format. We are vast in numbers, and our community is very close-knit. If we all band together, we can share our beloved series with the rest of the country!