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  1. Congrats, Leyrann! That's such a great accomplishment! Please keep us posted on your progress and any other writing you're working on! As far as your Discord guild, how's that work? I belong to a few Facebook groups, and a few chat groups. So is the Discord guild like a mix between the two?
  2. [GotAK] Animal Pictionary

    Sorry we didn't have more drawers! That would have made it funnier. *lol*
  3. [GotAK] Animal Pictionary

    Pictionary is one of my favorite games. This time, it's animal themed, which promises to be a lot of fun! To play it on DM, it's actually quite simple. During the round, there will be one designated artist. I will PM them the word, they will draw it (either in digital form, or physical and then take a picture of it) and post it in the thread when completed. Guessers can guess in any order. If you've guessed once, and it's incorrect, you can guess again. TO DRAW: If you want to draw pictures, please sign up below (you can do this, even after the game has started). We'll go in order of first come, first served. And when we run out of artists, we will repeat the lineup. TO GUESS: If you want to guess, then just post below! You can participate and win points even without drawing! POINTS: Artists will win 1 point for drawing a correctly guessed animal. Guessers will win 1 point for a correct guess. Points can add up fast! PLAYERS: Chaelca: 3 JamesBrown: 4 LilyElizabeth: 3
  4. Join the ACW Tuatha'an Camp

    It's on our end, @haycraftd. It can take a few days for the admins to get your status changed. I'll double check that the request has been sent, though.
  5. [GotAK] Greatest Pet Poll

    And the winner of the Best Pet poll is:
  6. [GotAK] Greatest Pet Poll

    There's a heated debate over which pet is the best! Now's your chance to argue (politely) why your favorite is the greatest! The animal chosen as the winner at the end of the week will be immortalized in a siggy! Vote, then discuss below.
  7. [GotAK] Animal Pictionary

  8. [GotAK] Animal Pictionary

    *lol* No guessers on the last one? It was a meerkat. A very poorly drawn meerkat! With that, our game is officially over! Thank you all for playing! The winner, with 4 points, was @JamesBrown. Siggie coming soon!
  9. [GotAK] Guess the Animal

    That was a lot of fun! Thanks, James!
  10. [GotAK] Animal Pictionary

    Here’s a hint: it’s not a monkey.
  11. [GotAK] Animal Pictionary

    HA! Sorry my drawing was so bad you couldn't even recognize your own pet.... The next one is:
  12. [GotAK] Dogs

    It's pretty easy to read my doggies' body language. They both have quirks that let me know what it is they need. My girl, Friday, will bob her head up and down when she wants to go to the bathroom outside. My boy, Mr. Smith, will lick the inside of his leg if he's agitated. I can tell what they need 90% of the time. Plus, they're predictable.
  13. [GotAK] Animal Bingo

    *LOL* I didn't even have this one, and I wish I did!
  14. Join the ACW Tuatha'an Camp

    Oooooh! Thanks, @haycraftd! I'll take a look at this over the weekend and give it a try!
  15. [GotAK] Animal Pictionary

    Correct! (Though it is hard to tell...) @Chaelca, are you up for drawing another round?
  16. [GotAK] Animal Pictionary

    Sorry, @Ryrin! Not a duck. *lol* This is not the best drawing....
  17. [GotAK] Animal Pictionary

    Correct again, @LilyElizabeth! Next is:
  18. [GotAK] Animal Bingo

    I'm doing so poorly. :'(
  19. [GotAK] Guess the Animal

    13. Mole 14. Seal 15. Frog?
  20. [GotAK] Animal Pictionary

    Thanks, Chae! <3
  21. [GotAK] Animal Pictionary

  22. [GotAK] Animal Pictionary

    Yes, @LilyElizabeth, it was a raccoon! (Sorry for the delay! Yesterday was the last day of school and I was swamped!) Next one in a second.... I need to switch over to mobile.
  23. [GotAK] Animal Pictionary

    Yes, @LilyElizabeth! Next one (back to finger drawings...)
  24. [GotAK] Animal Pictionary

    Yay! It is a ducking! Next one:
  25. [GotAK] Animal Personifications

    What about "dangerous as alligators," or as Brandon Sanderson says in Steelheart: