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  1. For those of you who don't know, my husband is a film professor at ASU. His love for movies runs deep, and it does inspire a little in me. I've grown to love movies more since meeting him, but I'll never have the same love and appreciation for film as he does. *shrugs* When he found out I wanted to participate in a film themed challenge, he demanded that he get to pick the movie I watch each month. So without further adieu, I present my report. Stalker (1979) Directed by Andrei Tarkovsky Country of origin: Soviet Union In a post-apocalyptic world, there exists a place called the Zone. It was created when a meteor struck this unnamed city in Russia. People started disappearing. Children were born mutated. Eventually, the government banned entry into the Zone. The main character--who is unnamed as well--is a Stalker, a person who sneaks people across the border into the Zone. It's said within the Zone is a Room that grants your inner most desires. The Stalker's been caught before, and just finished up his five year jail sentence. When his wife realizes he means to go back inside, she's angry at him for abandoning her and their mutated daughter (called Monkey). The Stalker still continues with his plans. He meets up with the Writer and the Professor--both having separate reasons for wishing to get into the Zone. Once inside the Zone, the dull browns and grays and oranges of the outside world change into the normal greens and blues of a healthy, thriving place. The Stalker warns his traveling companions about the dangers of the Zone. It kills people who don't follow the rules. You can't leave by the same way you entered. You can't enter the Room from straight on, you have to circle around from the back. When the Writer tires to go forward to the Room, he's warned verbally by some unseen voice. The two travelers frequently refuse to heed the Stalker's advice, and get closer and closer to death--or so he claims. The movie was WEIRD. Very artsy. I don't have a damn clue what the point of the movie was, or what the director's ultimate message was. These things go way over my head. But I was able to see there were themes of faith, and lack of it. Themes of perseverance, and giving up. The ending was confusing and even my husband couldn't explain it to my satisfaction. Still, it was interesting to see the muted, dull colors of their "normal" world change to the beautiful scenery with the Zone. A really interesting way to show the division between the two spaces. I think the ending was happy, and I guess that's what I look for most in the movie. It was interesting and kept my interest, but I don't think I'd ever want to watch it again.
  2. If anyone is interested in Chinese Zodiac themed siggies, I've got you covered!
  3. 10. This Chinese custom of furniture arranging can lead to good luck in and out of the home. 11. In Australia, the Aborigines think this creature is good luck because it brings rain. 12. This deity is called the Seven Lucky Gods in Japanese folklore.
  4. Yes, yes, yes! Good job Dar'Jen! You swept that round! +3 points! Nope! Nope, YES (But I already awarded the point on this one), and YES! Good job, Ryrin! One point for you! Technically correct on one and two, but I already awarded points. YES on three! You are a superstar! Another point for you! Yes, I guess that's true as well, but I was looking for clover, and coin was the more specific answer to #9.
  5. Beautiful! Hi Ryrin! Thanks for joining in the festivities! I love that dragon dance!
  6. *LOL* The person I know a relationship won't work with is..... Mr. Smith. He and I fight more than anything! My lucky star is Friday! ❤️ The song that goes with the one I love (Jeremy, my hubby) is Two Gunslingers, by Tom Petty.... not sure about that one....
  7. 7. In Japan, people have statues of this animal which is supposed to bring luck with money. Cat 8. This green thing is lucky in Ireland and is said to be based on the Holy Trinity and God's grace. Four-leaf clover 9. A superstition beginning in the Victorian era, brides would put this in their shoe to bring good luck in their marriage. Coin
  8. I love Chinese astrology because I watched the anime "Fruits Basket." It's got lots of Chinese lore in it. I'm a pig (or boar). Seems pretty accurate for me!
  9. 4. This is the name of the luckdragon in the film The Neverending Story. Falkor 5. This piece of metal is considered good luck, but only if it's not facing down. Its good luck origins come from the UK and tell the tale of a blacksmith who bested the devil. Horseshoe 6. To celebrate New Year's Eve in Spain, people will eat this many grapes to symbolize good luck in the coming year. Twelve
  10. Wow, James! You're so light on your feet! I absolutely love that move where the woman is spinning the man! Never seen it done that way before! Please just enjoy yourself, Lily! Help yourself to the tea (or something stronger if you prefer)! Looking as elegant as always, Mother! Let me fetch you a plate of food! *runs off to grab lots of noodles for Mother* Welcome in, Dar'Jen! If there's something you want to eat that you don't see, simply let us know! I'll grab you anything you want!
  11. I want to invite you all to come play with us as we celebrate the Chinese New Year! We'll have games and discussions and lots of yummy food to eat. https://dragonmount.com/forums/forum/450-white-ajah/
  12. (Also, I'm not fact checking my trivia... I don't have the time for that!) 1. This nut is a good luck symbol in Norway. People will place them in their windowsills to protect against lightning. 2. This catholic Saint offers protection (or maybe good luck) to travelers. St. Christopher 3. In this country, people believe it is good luck for a bird to poop on you. Russia @kukasö is #3 true?
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