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Towers of Midnight

The Penultimate novel in The Wheel of Time

The Wheel of Time

Towers of Midnight is now available for purchase.

Order Towers of Midnight

Free sample: Chapter one
Chapter one of Towers of Midnight, “Apples First”, is now available for free on Tor.com or Orbit UK.

Free sample: Chapter 7
The chapter encrypted in The Great Hunt promotion, The Seven-Striped Lass, by Brandon Sanderson and Tor Books has finally been revealed! Check it out HERE.

Book Trailer
In order to promote the book, Dragonmount was commissioned by Tor to create the following video "book trailer" for Towers of Midnight. Read more about it here.

Towers of Midnight Book trailer WARNING: The book trailer contains potential SPOILERS! (Depending on how sensitive you are to what a "spoiler" could be.) However, if you are very familiar with the story and have seen the U.S. Book cover, then these spoilers are not that bad.

About the Book
As we all know, Robert Jordan passed away in September, 2007. The book he was working on, A Memory of Light, which was intended to be the twelth and final novel in The Wheel of Time series, was incomplete at the time of his passing. He left behind a staggering amount of notes on the world, as well as some written chapters for the final book. In addition, for the parts of the story he did not have documented in written form, he passed on in the good, old fashioned way: he told people the story.

In his last days he told the story to his friends and family, who recorded it onto tape. In the months that followed his death, Harriet McDougal, Robert Jordan's beloved wife and editor, put together a comprehensive outline of this final book.

Brandon Sanderson, an up-and-coming fantasy writer (and long-time fan of Robert Jordans's) was chosen by Harriet to bring the outline to life in the form of a published novel.

In March 2009, it was announced that A Memory of Light was going to be far too long to contain into a single novel and would be published as three seperate novels instead. This was primarily a creative decision, and not a business one. (For a full explanation of why this decision was made, please read Brandon's blog post on the topic).

The final three books will be:

  • Book 12: The Gathering Storm (published in October, 2009)
  • Book 13: Towers of Midnight (published in November, 2010)
  • Book 14: A Memory of Light (forthcoming)

Each book will be its own independent novel, with its own story and chracter arcs.

"Distinctions", the prologue to Towers of Midnight, was released for sale in eBook format on September 21, 2010. The cost was $2.99 US. It was made available for download in several different formats, which were compatible for nearly all ebook readers.

The early release of the eBook prologue is consistent with the previous four books in the series.

Fun Facts

  • Tor Books commissioned a "Book Trailer" video to promote this novel. The video was directed by Dragonmount founder Jason Denzel.
  • Towers of Midnight is dedicated to several fans who've contributed to the Wheel of Time community. This includes Dragonmount webmasters Jason Denzel and Jennifer Liang. Jason has a cameo as an innkeeper in chapter 47 of the book.

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