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River of Souls

A collection of short scenes that were originally removed from A Memory of Light. They chronicle the rise of Bao of the Wyld.

River of Souls

About River of Souls
River of Souls is a short story written by Brandon Sanderson and set in the Wheel of Time world. It's a collection of four scenes that were cut from A Memory of Light. In an introduction to the story, Brandon explains the reasons these scenes were removed. The basic argument is that he and Harriet felt that this sequence revealed too much about a new part of the world at a time when they were trying to wrap the saga up.

Chronologically, River of Souls could be read in between Towers of Midnight and A Memory of Light, although some fans may prefer to finish AMOL before reading it.

Where to get it
River of Souls is available in the Unfettered anthology from Grim Oak Press. Unfettered is a collection of short stories from some of the industry's best fantasy writers including Patrick Rothfuss, Terry Brooks, Tad Williams, Naomi Novik, Peter Orullian, Lev Grossman and more. It's edited by Shawn Speakman, an up-and-coming writer and cancer survivor who is raising funds through sales of this book to help pay for his medical treatments.

In addition to the printed edition from Grim Oak Press, you can also order the eBook version through our online store. Like all eBooks we offer, Unfettered is available in DRM-Free formats for all major e-readers (including Kindle, Nook, iPad, Android, etc.)

During the years that Rand al'Thor came to power in the nations west of the Spine of the World, another man was fulfilling prophecy in the distant land of Shara. Known simply as Bao, this man is on the verge of becoming the prophesied Wyld. River of Souls tells the story of his final task to claim that tile.

Review and discussion
Leigh Butler's spoiler-free review.

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