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Lord of Chaos

Another fan favorite, the sixth novel in The Wheel of Time has what many people consider to be the most intense and dramatic ending of any entry in the series.

Lord of Chaos

Lord of Chaos is the sixth book of The Wheel of Time series. It was first published by Tor Books and released on October 15, 1994, and was nominated for the Locus Award for Best Fantasy Novel in 1995. Lord of Chaos consists of a prologue, 55 chapters, and an epilogue. It is the first book of the Wheel of Time to have an epilogue.

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Rand holds the reigns of the nations of Andor, Cairhein and Tear. All the clans of the Aiel aside from the treacherous Shaido have acknowledged him car’a’carn, chief of chiefs, and he has begun gathering and training other men who can channel, placing at their head the former False Dragon Mazrim Taim. Embassies from the Aes Sedai—both those in the Tower, and the Rebels—seek him out. Yet can any Aes Sedai be trusted? Even those that mean him no harm meddle by nature. That is what Aes Sedai do, and Rand is done being meddled with.

Amongst the Rebel Aes Sedai, Nynaeve and Elayne hold the Forsaken Moghedien captive, desperate to wring whatever knowledge they can from the woman, yet for every bit they gain they know she holds ten more in secret. And she too must be kept secret, for too many amongst the Aes Sedai would simply see her stilled and executed, irrespective of the knowledge she holds. Within the World of Dreams they may have found a cure for the unnatural heat which threatens to strangle the world, but can they convince the Aes Sedai of it in time?

The Rebels themselves have problems. They must select an Amyrlin should they have any hope of being seen as equals to Elaida and the Tower, yet as each woman battles for her own power the divisions widen. Can the former Amyrlin, Siuan, guide them to an appropriate candidate? One who will not only be acceptable to all involved, but also guide the Aes Sedai to support Rand in Tarmon Gai’don?

In the Fortress of the Light, Morgase plays politics with Pedron Niall, but knows she has no leverage. However as the first word from Tarabon begins to arrive in Amador, Niall perceives a new threat, but will he have time to act, or will the silence that has enfolded Tarabon wrap itself around Amadicia also?

Meanwhile Perrin Aybara has left the Two Rivers once more—he can sense that Rand needs him. Yet as disaster looms the question becomes not will he reach Rand in time, but that even if he does can he do anything to save him?

Fun Facts

  • In his review of the book on Tor.com, blogger Richard Fife called Lord of Chaos "the Empire Strikes Back of the series", referring to the dramatic ending where the "bad guys" gain the upper hand.