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  1. Each year, TarValon.Net awards one recipient with a $500 grant to an accredited college. This year, they will pick two finalists to receive this award. Here is what TarValon.Net has to say about the Robert Jordan Memorial Scholarship: If you'd like to apply, you can use this link. Remember to submit your essay by May 15th!
  2. Our very own Jason Denzel joined the hosts Andrew, Daniel, and Josh of Black Tower Podcast to talk about The Wheel of Time, Jason's relationship with Robert Jordan, and hopes for the coming Amazon Prime television show. You can find out more information on Black Tower Podcast on their website. Subscribe to their YouTube channel to stay up-to-date on all their shows!
  3. Good news, everyone! JordanCon announced earlier today they are hosting an in-person convention over the summer! Details are still being solidified, but we can confirm a few things: JordanCon 2021 will be held July 16th through the 18th at the Crown Plaza Ravinia in Atlanta, Georgia. All attendees, staff, guests, and volunteers are required to have the COVID-19 vaccine. Masks will be required during the event and CDC guidelines will be observed. More details are coming soon, but this is an amazing opportunity to see our fandom family and keep Jord
  4. Thanks for letting me know! It's fixed now!
  5. JordanCon has been a staple--if not the staple--in the Wheel of Time fandom since its founding in 2009. The outbreak of COVID-19 canceled the event in 2020 and the tentatively scheduled weekend in April 2021, causing the non-profit organization is calling on fans for assistance. A GoFundMe has been set up for JordanCon, a 501c4 charity, to help off set the costs associated with canceling the event and to help with planning any future conventions when it's deemed safe enough for us to congregate. On the GoFundMe site, JordanCon states: "JordanCon is a tax exempt 501c
  6. It's #WoTWednesday and @WoTonPrime didn't disappoint. A new video released today showed us our first look at Mat's ruby-hilted dagger. Here's the clip: We can see some changes in the designs. This is the Museum Replica, approved by Robert Jordan: And the chapter icon looks very similar: Jason's arguments for the changed position of the ruby make logical sense. The thing that gave me chills was the voice of Barney Harris--who plays Mat Cauthon--saying "Alright, let's make a deal." Who is he talking to? Mordeth? If so
  7. Speaking of Jack Frost, we have the lovely Rise of the Guardians (2012), starring Chris Pine as Jack Frost. This animated film is so much fun! Moving onto something a bit more serious, there's a documentary called My Winnipeg (2007) that's worth a watch. It's a surreal film about living in Winnipeg, and it's recounted by the filmmaker (Guy Maddin) in a very bizarre way. He tells about the history of the town, and his own family's history. And let's not forget Batman & Robin (1997) in which the villain (or one of them, anyway) is Mr. Freeze. Gotham looks less c
  8. I've seen The Santa Clause, but not the sequels. I'll need to check them out! Cool Runnings! I loved that when I was young! That's a great example (and not even on my list)!
  9. I'll join if it's not too late! Busy past couple of days with work. Ugh.
  10. When dealing with frozen things, or frozen people, there are lots of movies that cover these topics. They include all genres and all ages. Let's take a look at some of the most well-known. Be sure to add in ones you've loved (or even ones you've hated). 1. Frozen (2013) & Frozen 2 (2019) We can't have a Frozen Carnival without talking about Disney's Frozen movies! I saw Frozen with my sister in theaters. I'm older than her, and we both immediately identified with our respective Frozen sibling. Naturally, when Frozen 2 came out, we were first in line to see it!
  11. Frozen drinks are quite familiar to us. Whether it’s ordering an Icee at the movie theater, a Frappuccino at Starbucks, or a fruit smoothie or milkshake, we are used to drinking frozen things. But what about frozen foods? Oh, there’s the typical ice cream and popsicles, but other than that… what else is there? We typically like our foods hot. So here’s a few recipes you can try for uncommon frozen foods: Frozen Grapes: https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/220825/spactacular-frozen-grapes/ Frozen Pop Tarts: http://newsroom.kelloggcompany.com/2017-08
  12. Hello all! Welcome to the White Ajah's annual Winter Carnival. This year's theme is Frozen! Please join us for the festivities! The Ball Bobbing for Ice Cubes (game) Frozen Foods and Drinks Frozen Films Frozen Art/Science Feel free to use one of our celebratory siggies:
  13. There is a tower! How strange! Doesn’t look grand enough for the White Tower, but concept art. Maybe their on their way to the blight and those could be one of the guard posts that line the border? The decay of the forest and trees wouldn’t be seen until past the border. Or if we’re going to deviate enough, that could be one of the seven towers of Malkier!
  14. Yes, you are correct! Thom was with them. Looking at the picture, it doesn’t appear to be Thom, but concept art doesn’t need to be detailed exactly! So this could be on their way to Baerlon.
  15. Today, @WoTonPrime—the official Twitter handle for the Amazon Prime’s Wheel of Time television show—shared a short video and snippets of concept art. The short video featured Rafe Judkins, the showrunner for the Wheel of Time show, emphasizing the themes in The Eye of the World: “of balance, of gender, and the emotional journey of these characters.” While Judkins talks, several images of concept art flash behind him. Let’s take a closer look! So what can we glean from these images? Fans are already speculating. Here's my t
  16. HAHAH! That's hilarious and an interesting way to look at it! It's a possibility. I know sometimes I shake with anticipation for my dinner when I'm particularly hungry and it always seems to taste so good! My journey for 2020 was to start intuitive eating, and so I was eating a lot more foods that sounded good. So I enjoyed my meals a lot more. I was indulging--even when it was taco salad. But I'm sure the atmosphere played a huge part too. We had an amazing Pizza Hut pizza in Rugby, North Dakota the first night we got there to visit my relatives. I t
  17. Congrats on your progress @Phaedra! That's amazing results! My current routine is pretty similar. I started budgeting 1200 calories a day last August. I increased my veggie/fruit intake. I focused on cooking meals instead of fast food. This really helped me lose the weight pretty quickly. I was down 20 lbs at the end of November. Since then, I have not been as strict with myself. I have started intuitive eating, which is listening to my body cues to know when I'm hungry and when I'm full. Some days I stay within the 1200 range, others I got up to 1500. I don't worr
  18. January: Watch a film from a foreign country Last night, we watched the British film "The Day the Earth Caught Fire" (1961). Wow! My spouse and I were up for some disaster films last night so I Googled disaster movies. A lot of interesting ones popped up, but we chose The Day the Earth Caught Fire. I wasn't expecting a lot as it was made in 1961, but this movie was amazing! The US and Russia perform joint--albeit unwillingly--nuclear tests. The duel bombs have enough force to increase the earth's tilt and push it off its orbit toward the sun. The charac
  19. I’m also a vegetarian now and I know it would be trickier to eat the food if we went back! I also didn’t eat seafood even before I was a vegetarian, so my husband ate the oysters and alligator and turtle soup and I had muffulettas and beignets! I actually had an amazing cheeseburger there—at The Oyster House restaurant. It was somehow better than any other cheeseburger I’d ever had to that date. Why was it so good? I have no idea.
  20. Here’s what I had for dinner today: taco salad! It was about 500 calories. Ingredients: 1 serving Boca meatless crumbles 1/2 tbsp cooking oil 2 tsp low sodium taco seasoning 1.5 servings of lettuce 1/8 cup Mexican shredded cheese A handful crushed Cool Ranch Doritos This could be easily adapted to include any other kinds of meats/cheeses/chips/toppings. It was SO yummy and the Doritos added such a great flavor and crunch!
  21. Hi @PiedPiper! Sorry we missed your visit! 1.) This one is too hard to answer! I watch more movies than tv shows, but I don't think one is better than the other. Adaptations or originals? Depends on how well done they are. Animated or live action? I love both! Again, depends on how good they are. I've seen amazing animated films and awful animated films. Same with live action! 2.) Books: Romance! ❤️ Followed closely by fantasy. Movies: sci-fi. 3.) We went to New Orleans the year after Hurricane Katrina. We did a swamp tour--which wa
  22. I had my last check up with my surgeon the week of Christmas. Everything's healed up fine! The second surgery was so much easier. My breasts are about a C or a D. I'm content for now, but not 100% satisfied. I asked my surgeon if we could go smaller and she said yes. Sigh. Then why didn't you? I'm going to heal up completely this time, and then reevaluate if I want to spend even more money to make my breasts smaller. It's seems so wasteful, but this is something I've wanted since high school. I want to be comfortable! I put on a shirt a few days ago
  23. I liked it too! I know a lot of people have complained about it, but it was fun and entertaining. I really liked that Steve's soul came to inhabit another person's body! When I saw the trailers, I was like how on earth can they bring him back to life? He's 80 years old or something! This made sense to me and I liked how they handled it. I also would love for Asteria to be involved in the next film. My husband said that they have to other movies planned for this Wonder Woman timeline, so I think the chances are good that Asteria's character will make an appearance
  24. Making changes alone can be so hard, Lily! We are here to support you when you need it! What types of changes do you plan on making? Will you be cutting out carbs and processed sugars, increase exercise and veggies? Diabetes runs in my family so I'm always concerned that I'll get it as well.
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