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  1. In this story, Robert Endicott comes from a family gifted with heraldry—a sort of foretelling for people, places, and things. This innate ability gets him noticed as a possible student for the Duchess’s New School, a program that teaches dynamics, a form of magic that derives from shifting probability and the physics of thermodynamics. As Endicott and his classmates get further into their training, they learn that the New School’s not as safe as they thought. The previous year’s trainees suffered fatalities in their studies and the courses this year aim to keep the students fro
  2. The news broke yesterday that Amazon Prime officially renewed The Wheel of Time for a second season! Rafe Judkins, the showrunner, hinted that the writing staff had already begun writing scripts for season two some time ago, but the confirmation was appreciated. The filming of season one wrapped as well, and there’s speculation the release date may be sometime in the fall of this year. Amidst all the celebration, Rafe Judkins hosted a Q&A session on Instagram. You can read the questions and his responses below: Q: What’s the average ru
  3. Each year, TarValon.Net awards one recipient with a $500 grant to an accredited college. This year, they will pick two finalists to receive this award. Here is what TarValon.Net has to say about the Robert Jordan Memorial Scholarship: If you'd like to apply, you can use this link. Remember to submit your essay by May 15th!
  4. Our very own Jason Denzel joined the hosts Andrew, Daniel, and Josh of Black Tower Podcast to talk about The Wheel of Time, Jason's relationship with Robert Jordan, and hopes for the coming Amazon Prime television show. You can find out more information on Black Tower Podcast on their website. Subscribe to their YouTube channel to stay up-to-date on all their shows!
  5. Good news, everyone! JordanCon announced earlier today they are hosting an in-person convention over the summer! Details are still being solidified, but we can confirm a few things: JordanCon 2021 will be held July 16th through the 18th at the Crown Plaza Ravinia in Atlanta, Georgia. All attendees, staff, guests, and volunteers are required to have the COVID-19 vaccine. Masks will be required during the event and CDC guidelines will be observed. More details are coming soon, but this is an amazing opportunity to see our fandom family and keep Jord
  6. Thanks for letting me know! It's fixed now!
  7. JordanCon has been a staple--if not the staple--in the Wheel of Time fandom since its founding in 2009. The outbreak of COVID-19 canceled the event in 2020 and the tentatively scheduled weekend in April 2021, causing the non-profit organization is calling on fans for assistance. A GoFundMe has been set up for JordanCon, a 501c4 charity, to help off set the costs associated with canceling the event and to help with planning any future conventions when it's deemed safe enough for us to congregate. On the GoFundMe site, JordanCon states: "JordanCon is a tax exempt 501c
  8. It's #WoTWednesday and @WoTonPrime didn't disappoint. A new video released today showed us our first look at Mat's ruby-hilted dagger. Here's the clip: We can see some changes in the designs. This is the Museum Replica, approved by Robert Jordan: And the chapter icon looks very similar: Jason's arguments for the changed position of the ruby make logical sense. The thing that gave me chills was the voice of Barney Harris--who plays Mat Cauthon--saying "Alright, let's make a deal." Who is he talking to? Mordeth? If so
  9. There is a tower! How strange! Doesn’t look grand enough for the White Tower, but concept art. Maybe their on their way to the blight and those could be one of the guard posts that line the border? The decay of the forest and trees wouldn’t be seen until past the border. Or if we’re going to deviate enough, that could be one of the seven towers of Malkier!
  10. Yes, you are correct! Thom was with them. Looking at the picture, it doesn’t appear to be Thom, but concept art doesn’t need to be detailed exactly! So this could be on their way to Baerlon.
  11. Today, @WoTonPrime—the official Twitter handle for the Amazon Prime’s Wheel of Time television show—shared a short video and snippets of concept art. The short video featured Rafe Judkins, the showrunner for the Wheel of Time show, emphasizing the themes in The Eye of the World: “of balance, of gender, and the emotional journey of these characters.” While Judkins talks, several images of concept art flash behind him. Let’s take a closer look! So what can we glean from these images? Fans are already speculating. Here's my t
  12. This past #WoTWednesday’s episode of The Dusty Wheel, Innkeeper Matt Hatch hosted our very own Jason Denzel. Matt, who started the Wheel of Time fansite Theoryland, and Jason have been integral to the Wheel of Time community for the past 22 years. Their chat on The Dusty Wheel covered all those years of friendship and ups and downs within the community. The nostalgia is very intense here. They also go into all the known details about the Amazon Prime Wheel of Time television show. Jason does stress that we should be thinking of the show as another turning of the Wh
  13. Exciting news dropped this past Wednesday: The official @WoTonPrime social media account released the first audio trailer from the Amazon Prime Wheel of Time television show. You can watch/listen to the clip below: audio_trailer_Oct_2020.mp4 There’s already a plethora of speculation about what scene and characters this can be. Madeleine Madden (who plays Egwene al’Vere) confirmed on Instagram that the voices do belong to Egwene and Perrin. But when does the scene take place? The battle noises in the back suggest Winternight (or during Bel Tine as showrun
  14. As is the trend this year, most conventions are going online. For those of us who don’t have the resources to travel to all these amazing cons, this set up isn’t so bad. Spoilercon—a convention celebrating the podcasts The Wheel of Time Spoilers, Mistborn Spoilers, and Broken Earth Spoilers—is hosting an online even next weekend, October 2nd and 3rd. Registration for this event is free, though pre-registration is required. You can sign up here. Some notable guests for Spoilercon include our own Jason Denzel—Dragonmount’s founder and webmaster—and Thom DeSimone—host o
  15. This #WoTWednesday had some major announcements. First, the @WoTonPrime book club concluded its read of The Eye of the World. This introduced so many new readers to this wonderful series we know and love. Our fandom is growing! The book club doesn’t currently have plans to start The Great Hunt, but we hope they will continue with this as the Amazon Prime show gets closer to completion. To celebrate reaching the end of The Eye of the World, @WoTonPrime rewarded us with this snippet of a video, starting on the excerpt from The Eye of the World where it introduces the Winespring I
  16. This past weekend, Dragon Con celebrated all the things we love in fandom. The convention went online rather than in person, and that gave many people who can’t make the trek to Atlanta, Georgia the opportunity to see what this fantastic con has to offer. There were quite a few Wheel of Time themed panels throughout the event—not surprising with all the recent updates with the Amazon Prime television show. Jason Denzel, Jennifer Liang, and Thom DeSimone had a speculation hour in the “DragonCon High Fantasy Track Presents Wheel of Time TV Show Speculation.” The topics
  17. Amazon Prime's Wheel of Time television show had some major announcements for #WoTWednesday today! Kae Alexander as Min Farshaw Sophie Okonedo as Siuan Sanche Kae Alexander is a BAFTA elevate actress. Kae recently filmed action feature INFINITE for Paramount Pictures and the MALEFICENT sequel for Walt Disney Pictures. Other recent credits include Fox thriller DEEP STATE, THE GREAT WAVE directed by Indhu Rubasingham for the National Theatre, ITV/Amazon thriller STRANGERS for Two Brothers Pictures, 4 part series COLLATERAL written by David Hare and direct
  18. The latest casting announcement for the Amazon Prime Wheel of Time television show has been announced. Darryl McCormack as Aram Maria Doyle Kennedy as Ila Narinder Samra as Raen These new announcements shouldn't come as any real shocker. Darryl McCormack and Maria Doyle Kennedy were introduced as characters ages ago. Many speculated that Darryl McCormack could be Aram, but most thought Maria Doyle Kennedy was sure to play an Aes Sedai. It's nice to finally have confirmation for these two characters, and the addition of Narin
  19. The latest casting announcement for the Amazon Prime Wheel of Time television show has been announced. Darren Clarke as Basel Gill Basel Gill plays an important role in reuniting our beloved Two Rivers characters, and this announcement could mean we're getting closer to the in-book scenes in Caemlyn. Will Elyane be revealed next? Or maybe Morgase? Gareth Bryne? Maybe Elaida? Or is this an indication that Master Gill's character is changing or evolving from his role in the books? The Twitter feed for @WOTonPrime seems to be aligning their announ
  20. Amazon Prime announced today, via social media, the casting of three actors for The Wheel of Time TV show. Jennifer Preston as Mistress Grinwell Pasha Bocarie as Master Grinwell Izuka Hoyle as Dana There’s already been some debate on who Dana might be. Listed with Mistress and Master Grinwell, logic would say she’s Else Grinwell but with a different name (we already have two major characters with E names—Egwene and Elayne—so this change might be to cause less confusion for TV viewers). There’s also Dena—Thom’s apprentice in The
  21. I think the covers were always done as a loose interpretation of what's actually going on (like there's more people in the party of Two Rivers folk than there really were traveling with Moiraine). But for me, this cover has always been amazingly cool! Perhaps the size (or shortness) of Moiraine is emphasized, but that doesn't bother me. Or maybe Mandarb is 25 hands?
  22. It varies how soon books are available for pre-order, but the metallic cover edition will be published in October, so maybe by the end of the summer. We’ll give an announcement when the pre-order is available!
  23. This year, The Eye of the World celebrated its 30th anniversary. To commemorate this special occasion Tor Books is releasing a new hardcover and paperback versions of The Eye of the World as well as a new paperback cover for New Spring. The 30th anniversary The Eye of the World hardcover will be published October 6th, 2020. This amazing cover has a metallic jacket. It will include a new introduction written by Brandon Sanderson. The Eye of the World’s official birthday was January 15th, 1990, and the Wheel of Time Community Show celebrated this milestone earlier th
  24. Welcome back to Community Round-Up, a look at all the happenings within the Wheel of Time fandom and the larger sci-fi/fantasy community. First off TorCon is happening online this week! Tor Books teamed up with Den of Geeks to bring a virtual convention with amazing panels. TorCon kicks off Thursday June 11th with Brandon Sanderson talking about his latest projects! This is a prerecorded event and only available this weekend. You can register for this event here, or see what else TorCon has to offer! Sticking with the Brandon Sanderson theme, you can now t
  25. @Dice since they still have more covers to complete, I'm sure Mah'alleinir will be featured! @ElleKayEm here's a like to the French website for the first book in the series, but I didn't see anything that jumped out that looked like a cover designer. https://www.bragelonne.fr/catalogue/9791028102586-loeil-du-monde-premiere-partie/
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