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JordanCon 2022 Day 2 Recap

Mashiara Sedai
  • A highlight of the major events happening on the second day of JordanCon 2022.

JodanCon Day 2 is the best!  It’s the only full day (unless you count CouchCon after the closing ceremonies) and that means it’s packed from morning to evening.


The annual costume contest falls on Saturday, so the cosplayers were out in droves.


Wheel of Time cosplays are expected.




Brandon Sanderson and cosmere are expected.

image2 (1).jpeg


And at JordanCon, other fandom tie-ins are also expected.




Nothing is off limits for this fandom!  Keep that in mind for next year.  If you're hesitating over a costume idea, don't.


And speaking of the costume contest, here are the highlights.



Judges' Choice:

Judge Leslie: Jessica Jones as Pregnant Elayne

Judge Redfield Designs (Kathryn Paterwic): Ruth Carnejo as Egwene at the Last Battle

Judge Deana: Ris Harp as Blackbeard (from Our Flag Means Death)


Found Object:

tWoTCast and Taffy Bennington as The Best Hedge Rand and Mat Slept Under

Workmanship Award:

April Davis as a Nym



Novice: Liz Willoughby as Bright and Fun Tinker

Journeyman: Chris Orndorff as Steampunk Ursula

Master: Seth Lockhart, Kate Helmly, Stephen Helmly, and Steph Greear as Heralds (from Rhythm of War)

Best in Show: Marcos Romero, Sita Romero, Theo Romero, and Brandee Anderson as Logain Ablar, Liandrin Sedai, and Red Aes Sedai





Justin Gerardone half of this year's Artist Guest of Honorhad a live drawing panel.  The end result was an amazing Trolloc.






Dragonmount's own Rand al'Thor made an appearance.  Check out TikTok for all the videos.


image1 (2).jpeg


Another Rand variant also put on a display.  Paul Bielaczyc reenacted the (in)famous cover of Lord of Chaos.


image0 (2).jpeg


I spent my time today talking about detectives in urban fantasy and attempting to crochet a Doomslug—well, technically a friend of Doomslug.  One amazing thing about this convention is there is something for everyone. 




Tomorrow, I am teaching a Wheel of Time cross-stitching class in the Makers Track.  I can’t wait to show pictures from that!


Sunday’s coming on fast, but there’s still plenty of JordanCon left to indulge in.


Follow along to see me and other Dragonmount staff on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Which costume contest participant was your favorite?  Let us know in the comments below.

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